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M.C. Escher


I have been thinking about this today, and I came to the following conclusion. If you are afraid to choose one Guru and submit or become humble before that Guru, frankly, I don't blame you. I have the same trouble myself with living persons. The problem with the living is they all have 'needs' or 'agenda' or 'mission' and (I am one of the few Gurus who admits I am human) they want you to get involved with some of this in some way. This could involve a guilt trip or doing things you don't want to do or giving up legitimate things you don't want to give up. Look, I have been there. If you don't believe me, take a look at my articles 'Gurus from Hell' on my site in the yoga section. Furthermore, there are people today - believe it or not - who expect me to cowtow to them, admit they are enlightened and I am not, and then I suppose I am at their mercy. Nice work if you can get it, I say.


Here is the dilemma. God is within you and this is all you need. You need no living person to tell you what to do. To put 'no God's before you' and 'no masters before you' I learned the hard way, was to put no Guru as higher than your own Atman! Your Atman is God within you and this is all you need.


Now here is the Catch-22 situation. How do you find that Atman? Here goes - YOU NEED THE GURU!


Having said that, what is the answer to this dilemma? How do you stay safe from the greedy hands of Gurus who want you to serve them in this way or that? The safest Guru is the dead Guru. HaHaHa - so funny but true. Personally I no longer bend the knee to anyone but the dead, safely in Heaven. Is there a catch in this? Unfortunately, yes. For most people, who are starting out, they have trouble connecting with the power of the Guru on the other side, the Guru here and now seems to work better, stronger, faster, than the Guru on the other side.


What it comes down to is 'You pays your money and you takes your chances.'


Pray about a potential Guru. First, realizing the Atman is within you, ask your Atman who He (since you are a guy, I say he although it could be It) wants you to do. Your Atman will appear to you in vision and dream if you pray sincerely. Ask your Atman if you need a Guru, and if you do, then is there anyone you know who should be that person. If not, what should you do? Your inner Self, the God within you, is the final judge and choice of what you should do. Right now, your relationship with your Atman may not be the strongest, but it is there.


If and when you have a Guru or Gurus, the power they transmit to you simply helps you connect and be in touch with your own Atman. That is all there is and nothing more. Gurus can also transmit graces, but these are not instantly exchanged. You must be ready.


Does that give you any comfort? And please don't worry. It may take years to find the perfect Guru. Muktananda wandered many years before he finally ended up with Nityananda, (who he met as a boy, an emotional link) and another nine years in his presence before Nityananda was able to initiate him! Muktananda was arrogant and vain because of his experience and learning and kept leaving Nit because of the humiliations he made Muk endure) By the time Muk was initiated, he was the advanced age of 48 (I believe close to that)


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Here is how you could solve the dilemma of not trusting gurus &
not knowing which one to take up. Do it secretly!


Yes, find a living guru. You know a few of them right now. Make a choice, and install that one into your heart the way Muktananda teaches (which is on WOMAN THOU ART GOD .COM ) Do not tell the living guru you have done this because then they cannot ask anything of you. Cannot ask for help, tribute, whatever.


If something good happens, great. If nothing happens, try the next guru. Go through the same installation and see if you have any results. What I am saying to you is simple. When you hook up with a guru, you do not hook up with their flesh, but with the Spirit or link inside of their Holy Self, and this Spirit/Link is the same if the guru is alive or dead. So you can access a live guru the same as one in Heaven - after all, God is in the living guru the same as in the dead one.


Now you must remember this - the RIGHT GURU for you is the one you are OPEN TO or the one you believe in. There could be many gurus, just as there are many mountains and many beautiful places to live. But the one that is right for you is the one you have a special emotional attachment or link to. It is like falling in love.


But I have had a revelation why you and others have not been able to surrender to a guru. Do you know when I surrendered? (And indeed, more than once, to living and Heavenly gurus). It is when you are so desperate you have little to lose. So that whatever the guru expects of you or asks for, it seems like nothing in comparison to the suffering and desperation you feel. As you are in the pit, close to despair. To get out of the pit - there is the guru waiting with their hand out to pull you. And what do good gurus ask for? Very little if they are truly good. They hope you will serve their mission and cause, whatever it is. Clean the ashram, pay a small fee to live there and worship. Perhaps they want you to preach in some way. No decent guru will ever ask you for anything unreasonable. If they do, they might be a con artist, so watch out.


(This of course is the story of how people in desperation and transition get conned and hooked into by evil persons)

Study the gurus you know and decide if any of them suits you. If not, keep looking. When you are hungry enough, desperate enough, you will surrender.

Meanwhile, try the trick of secret installation.

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