I have spirit guides, or angels, I still not sure which but they might even be both.

My first encounter with one of mine was when I was homeless and I had nowhere to go, I had a 5 month old my son and was at my wits end. Out of no where a woman came to me, and told me that I should come with her. I didn't know what to think but in my heart I knew it was right and she game me that warm tingling feeling.

She brought me to this small church where she fed me and gave my son a place to sleep. I cried to her and told her thank you for all that she had done. I told her that I would help those that were less fortunate from that moment on.

Then the priest or chaplin came in as she had left the room. I figured she went to the rest room and some time went by as I was talking to him and he offered me a place, and I wanted to thank her.

He said, "who?" I looked at him and told him the woman that brought us here. He said there was never any woman. I then realized that I had some one that was looking out for me.

All My Love,

February 11, 2006




This seems a good place to relate the story of how I met one of my spirit guides. It was in March of 2002 several days or a week after knee surgery ( were two incidents about a week apart of contact with someone other-worldly).

I was sleeping alone turned on my left side on the right edge of the bed facing in. Butch, my live-in husband, was on the couch so he didn't hurt my delicate knee after surgery, that and the water pump was noisy.

I was in that half sleep state near waking and realized that I had my right hand kind of behind me resting on my right hip laying on my left side and someone was holding my right hand.

I began to roll over to see who was holding my hand and as I came awake and looked over my right shoulder I saw a hand holding mine, and then as I looked further to see who it was... the hand dematerialized before my eyes.

This freaked me out since I was still half asleep and I yelled, "Help! Help!" Butch came running in from the other room thinking I'd fallen out of bed to which I then I told him that I had been holding a hand and it dematerialized before my eyes. (I think he thought it was the pain pills.)

After he went back to bed and I lay wide eyed in amazement and said out loud to whomever it was... "You scared the shit out of me! Don't ever do that again! Find some way to comfort me that won't scare me like that!"

About a week later I was again asleep, alone. The scene in my dream had changed to something totally different from what had been dreaming (I don't even remember what the dream was before this event) and I found myself in a garden. It was like a park surrounded by tall hedges that I couldn't see over and saw a white marble park bench facing some flowers and sat down on it. I felt someone's arms embrace me from behind and I felt a surge of love surrounding me filling me with love. A soft cheery female voice said, "Hi! I'm your spirit guide, my name is Peggy!" She gave me a little squeeze, and let go and was gone... and I woke up.



Sharon Jagger
February 11, 2006

Many years ago when my son was about 10 we had gone to a collection agency to give them my last dollar to make a payment on an old gas bill. I did not have enough to pay off the bill, and I could not get the gas turned on to warm my house until that bill was paid in full. It was late in November and it was very cold in Boise Idaho at that time. Our house was cold and we could also not afford the space heaters we had to run instead so our house was cold most of the time. We only ran them sparingly so we wouldn't freeze to death.

I was doing the best I was able to pay the bill so we could have heat. My son was sick with a bad cold and I worried about him getting worse because our house was cold.

When I came back out to the old 69 Chevy truck I drove it would not start. I had used the last of the gas I had to get myself to the collection agency and had hoped it would get me back home again,
it apparently was not enough.

That was the last straw and I started crying my heart out right there in the truck. Just then a man drove up and parked nearby. Believe it or not he was driving a white jeep just like the one Michael Landon used to drive in Highway to Heaven! He went in to the collection agency and came out again and I was still sitting there.

He asked me what was wrong and I told him how I had just given my last dime to the collection agency towards my unpaid gas bill and that it was still not enough to get the gas turned back on in my house, and that it was cold and my son was sick and now the truck wouldn't start because it was out of gas and I had no money to even get gas in the truck. He told me that he had just sold a house in California and that he had $200,000 in the bank and that he would go pay my gas bill for me. He said to give him the receipt for what Id just paid and he would go in and take care of the rest. It was about $200 that I needed to pay so I gratefully did. He came back out and got a gas can and went across the street and got me some gas and a can of the spray to prime the carburetor. He left the hood up and I started the truck. When I went out to close the hood... he was gone just like the lone ranger

Sharon Jagger
February 11, 2006









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