Summer Eclipse
Photo by Rasa Von Werder
The Virgin Nursing the Christ Child
Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640)


I have found it - Eureka! It is the "general theory" of Matriarchy, akin to the "general theory" Einstein was looking for but never found. It awakened in me like this. There were a few steps.


First step, I checked the statistics on what people were reading on Woman Thou Art God. Posting on spiritual groups, I expected they would be reading spiritual articles. Hahaha! Over a period of three weeks, daily, as I searched the stats, they were reading the same things - 1400 people a day from spiritual sites were reading 'Is Sex a Sin?'

Illustrated with nude photos. Then they looked at the galleries - not grace or strength galleries, but 'Woman Thou Art Beauty.' Then they read, or looked at, 'What's Wrong With Women', illustrated with beautiful sexy women wrestling, then fourth, the statistics says it's back to 'Is Sex a Sin' and again, the galleries. Nowhere in the top ten are listed the spiritual or highest minded articles! The Beatific Vision is passed over, How to Pray, How to Build a Church, Yoga and Mystical Union with God are passed over, and so are all the Pastor Letters. Now you could understand, had I posted to the general public, you would say,


'Of course, most people (especially men) are low minded, faces in the dirt sort of blokes.'


But where I posted were the HIGHEST MINDED SORT OF PEOPLE - the spirituality groups where they are speaking things concerning God; Enlightenment, Self Realization, Yoga, Buddhism and Feminine Divine groups. These are the best people. And when they get to my site - this is what they look at. Now me scratches head, and after seeing this day after day, I decides,


'These are not pigs....this is human nature. For some reason, mortals want to look at pictures of beautiful women and read (if they are reading!) the articles that are illustrated with beautiful (nude as possible) women. Now I move on.


Summer Eclipse
Photo by Rasa Von Werder

The confusion of mankind concerns how they view a woman's breasts. Patriarchy has taken the 'sacred' out of female body parts. What's a fellow to do, then? He treats a woman and her body parts as if they are objects of sex. Patriarchy has taken woman and her sacred genitals into a place of secular profanity. Correct vision adjusts this into 'this is for worship.'


I then go through about 10,000 yahoo groups, seeking new places to join and post. I go a bit off the beaten path. Not spirituality this time, but normal stuff like bodybuilding, sexy women, dominating women, women in boots, muscles of women, wrestling females, and so on. Now I see something again, that creates a spark. I find SHRINES, yes, shrines, to women, all over the place. I find men are in love with a certain female, whoever she may be - famous or unknown. They open a group for her and each one says she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Some of these shrines are dead, unvisited for years, but they stand there like mausoleums to lost love. Now I find the famous women, like bodybuilders. These women have the biggest membership. The average top female bodybuilder has about two thousand members. As the norm for a spirituality site is maybe 150 - this is a big difference! I find the groups with the most members are usually dealing with exceptional women (be they muscles, beauty, wrestling or the like) and also dealing with sex or dating or relationships - where men have hopes of meeting women. I move on, and on and on through thousands upon thousands of these groups in numerous categories of females. My conclusion after straining my eyes for weeks and now being a part of 600 groups is the following:


Men are building groups for women - sometimes sincerely, because they love them, and sometimes not sincerely, but only with the hope of drawing members for money. (Women, on the other hand, are not opening groups for men.) Each of these sincere men that open such a spot proclaims his woman the greatest of them all - true love. This could be anyone - an Asian wrestler (there are many!) or a Playboy sexpot, or a deeply-muscled femme - each male declares her the epitome of all womankind. There is adoration here, there is worship. (Yet, on the other hand, you do not see the reverse. You do not see women opening groups for men and adoring them. I put this inside my thinking cap.)


A deeply muscled female, Miriam Gonzalez & two Asian wrestlers

I discovered thousands of 'shrines' to all kinds of women, built up by men. But women do not build 'shrines' for men. What does this tell you? The adoration/worship goes from male to female, not the other way around. Does that not prove dominance of female in the sense that male looks up to her and desires her, more so than that woman looks up to man and desires him? The factor here is that these men get nothing material from building these shrines. It is a labor of love. They are investing themselves in time and money to build a place to worship this woman. Each and every man, of course, asserts that the woman he worships is the most beautiful (most frequent adjective) on earth. Why is she so beautiful? Because he loves her. Why do men adore these women? Because they are an epitome, a symbol of something greater. They symbolize MotherGod.


Now methinks of many things. Of boots, and whips and sealing lips.....no, just kidding. I begin to think, understandably why all this is. Why are spiritual people looking at women instead of spiritual articles? At least first, then maybe later, I imagine they might get to the more "worthwhile" stuff. And the shrines.....why the shrines? Why so many? Why the obsession with beautiful women?


Now many things sort of hit me at once, like a computer search that brings many answers in a minute. There are things I have known and observed in many areas. Let me give one example.


In the documentary "The Goddess Remembered," I recall how they stated that out of all the Catholic Churches, who are they named after the most? Is it Jesus? No - it is Mary, His Virgin Mother. The filmmakers state that the yearning for God as Mother resulted in MANY MORE CHURCHES BEING NAMED AFTER MARY THAN JESUS CHRIST.


Basilica of Our Lady of Hope
Pontmain, France

In the Catholic Church, the church of Jesus Christ, a disproportionate number of churches are named after Mary - vastly more than that after Jesus. Why is this? Since the Catholic Church took the Queen out of Heaven, Her followers have replaced Her with the image of Our Holy Mother. People long for their Celestial Mother. Whatever way they can get Her, they will have Her! Obviously they are told not to worship, but to 'venerate' Her. But Catholics, not quibbling with words, are holding Her in their hearts right alongside Our Lord.



Then I think of the field of femdom. Men wanting strong women - obviously looking for their mother. It is a fanatically strong underground movement.

In the nether world of the "sex trade" women's body parts are obsessively studied, from breasts, to buns, to vaginas, to legs, to now, even muscles.


Some like blondes with muscles, some like the exotic look, some like brunettes with long legs

Scandinavian Female Bodybuilder, Kellie Everts & an Eastern European model

There is an almost infinite variety of the types of women men adore. On 'face' value, they sometimes like certain types. But whatever and whoever a man likes, she usually reminds him of someone and something long ago. There are 'imprints' and 'brands' upon a man associated with early experiences. These associations, fixations and fetishes cannot be removed, as they are wired into the brain. No one can argue with a man about his fetishes. It simply is as it is. It moves him, therefore, it is right.


Then somewhere, the answer just sort of hits me. Just appears. And here is now my argument, and my general theory of Matriarchy, appearing by the grace of our MotherGod.






Once, long ago, there was Matriarchy. But something happened to it. It was 'destroyed,' - or was it? It was crushed, beaten, outlawed, by the powers of brute force. Patriarchy then took its place. Women were held down, controlled by force, and made to serve men. Men then created religious myths, and out of that came the common law, and then the real law we live by, and all the rules and regulations and norms of society - all or almost all - in favor of men.


What then happened to women's religion, or Matriarchy? It was still there, for a long time. It existed before Jesus and after Jesus, and much of it stayed side by side with ancient Christianity. It was not prevalent or mainstream, but it was there. A lot of the Old Testament ranting against 'false idols' had to do with Goddess worship, and most of what the Catholic Church condemned as 'heresies' dealt with same. Then from the 1400's up until the 1700's came the 'Women's Holocaust,' - 'The Inquisition.' Here women were systematically tortured and killed, from six to nine million of them, to try and eradicate Matriarchal tendencies. It served to move the feminine divine underground, where it exists today, as a religion - in secret and underground groups and covens. Wiccans, Pagans, Druids and Gnostics are not mainstream churches, but they are sort of hidden and 'in the closet.'


We can easily see the sanctity of Mother Mary and Her Divine Son. But what about the sanctity of all women's bodies? Does this world see women as sex objects and later cases for the medical profession? Mother Nature, at left, is just as sacred as Mother Mary on the right.


Now what was going on in the mainstream? Business as usual. But something interesting is taking place in this Patriarchal world. The images of women are prevalent. Everywhere, images of women. Images of women are used to sell, promote, and as products in themselves.


What has happened, I now realize, is the worship of MotherGod is still mainstream, but unconscious. You cannot take a humanity that HUNGERS AND THIRSTS FOR ITS MOTHER, AND MOTHERGOD, AND STOP IT FROM YEARNING FOR WHAT IT WANTS AND NEEDS. It has never been a Father that humanity has yearned for. This was taught, but it is not a fact. Humanity yearns for its Mother. The mother is the font of life. She is the egg, the womb, the nurturing breast, the unconditional love, the affirmation, and she is the symbol and instrument of God. You can kill millions of women, (and they have,) and you can make women's religion anathema, (and they have,) but you can't change hearts. You can't change the wired-up biology and psychology causing emotions - and all the emotions yearn for MotherGod.


Women, women, everywhere images of women. Kind of like the old Greek days when everything was phalluses, phalluses everywhere. Why are women used to sell everything? Because society hungers for the images of MotherGod. Since print and media have become available, these images have exploded.




There is a goddess for everyone. For one, she is in leather, for another, feathers. For the third, it is Mary Magdalene with the Egg of Eternal Life. Painting by Richard Stodart.


So what has happened, inadvertently and unconsciously, is that people, (and especially men,) are worshipping MotherGod through Her public images. These images are on television, in magazines and books, and on the internet. They are everywhere. Symbols and instruments of MotherGod are everywhere also - the women - and men are going to them for adoration, veneration and worship. Only they don't call it such. They call it being 'fans,' 'slaves,' or 'friends.' The public worship is what fascinates me here. It is the honor to women as dominants, beauty queens and love goddesses, as muscle builders, as glamour dolls and such that is exactly the same as worshipping images of say, Kali, Lakshmi, Shakti, Hecate, Isis, or Whomever. The religious worship is going on right in front of our noses, and our faces. And I saw this in a flash.





Summer Eclipse
Photo by Rasa Von Werder

This is what woman's breasts are all about. They are food holders. But more than that, they represent love. The instinct for survival is so powerful that the breast, the food, the warmth and love are absolute survival for the infant. Without this, he will die. How did society take these sacred organs and turn them into scorn and disparagement? Only the demons of Patriarchy could have done this. The ugly words tacked onto breasts, almost like insults. The idea of them turned from something lovely and honorable to a thing of laughter and ridicule. People start giggling, laughing when they see women with large or exposed breasts in public. Our society is a disgrace.


It is quite logical and interesting that the prevalent worship, in this country, is of the female's breasts. Breasts are the absolute epitome of maternal love. They are a truly powerful symbol. European countries make fun of our preoccupation with this subject, while we poke fun at Latins for liking derrieres and thighs. For us, it is apple pie and breasts.


So let us take a look at this. What are they, these breasts? Why do we want them large and beautiful? (Of course, there are those who like them small, but that's another story.) They are feeders. They are survival - but more than that. When the infant is held in its Mom's lap and fed from her breast, he gets more than milk. He gets intimacy, oneness, nurturing. He gets the feeling of being loved, belonging, being somehow needed. It could be his helplessness that attracts Mom, but whatever it is, he is needed!


Ancient Indian temple sculpture
Gold LaMer
Photo by Rasa Von Werder

What are we saying here? Take notice that this Hindu Goddess is voluptuous and beautiful. Ditto our contemporary goddess. Who degraded our modern-day voluptuous females into something less than this? It was Patriarchy. Patriarchy screamed a double, impossible edict to the world. It goes something like this,

'Here she is. She is all that. She has everything a woman can have. She represents beauty and rarity, charm and love. But do not honor her. Use her, exploit her, cage her up. Use her up for sex and breeding and then, men, throw her aside' - (in old age women of Patriarchy have little to no value.)

This horrendous teaching of Patriarchal religion has brought humanity to a point of chaos, confusion and despair. We need our women back on the altars. We need churches with these goddesses in the mainstream.


"In the cannons of Indian art, Ganga is visualized as all other major Indian goddesses are, voluptuous and beautiful. Their ample breasts and, sturdy, child bearing hips, giving adequate testimony to their fecundating powers."



When men worship breasts (of course they don't use that word, they say 'turned on') they go back to the time they were infants and cradled in the arms of love. They remember that love, and it gives them comfort. Loving breasts is the worship of MotherGod. Why do I jump from physical Mom to MotherGod? Because it is the exact same yearning. When we are infants we see our Mother, and later Dad, as invincible creatures. We cannot imagine them falling apart, or dying or something like that. They are there and we cannot picture them disappearing. They are God - for a while. Later, our minds get bigger and picture all sorts of things, and we fantasize about a bigger Person, an all-encompassing Entity we call God. And then, we see that MotherGod is the source of all life, not just ourselves.






Mounds, circles, soft round hills, circles within circles and curves. There is a great nuance and variety in these symbols.









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