One of the greatest principles of Yoga is called the Equality of Consciousness. What does this mean? It is difficult to comprehend and takes grace. Some years ago I was studying Baba Muktananda and he presented this doctrine to me. I found it difficult to understand, and for some time prayed for understanding. I was given the grace to see it all at once one day and the idea stayed with me for a while. Then it faded away. It’s been years now, and just the last two days, God by a special grace through intellectual logic showed me the meaning of this doctrine of doctrines. In Yoga, unless you are aware of this truth you are not seen as a great yoga proficient.


Here's How It Goes :


God loves all life equally and the same. How could that be? It seems impossible, but it is so. This is what God showed to me. That to us, who are mortals and encased in a limited mind and body, everything seems so vastly unequal, and, for instance, an ant is insignificant to a person. Then again, you take a person with an IQ of 80 and another person with one of 160, and the person with the 160 feels vastly superior to the other. Then again, a person lives in poverty with no education and has no accomplishments worth noting, while another person becomes President of the United States not once, but twice. Everyone would think of the President as far greater than the first person. But what does God see?

Where God is in Infinity our world here, of time and space and differences, looks much different. Compared to Infinity, everything that we measure here, like time, is but an illusion. We think time is real but Einstein proved it isn’t. It’s only a perception that we are stuck in because of our limited consciousness. If you look trillions of miles away from us from where God is looking – more than trillions but an incredible space of consciousness – God sees creation. God sees cells, God sees DNA and atoms and electrons and whatever, and God knows exactly how everything is put together and how everything works. To God, it is all simple. Now God looks at the ant and sees the components of the ant, and then God looks at a human and sees the components, and they are the same. From where God is at, in Infinity, there is little difference. God sees Creation, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity. God sees Herself in the form of “parts” which are in all Creation. God loves all Creation, God loves Herself, and sees Herself and Her Sacredness in all creation, and God does see one part as more significant than another. It is all important, and all equally important. God loves an ant, a flower, a bird, a dog and cat, and God loves us. For us to think we are better than other life is only a figment of our imaginations; wishful thinking. The Christian view in that we are stewards, and that God made us in the image and likeness of God, but all other things are not in the image and likeness of God but merely put here for our convenience to use as we please is an abhorrent and ugly lie. All Creation is made in the image and likeness of God and God lives in all Creation.

God is no respecter of persons, and God is no respecter of one creature above another. God does not see the top of the food chain as being superior to the animal it predates. As far as people, to God a genius is so close to a fool that they are no different. To us, they are vastly different. But to God, there is the soul, and there is the heart, and God looks to see if the person will accept grace and be willing to enter Heaven. This is what concerns God – not the IQ or the talents or gifts or anything that makes one above another in the eyes of the world. Just think of Infinity looking down at this world and where Infinity is, is so vast that everything here is shrunk down and tiny. And so, differences are shrunk down and tiny. It is like time. That is the best analogy. To us, we have hours and days and weeks. If we are suffering, time seems to go on and on and on. But there in Infinity, the time is so small, it is just a spark in eternity. We are born, we live and in an instant we are gone. But to us it feels like hundreds of years if we are suffering. But only an instant to God. In the same way, as you look at the differences of mortals between each other, and between humans and animals, it seems so vastly far apart. But to God, it is so close it is practically the same. We are all atoms and electrons and DNA. The only thing that makes us really different is that we are the only creatures who can go to Hell of their own volition. All other Creation goes right to Heaven when it dies. Because of our ability to know good and evil, we can make a choice and more make the choice of Hell than Heaven. That is the only distinction between us and other life. I hope I have made myself clear, but I know this is a difficult doctrine to take. But if you pray, God will help you understand it. After all, the Holy Spirit gives us knowledge and our own mortal minds are limited.




I had said a little prayer while thinking about Equality Consciousness, for God to guide me further in it's understanding. A short time later, I was doing some yard work and pulled some weeds from the path. A few were pulled and thrown aside when one weed said to me (said in a mental way, the way a sunset would speak to your mind),

"Am I not beautiful? Look at my leaves and their beautiful symmetry. Why are you pulling me out, as if I meant nothing?"

I stopped and looked at the weed and saw that, indeed, it was beautiful. I said to it,

"I will xerox your leaves and put them on the site and write about your beauty and the Truth you have revealed to me."

What had the week revealed to me? So much! God had spoken to me through the weed, for the weed is a member of the Second Person of the Holy Trinity: Creation. This is what it revealed:

When we mortals look at life on earth, we see it subjectively, and we see it with a judgment that determines like or dislike according to the utility of the thing we see. If it serves us in some way, we say it's good. If it blocks our way to what we want, we say it's bad. If in some way it displeases us, we decide it's no good at all. But God doesn't see it that way. God looks upon creation and sees all objectively, as the Creator enjoying/loving creation, and God sees all creation as good. God does not say that one bit of creation is bad, while another is good. It's all good. And God also sees the creation from within, the way it sees itself, and it loves itself, as every created thing loves itself first and foremost; that's basic instinct.

We humans are especially noxious to other life. We go overboard to try and prove we are superior to all things and Patriarchy declares that all things are put at our disposal by God. This is ego trash talk. God does not love one thing above another.

I had judged that weed the way that mortals judge. It was in my way on the path. Weeds have to be moved and pulled and so on, and we call them "weeds" the way mortals call some animals "vermin" or "rodents" that have to be done away with. A rash, cruel judgment this is! As I looked upon the weed I saw my own ignorance and it's beauty, and I present the xerox copy of it here for your enjoyment.

Look at the symmetry! See the design! It deserves to live and to be beautiful and to be appreciated.






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