Attention all you innocent fat haters who don't deserve to be fat!

God has given me a grace, and a great grace that I am bursting to share with you. There are all kinds of reasons for being fat, overweight, obese, too heavy and the rest, and it isn't all what you think. I have had a breakthrough in my own life that is so big, so important, I know I must tell it to you in detail. It is about REMOVING THE FAT DEMON! (Otherwise known as the food demon)

For the last fourteen years, I've been plagued by fat. This fat has entered me against my will, and it has fluctuated from twenty to fifty pounds above my desired weight. As they say - I've tried everything.

This year, 2004, I put my foot down. I said, "This is it." Early in 2004 I put myself on yet another starvation diet. (This is the only way I've ever been thin...starvation.) For three months, instead of eating my usual two meals and one snack, I decided to skip dinner and starve the entire evening. The wisdom being "If I delete 500 calories a day from my diet, I will lose a pound a week." I lost five pounds, in three months. I felt hopeful. But I could not keep it up when company came and I had to cook for someone daily, and shared the kind of food he ate, and then, the five pounds came back quickly. All was lost. The diet did not work when the temptation was too great.

Once again, I was beaten. Here is a fact that you must trust me on: I ate only health foods and I am a vegetarian. No garbage, few processed foods, the only meat-type foods I eat are eggs and fish.
You can be the fattest health food freak if you have a food demon on your back.

Here's how I discovered I had a food demon and how this demon worked. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION AND BELIEVE ME, AS I WOULD RATHER DIE THAN LIE.

It came to my attention that a friend of mine was being influenced by a person who might be demonic. I didn't know this for sure, but I suspected. Out of love for my friend, I began doing exorcism for him, and his girlfriend, and myself in case any of these demons (if any) had been transferred to us. I did these exorcisms (and am doing them yet) daily, sprinkling Holy Water (which I blessed myself, as always) everywhere as I sent the demons to the pit.

Part of exorcism is that you tell them to reveal themselves, in the way that Jesus said to the demons,

"What is your NAME?"

Demons, obviously, don't always talk in words. They can't talk through the mouth of someone if you are doing an exorcism by proxy, and the person isn't there.

I do a lot of exorcisms, and they appear to me, after I remove their power, in dreams - in most cases.

After these exorcisms for my friend went on a couple days, a strange thing happened. A sort of friendly, very fat lady appeared to me, but I sensed she was not good. She weighed about 300 pounds. Could this be a demon? I discerned, after some thought, she was the demon disguised as a friendly woman giving me advise on food, influencing me. The fact that she weighed 300 pounds indicates what KIND of demon she was: the fat demon. At the same time, in my mind, through the Gift of Understanding and Discernment, I began to see the ILLOGIC of my diet. I had not seen this before. I KNEW (as most, not all of us know) by education, what was good and bad dieting. But something or SOMEONE (the demon) was twisting my mind into illogical decisions. Demons are extremely wiley. They can take a brilliant mind and twist it, by some sort of ungodly perversion, like hypnotic suggestions, into making illogical decisions.

In my case, the devil had to work overtime to make me fat. I have studied health, vitamins and dieting all my life. I could teach anyone. But I couldn't lose weight! I ate no junk food, no processed food, and dessert only happened a few times a year. How did this demon trip me up?

I will say this short and sweet and blunt: Olive oil and sugar. If you want to stay fat, eat fat. If you want to prevent weight loss, just make sure you eat things that have sugar added. Healthy sweets like honey and maple syrup are just as bad against weight loss. You'll be a healthy fat person, which is what I was.

What happened when the demon popped out of me was I realyzed I was eating about 1,000 calories extra a day by adding olive oil, margarine and mayonnaise to my diet, as well as honey and sweetened fruits. I saw the foolishness of this, and it was so clear, the only way my mind could have been messed up was by an outside force.

What I did instantly and immediately was made a decision:

No more oils, fats or sugar. Within two weeks, I was five pounds down, and NOT HUNGRY AT ALL; NO STARVATION. I know now, without a shadow of a doubt, I have finally beaten this. I feel incredibly happy about the diet and look forward to the meals, which must be frequent. I will give you the whole diet in a few moments.

Let me explain how the devil got me. I had learned that olive oil dissolves cholesterol. So the clever demon suggested to me: "Make sure you eat lots of it." When I FRIED eggs, I used it. When I FRIED fish, I used it. In SALADS, I used it. I also used mayonnaise for dressings, and margarine, and all the other fats we are in the habit of eating. When I went to the SUBWAY I got their Veggie-Burger, (with only healthy stuff like cucumbers, green peppers, tomatoes, onions) but had a lot of dressing put on it - those fat-based sauces. So instead of being wholly wholesome, it had fat.

What was totally insane about my eating a lot of olive oil? I don't have much cholesterol; I am a vegetarian! So I didn't need a cholesterol buster! But the demon twisted my mind into eating it on the assumption "get rid of whatever cholesterol is there" - even though the quantity (I've been tested) is NORMAL.

About my cholesterol: I had been a vegetarian over a year and asked my doctor to take another cholesterol test. He said to me,

"It would be a waste of money, since you are now a vegetarian. You'd spend $60. for nothing. Your cholesterol was normal before - so now it would be better."

But that old weasel sleufoot tricked me!

If you consider that fat has about 120 calories per tablespoon, this is an enormous amount of calories YOU DON'T NEED! And you feel NO HUNGER PANGS by removing fat!

Ditto for sugar: You feel no hunger pangs by removing sugar. Any of those thoughts and feelings you get about fat and sugar, where you think you need it, suspect the demon. If you are addicted to junk (which I am not) and I mean snacks, processed foods, and foods filled with oil, fat, sugar, salt and all additives you don't need - suspect the demon telling you you need these foods.

The devil will work on you from wherever you're at. If you love sweets, he'll encourage you to eat more, that you need this. YOU DON'T NEED IT but he will trick you into believing you do for energy or comfort. If you love meat, he'll encourage you to eat more of it and even go to fast-food places where it's really fat and filled with additives. He'll say to you make sure you get the fries, because that goes great with it. But secretly he means, "Because it's fried and full of fat and I want you to stay fat and miserable."

Why would the devil, old Satan and sleufoot, want to keep you fat? See how it makes you suffer!

Look how you hate yourself for it! Look how ugly it makes you! You once had a beautiful body, but now it is bloated and your face is bloated and instead of looking young and glamorous, you look out of date and over the hill! Your once beautiful features are like a good face blown up into a balloon, and no one looks twice at you! Fat makes you HATE YOURSELF, AND DESTROYS YOUR SELF ESTEEM BECAUSE YOU FEEL YOU CAN'T CONTROL YOURSELF ANY MORE AND YOU ARE HELPLESS AND THAT'S WHAT THE DEVIL WANTS.

(Didn't you know the devil wants you to hate yourself? If he can make you hate yourself, he can do a whole array of evil to you, because your self respect and dignity gives you comfort and peace of mind. Take that away and you are left in desperation.)

There are two things you must do concerning the food demon. First, you must exorcise him. Second, you must follow a sane, logical diet free of added sugars and fats.
First, the Holy Water and exorcism:


Get or make Holy Water. If you have none, take plain water, add salt and shake it up. Take this water and say over it the blessing in whatever way you believe. The traditional Christian way is,

"I bless you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit."

Since I have my own religion, which is Matriarchal, I say,

"I bless you in the name of the Mother, Holy Creation, and the Holy Spirit." but I also add, "And in the name of Jesus and Mary, and all the Saints of all religions, and in the name of the Holy Angels."

Now you have Holy Water.


You say these words, throwing this water as you speak, all around you:

"This exorcism is against all the demons that may be affecting my friends and myself and those around me. I command you, in the name of Jesus and Mary and all the Saints and Angels to reveal, who you are, what kind you are, when you entered, why you entered, what you have done and what you plan to do, and then begone forever into the pit.

"Let God arise! Let His (or Her) enemies be scattered! Let them that hate Her flee from Her (or Him) As smoke drifts away, so drive them away! As wax melts before the fire, so let the wicked perish at the presence of God! Behold the Cross of the Lord, flee all ye band of enemies! The Lion of the tribe of Judah has conquered, the offspring of David!

WHO IS LIKE GOD? WHO IS LIKE GOD? WHO IS LIKE GOD? Who is like Christ, true God and true man? Who is like the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Queen, who gave birth to the Eternal Word in Her Womb, a Virgin before and After? BEGONE SATAN, BEGONE SATAN, BEGONE SATAN! GO TO THE PIT, GO TO THE PIT, GO TO THE PIT! (Sprinkle Holy Water aggressively as you firmly say these words.)

Christ commands you! The Holy Mother commands you! All the Saints command you! The Holy Angels, including St. Michael the Archangel, command you! All the Saints of Heaven and Earth command you to begone, and never return! God back to the Hell from whence you came and never return!"

(The basis of this exorcism comes from Psalm 67 and Catholic tradition, to which I add my own ideas.)

Frequently, I add more and more convictions toward the demons, adding more names of Saints, and attributes of God, and I also name any demons I want to name, which in this case, would be the food and fat demons.

I forgot to say something important. This person who I was praying against, suspected of being demonic, I now believe is on drugs. DRUGS FALL UNDER THE SAME SIN AS GLUTTONY. That is to say, taking drugs is the sin not only of addiction, but of gluttony. See the logic? When I fought against the demons in this person - I attacked drugs and therefore, gluttony, and the demon that CAUSED GLUTTONY IN MYSELF HAD TO COME OUT.

You might ask, why did this demon not come out through the countless exorcisms I've done over fourteen years? I'm not sure. It could have been that I had sinned, and God punished me by keeping me slave to this demon. But then, the time was up and my sin was paid for. Also, I had never done exorcism against a person who was on drugs - specifically - that I can recall. You sometimes have to be specific to let specific demons come out. I fought against a demon that was food/drugs, and then, because God is merciful and rewards us for our charity, that same good deed went to me as to those I prayed for.

The second time I saw the demon in a dream was like this. I did not see this person, who came up to me and touched me (I was looking the other way) but the moment he touched me I saw him as if dynamite had blasted him, and he was flung, all 350 pounds of him, away from me and under a truck, where I knew he was helpless and would be run over by a convoy of trucks. As he fell under there, for some reason, he was incable of crawling out from under those trucks. His legs were like hamhocks that had burst and blood was running from them, and he cursed me violently.

I assure you, my friend, when you do exorcism, it can be like dynamiting those demons. They cannot resist exorcism because they cannot resist God and the Saints. They cannot resist the power of the Cross. You have but to pray this prayer and you have power over them. It is a very good idea to do exorcism daily for yourself and all those you come in contact with. I need you to trust me on this, and believe. The prayers God has given us all work. I pray the rosary daily for souls that might go to Hell - and I see them in my dreams, being saved, which includes friends of mine. I also say ten Masses a day, and numerous souls are lifted from Purgatory. This year so far, about 40 souls have been got out of Purgatory and saved from Hell by this ministry! Prayer is power! Sacraments are power!

THE DIET - Talk to your doctor about diet and exercise.

Now to the diet. This is actually dieting I have always understood, but not been able to follow, as the perversions of the demon confused my mind. First some rules:


CUT OUT ALL FAT (almost all)


Cut out all oils and fats that you add to food and delete all or most of foods that have fat and oil in them. Cut out all oil. Cut out all margarine, mayonnaise or any sauce, cream or spread that has anything but a tiny amount of fat.

By tiny I MEAN tiny. Hard cheeze, you either cut it out completely, or eat a teeny-tiny amount, like one or two thin slices a day. Never more than that. (You are actually better off without it.) This is an absolute rule.




Drink at least twice as much water as usual. As soon as you wake up, drink a large glass of water - before coffee! Before each meal, a large glass or with the meal. In between meals, snack on water! Every hour or two hours, a large glass of water! Water cleans your body, helps you move waste through your body, and curbs your appetite. Most people are depleted of water when tested. You will not gain weight from water in the long run. If you step on the scale after two glasses, you will weigh more, but it will not stay there. When you are water-logged it is because of a chemical imbalance in your body, not because you drink a lot of water. This is imperative. Don't argue about the water.





Absolute rule: No sugar. No sugar in coffee, no sugar sweets, no honey, no molasses, no Maple syrup. No food that has sugar added unless it's a tiny amount. (Almost all breads have at least a tablespoon of sugar in a loaf...if you can taste the sugar in bread, give it to the birds...don't keep eating the loaf.) No soda! Not even diet soda! Especially not diet soda! These sugar-replacers are not healthy, except for natural additives like fructose. I don't trust any of them and don't use any whatsoever. It was discovered that one of them changes into methane in your body - aspertane.

If you are stuck on the road somewhere and need a snack, instead of soda or juice you aren't sure of (because it may contain sugar) you get water and pieces of fruit. Or a loaf of bread and a can of tuna, or sardines, washing off any oils and salts. You are going to have to learn to eat "tasteless" food. It will seem so at first, but quickly will start tasting good. It is easy to retrain your taste buds and appetite once you really do it. It only took me one day! The way that the devil tricked me with sugar was this: He knew I believed in natural, healthy foods. So he kept reminding me to eat honey and Maple syrup. I ate lots of it, and whatever I didn't burn up, turned into fat. You can be fat and healthy and hate yourself for it, and the devil loves it.




Learn to eat fruit. I keep loads of bananas on hand and eat a few a day. I know apples are good, but I hate eating them. When I can't force myself, I put them in soup. They blend in with the taste of the soup and add natural sweetness.

(No canned soup! I mean this! Lots of additives, not good at all)

Every time I go to the store, I buy melons. About five days a week, I consume half a melon. Good for you, helps digestion. All fruit is good. If you are a vegetarian, although avacadoes have lots of fat, you can have one a day. The fat in them is better than other kinds of fat. Buy whatever kind of fruit you like and eat it with meals and for snacks.




I have my meals timed for every four hours. Write down when you have your last meal and do not try to be a hero and go forever without a meal. If you go too long, the demon may come back and tempt you to gorge yourself. Do not trust your will power as Satan knows our Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. If you are starving you may start shoving food into your mouth faster than your brain can keep up with it. One of the ways that you break Satan or bad habits is by the discipline of frequent meals. Each meal, for me is beteen 300 and 400 calories. In twelve hours, you have three meals, but you can also have a small snack between meals, like fruit, one piece of bread with a tablespoon of tofutti on it, (get only healthy bread), or anything less than 200 calories. The idea is, for me, to average 1500 to 2,000 calories a day. That may not be enough for you, or you can do with less. Gage it according to your metabolism and your exercise. Of course, how big your body is counts, also. You may get hungry, but with frequent meals, you can control yourself because you know the next meal is coming up soon. If you feel real depleted you are allowed small snacks. YOU WILL NOT STARVE. The most important thing is frequent, low calorie, healthy meals. When you are eating healthy low calorie, you are filling your body with nutrition but not with useless fat and sugar. Therefore, you will have energy from the nutrition and the calories you consume will be used, not stored. It is extremely important that you eat HEALTHY, NOT PROCESSED PACKAGED FOODS. Remember STARVATION DIETS DON'T WORK. Oprah Winfrey tried one and lost 65 pounds of fat. Then she regained it plus lots more!

This lady is smart as a whip, and she realyzed you have to eat properly and not go to extremes. Her downfall was key lime pies! But she hired a nutritionist/cook and that turned her to the right path. You have to eat small, frequent nutritious meals that are low in calories and do not contain things you don't need.




When I look in the frozen food section, I get whole Okra and spinach and other greens, as well as squash. (Get any kind of frozen veggies you like, but not the kind with pasta) Check the label and see how much calories the whole container has. Then cook it very lightly, as little as possible, to get it hot, but don't overcook. I don't even use water with my frozen veggies, I put it in a teflon pot and let it cook over the lowest heat. The average box or bag of this stuff is about 175 calories. What I do is I eat one half of it with one meal, and the other half with another. Fills you up nicely. Of course, you can eat fresh vegetables, preferably steamed. They have little calories and you have nothing to worry about regarding them. Eat extra if you wish. Raw vegetables are great if you like them. Always try to eat as much raw, fresh fruits and vegetables as possible.




I have a secret which I learned all by myself. I eat (whenever I have it in stock) one raw green pepper a day. And my shit doesn't stink. It deodorizes the feces. Isn't that great? Not only does the stink go away, there is actually a pleasant scent to it. If you don't believe me, try it.




I do not often eat meat, except for fish and eggs. Regular meat, only on holidays and rare occassions. Say, one week out of 52 I do eat it. When I did eat meat, it was usually BOILED. When you boil meat, a lot of the fat gets dissolved out of it and goes into the water. Ditto on the blood. Remember, that meat has all kinds of additives, growth hormones and all types of medicines and drugs they give animals in factory farms. Eating meat is the most dangerous thing you can do on your diet. (Second worst are milk products, according to Dr. Richard Schulz) Boiling it removes some of the danger. I heard children are getting puberty more quickly because of the growth hormones put into American meat. Europe won't buy our food products because of all the additives, especially not the meat. 70% of Americans are overweight, and 40% are obese. When a relative of mine visited me from Europe, she said she had never seen so many fat people. She saw the ads on TV and said it was the food industry. She is a Doctor of Chemistry and knew what she was saying. It is the food industry and the additives that knock up the statistics on overweight; it is not normal eating that makes us fat. We also eat too much meat. We don't need it, and think of the slaughter of the innocent animals. If people just ate meat once a week, it would be many times better. Americans are spoiled with the amount of meat and calories they eat, and it isn't doing them one bit of good. People, I am told, are sicker than ever. People are all drugged up, and all kinds of viruses are epidemic. The average diet is rich in calories, but not in nutrition. We are not a healthy society, and the meat, the processed and packaged foods, are what's doing it. CUT DOWN ON THE MEAT AND WHEN YOU DO EAT IT, BOIL IT. Take the skin off the chicken and all fat off the meat.




The devil had me frying, and confused me into believing I had to use oil! Now I put my Boca Burgers (veggie burgers) and my fish on a teflon frying pan with pickle juice, and it tastes great!

My eggs are now boiled. I have one chicken I call "Rasa Hen" - who was born right here on the farm. She lays a green-blue egg about five a week average (this slacks off in winter as they lay according to how much sun they soak up) and that's what I eat. The foxes and coyotes killed all my other chickens and I only had her and this semi-rooster left. I bought six more, and they all grew up into roosters, so I have to keep them in a special, separate pen where they have no value except crowing like madmen all morning under my window as I try to sleep. They are pampered with no purpose except love. If I put six roosters with RasaHen she'd have all her feathers torn off by them and could die of exposure and a nervous breakdown. I've been through it all with chickens and other animals here. These eggs that she lays (like all free ranging chickens) have orange yolks and are organic. My animals are not abused like those on factory farms. I love them and they love me back. I would never think of throwing away a yolk. All the bodybuilding books speak of eating meat but throwing away egg yolks. Does this make sense to you? The yolks of course contain cholesterol, but they also contain lecithin (which breaks up cholesterol). And no animal has to die for us to eat an egg! Then these geniuses eat meat - which does contain cholesterol and so where is the wisdom in this?




Whenever possible, stay away from processed, packaged foods, especially those that have all kinds of additives. Do not trust food manufacturers, because they are not in it to make you healthy, they are in business to make money. Do not trust the diet companies that supposedly will help you lose weight with weight- loss foods. They contain all sorts of additives and chemicals and whatever, that you don't have the ability to figure out. I heard that they are adding things that make you fat and hungry and addicted to their foods, especially the diet foods. They all have to contain preservatives and salt and whatever. They are dangerous. Whenever possible, eat fruit and vegetables in their natural form, and grain, just plain grain, that you make things into. As soon as they put it in a container, beware. I know all of us will eat stuff from containers, but put this to a minimum. If the only thing it contains is salt, you wash this away. Some of it will be in the food, but you minimize it by washing. Wash away the oil in what you eat, like tuna and sardines. I put the oils in my dog and cat food. Grow some of your own food if you can. I do in pots, as my ground in the back yard is river bottom, all rocks. And my land by the river - forget it. The animals eat everything up even while still green. Eat food in its natural state as much as you can.




I use No-Salt, or potassium, when needed. Even if you add no salt at all to your diet, you still get salt because Boca Burgers, anything in cans, pickles, and almost anything packaged, contains salt. You won't die from lack of salt. You don't need lots of it and it retains water in your body.




I know this is expensive. I have a water-distiller that cost $400. Dr. Schulz said it is the best thing you can do, so I did it. If you cannot afford this, I am very sorry. Schulz said at least get an attachment that filters your water. Whether you live in the country or city, our planet's water is no longer perfect. City water is worse because it has chlorine. Water is something you consume a huge amount of, so get it right.




You cannot have dirty, clogged intestines, so you have to take a laxative unless you have strong bowel movements daily. This might sound like it's off topic, but food and the elimination thereof go together. You might even need enemas if you are really clogged. I use two kinds of laxatives, and they both have as the main ingredient, Cascara Sagrada. I use Dr. Schulze's formula #1, which has the herb, plus other ingredients. If I run out of this I get Cascara Sagrada at the health food store in capsules.

Emptying your intestines is like cleaning an engine or cleaning the room you sleep in of dust and dirt and letting in fresh air. Keep your body clean.




Canned soup is out. Not all canned soups are alike, but they might have ingredients that are downright bad. You don't have to be a gourmet chef to make your own soups. All it takes is grain, greens, vegetables and whatever else you want to put in. Go to the grain counter and you have barley, peas, beans of all kinds, lentils, rice, etc. Health food stores have TVP or textured vegetable protein. When you put it into the soup (it's in various sizes chunks or granules) it tastes like meat. Put the grain (you can use one or more together) in first because it takes about 30 to 45 minutes. Then you take carrots and onions. Peel the carrots, cut them into bite-sized chunks. Peel the onions and quarter them, and cook carrots and onions till tender separate from the grain. Then you put grains and the carrot/onion parts together in a larger pot and add the grees. (If the greens are celery, or harder stalks, you'll have to cook them like 10-15 minutes before the leafy greens) The last thing you add is the greens. If you use cabbage, which is very healthy, it is extremely strong and you will have cabbage soup. You can use turnip greens, mustard greens, celery, spinach, or whatever, as greens add good taste and health. Right now I have a soup of barley, peas, turnips and a huge amount of turnip greens with other ingredients I'm not sure of as I saved part of a soup from months ago in the freezer. This is all soup is - grain, vegetables, greens and meat or a meat substitute. Since I don't consume milk I don't try to make cream soups, unless I'd add Cremora or the like. Naturally, there are many kinds of soups, but this is how I make them. Pea soup is so great you don't need much else but a lot of split peas. Soup begs for salt, like potatoes do, but if you must, make it fifty-fifty salt and NoSalt.




This is one of the easiest things to do. The best is to take FRESH greens of whatever kinds: spinach, turnip greens, mustard greens, celery or anything green, just like you use in soups. (If you cannot get fresh, second best is frozen.) This has to boil gently between fifteen minutes to half an hour. If you have hard stalks, like celery or the hard parts of cabbage, boil these first, and add the thinner leaves after. Simply put this into a juice container and leave in the refrigerator and drink cold. You don't have to throw away the leaves, just slurp them down with the drink. Good roughage.




Many of the greatest, most healthy souls on earth swear by juicing, and so do I. Dr. Schulze swears by it, so do Jack LaLanne and his wife, and many others. I have been juicing for about fifteen years, on and off. It isn't just carrots and apples you juice, it's turnips (which taste delicious!...real sweet), potatoes, celery, and with some juicers, even softer stuff. Any root can be juiced, and as I said, with some juicers, all fruits and vegetables.

(Of course, it's mostly the hard stuff you need to juice, the fruits you can eat straight. But you can't chew on a raw potatoe, rutabaga, parsnip. You can chew a carrot, but by juicing you can get the elixir of twenty carrots into your system in a day.)




Now I'll give you my daily diet and bear in mind this is not gourmet food but a way to beat the fat demon and also stay healthy.





Large cup of soy milk mixed with fruit, with a teaspoon of coffee. (This has a lot of calories because the soy in the large cup is 280 and the fruit content which is sometimes bananas, sometimes unsweetened pineapple tidbits, is about 160, totallying 440. Added to that the yeast and flakes would make it a little more, say 460.)

To the soy/fruit mix I add one tablespoon of Dr. Schulze's "Superfood" (an all-green finely chopped herbal deal) and a tablespoon of nutritional yeast. If I am taking Dr. Schulze's tinctures at the time, I add a little of each one to the drink. They are for heart, liver and gall bladder, kidneys and bladder and the like. They are strong if taken straight, but mixed in this you hardly taste them. I usually make this mixture every other day and it is about two quarts, but when you have a large cup it contains what I said,




With this health and coffee concoction I take my vitamins. They are:

Vitamin C: 10,000 MG (I used to take 5 to 6 thousand, but with flu epidemics going around you have to take extra precautions.

Vitamin E: 5,000 to 6,000 I.U. daily. I have cysts in my breasts and they hurt terribly, unless I take the vitamin E. I learned this from Adele Davis. (a nutritionist long dead who was my mentor before Dr. Schulze)

Vitamin A & D: a few a day (I use strong ones)

Beta Carotene: one day I take the A&D, another day, the Beta Carotene, a few capsules.

Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc: One strong tablet a day

Magnesium by itself: Since this protects the heart, I also take an additional magnesium as well.

Saw Palmetto: Two strong capsules a day. I used to have bladder infections and frequent urination. I tried Juniper Berries but they didn't help. This helped a great deal.

Multi-Vitamin, Multi-Mineral Capsule: I take the best there is, the kind that costs $45. for a 180 capsule bottle. You get it in the health food store. Don't be stingy with this as the cheap ones you get at discount stores are much weaker. Health is a priority. Sacrifice things you don't need - but not health. OK, if you are poor, get the weak ones, but get something. The capsule is better than tablet, as there is a lot to digest here and you don't want a bullet in your stomach. I get the kind without iron, as iron can accumulate in the body.

All B Tablet: I take an additional all B to make sure, sometimes they are 50 MG'S each, sometimes 150 each, just to keep all bases covered.

I also take herbs such as Echinacea, and tinctures, many of which I make myself out of herbs I find on my property or herbs I order from Pacific Botanicals in Oregon.

I make something called Plague Tonic which I learned from Dr. Schulze. You take a lot of garlic, horseradish root (fresh), onions (optional), ginger root (fresh) and cayenne pepper (fresh). You chop the garlic and the pepper, ground the roots, cut up the onions small, and put everything into a blender in a base of apple cider vinegar. Blend well, and after that, put it into a bottle or bottles with wide necks. You have a tonic that will knock your socks off and kill all germs and bacteria. If it is firewater - and when I first make it it is - you might have to add extra apple cider vinegar till it's easier to drink. You can have between one to three tablespoons a day to do the job. You could have more, I suppose, but that's what I take. You let this sit, and the particles fall to the bottom. You drink off the top, but after you drink each time, shake it up. It lasts indefinitely outside the refrigerator, as vinegar is a preservative.




I suggest to you who can afford it, to get the products of Richard Schulze and his course on herbs. (You can get his course also from the publisher, SAM BIZER, probably cheaper.) There are many things out there that help various conditions and prevent problems. He has tremendous D-tox teas, which I'm always drinking. He teaches you, also. This man is the real thing. He's not out to just make money. He is educating and saving bodies from the ravages of illness. I no longer search the world for health tips since I met him. He is it.





Back to breakfast: After this water and drink, I'm not too hungry, but can usually eat a banana.(100 calories) Two hours later:




Box of tofu. (About 12.3 ounces)

This is only 140 calories, the lite kind. Large piece of good bread with tofutti spread. That's about 250 calories. (So you're inside 400 calories, the typical meal.) LARGE GLASS OF WATER.




LARGE GLASS OF WATER and a small handful of dry-roasted nuts. (90 calories) I usually have almonds or peanuts. Blanched almonds are good, so are walnuts.

Just don't get those fancy nuts that have sugar, honey, oils and the like. Two hours later:




Two Boca Burgers (veggie burgers) about 140 calories.

Two pickles (about 20 calories)

Half package Okra, (about 88 calories) LARGE GLASS OF WATER. (Only 248 calories this meal!)Two hours later:

Banana (125 calories) LARGE GLASS OF WATER. Two hours later:




(Remember, the main meals are 4 hours apart. The snacks, when you need them, go two hours after meals. Drink more water any time you feel like it.

3 boiled eggs (about 225 calories)

Piece of bread and half a raw green pepper. (About 125 calories) LARGE GLASS OF WATER.




An apple: 100 calories

This day's meal equaled 1863 calories. This is good! It is especially good because there were no sugars or fats except in the natural form.

Again, I must caution you not to starve. It will work against you. If you were in a prison camp and they starved you, you'd lose weight. But you are not confined. And when you have starved, your body will react with a powerful instinct to overeat. Appease your body with small, nutritious meals.
Drink lots of water. Boil your meat if you eat meat. Fruits and vegetables are a daily must. Learn to love fish! Do not fry anything!




This is what I average. This is the SECRET of dieting: frequent healthy meals low in sugar and fat.




Once upon a time when I heard you had to drink eight glasses of water a day, I thought it was crazy. Now I have done it and know it's the best wisdom. I thought I'd be running to the toilet all day, but I'm not going any more often than usual. Don't ask why. I don't know why. The only way you'll believe this is simply do it. Just drink the water and you will see for yourself you'll feel better, have more diet management control, and only good things will happen to your body. I knew a lady who was on one of those total-fast diets, and she told me they did a blood sample of her before and after drinking. They showed her the blood under a microscope. Before drinking water, the blood - whatever moves in blood - was stagnant. After water, the doohickies that swim were swimming rapidly. In other words, water helps your blood move. Dr. Schulz said in his course that one of the secrets of all healing is to make blood move to the areas that need healing. Make your blood move!


When you have been really good, once in a while you may splurge and go off your diet and have anything you want. After you've lost the weight, once every two weeks. Before you lose - only once a month. These are ideas. You can adjust them the way you like. GOOD LUCK!


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November 13, 2004




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