Painting: Kalevan Pojat (1992) by Boris Vallejo

"I'd say that sexual selection is likely to be acting on evolution so speak, to increase a group of men in the population who are less dominant, less agressive, and far more likely to do well in the "good wife" role we have in mind for them"...... Lynn E. O'Connor, Ph.D.

I think, without being an expert in genetical engineering, that it is in principle possible to produce a group of men that would be less aggressive and dominant and be far more likely to do well as "good hubbies" or "househusbands" if I may put things that way, so that women could have access to both kinds of males, the 'old' and the 'new' varieties :-); but that would only be feasible when (and if) women had attained total control on the planet and that is not likely in the foreseeable future, apart from the fact it is unethical and hazardous to say the least. Please pay attention society will be more vulnerable to tyranny (both internal and alien) and perhaps unable to defend (with the required energy) the superior values of freedom and national sovereignty and the liberties guaranteed namely by the 1st and 2nd amendments and that the more, the less testosterone is available in the society as a whole. However I don't see any obstacles as far as sexual selection by women is concerned. But that takes much time to take effect, and genetical manipulation would be a great temptation...

Please take care not to produce a 'Frankenstein', a monster that you may not be able to oppose with the necessary firmness if things go wrong. And I have reasons to fear that a minoritary active group of women might gain exclusive power and abusively claim to speak for all women. All is possible whenever questions of actual *power* are considered. Women should first attain complete maturity in the actual sharing of power (which can only be obtained by the actual exercise of power) and allow free discussion among themseves about what the majority of women really want. Militant females are a desirable thing for the empowerment of all womankind, but they can only be representative of all women, if they are legitimized by suffrage. Matriarchy will always be possible on earth if women are persevering enough and at least a portion of the males give their approval to that undertaking, which may be to the benefit of all humankind. But we are not just returning to the ancient matriarchy of the Golden Age of human species (assuming we knew perfectly well what it all was about), we (you, the ladies) can now perfect it and push it forward in a peaceful enlightened world. And its strength should be derived from its actual accomplishments and intrinsic value and never take place to the shivering of *liberty* and *human rights*. After millennia of exclusive male rule it is obvious that sheer 'fairness' demands female rule be given opportunity to show the world that women are at least as good rulers as the males and in certain aspects perhaps better than those.

There will never be Equality and Justice if females continue to be segregated from power as they actually are today. I do want to see a female pope and an U.S. president that is a woman. Why does the pope fear female power in the Church? Why such a disparity in the number of males and females in U.S. Congress? How many female bankers are there? Why the controversy about abortion? Only a blind person doesn't see that discrimination based on gender continues and prospers and we all shouldn't take rest before such a discrimination is banished for good from modern Western societies. It is also in the interest of males that actual sharing of power be achieved and the earlier the better. After success is assured in this matter, other societies will immitate us. And a better world cannot ever be constructed without the valuable contribution of women and much less *against* them.

Artemis has been providing here, with remarkable and commendable relentlessness plenty of biological, evolutionary and scientific facts that serve as foundations to the Matriarchal Way. Please allow me to congratulate her here for the success of the present list. And also those who oppose matriarchal views I think we should thank for their valuable and helpful comments and criticism. Women and men need not necessarily be enemies and I think it is no more true that *the vast majority of males are bastards* (which was plain truth not long ago). At least the Science of Matriarchy has become firmly established and is thriving both in the U.S. and in Europe.

Best, Iago



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