Isis holding Horus


Now we need to take a break from the sexed-up men and the women they cherish. We need to go to another plateau of MotherGod worship and it is this:


Madonna and Child
Michelangelo di Pietro Mencherini (1496)

Enter the Blessed Virgin. She always was a virgin and remained one Her entire life. When Jesus was conceived, it was the power of the Holy Spirit. When He was born, He dematerialized and appeared outside Her womb. She never had sex with St. Joseph (who was also celibate) and never married again. We who are the most fanatical Mary-devotees believe this wholly and totally, and no Protestant or pundit can tell us otherwise. So-called brothers or sisters were cousins, and that is that.


The Madonna Nursing
the Infant Christ

Adriaen Isenbrandt (1530 - 1535)

Madonna and Child
Guido Reni (1628-30)

The Madonna Nursing
the Infant Christ

Jan Provost (1520 - 1525)

Litany of the most Blessed Virgin Mary

Holy Mother of God! Holy Virgin of Virgins, Mother of Christ, Mother of divine grace, Mother most pure, Mother most chaste, Mother inviolate, Mother undefiled, Mother most amiable, Mother of Good Council! Mother of Our Creator! Mother of our Savior! Virgin most prudent! Virgin most venerable! Virgin most renowned! Virgin most powerful! Virgin most venerable! Virgin most merciful! Virgin most faithful! Mirror of Justice! Seat of Wisdom! Cause of our Joy! Our Spiritual Vessel! Vessel of Honor! Singular Vessel of devotion! Mystical Rose! Tower of David! Tower of ivory! House of Gold! Ark of the Covenant! Gate of Heaven! Morning Star! Health of the Sick! Comforter of the Afflicted! Refuge of Sinners! Help of Christians! Queen of Angels! Queen of Patriarchs! Queen of Prophets! Queen of Apostles! Queen of Martyrs! Queen of Confessors! Queen of Virgins! Queen of Saints! Queen conceived without Sin! Queen assumed into Heaven! Queen of the Most Holy Rosary! Queen of Peace!


Now where does this sexless Goddess come in? Why does this image of Mother Mary suit so many of us? We swear by her. To us, She is the ideal image of Mother (and to me personally, of God. She is Woman and God as Jesus is man and God, She is Incarnate God, Avatar, equal to Jesus. And when someone told me She was higher than Jesus, being His Mother, I did not cringe.)


Not everyone seeks a sultry woman to represent MotherGod. For some sexless works. It works for me! Studies have shown that most people cannot picture their own Moms as sexual beings. What does this image provoke? What thoughts and feelings? You picture unconditional love. She is no dominatrix ready to punish you for your sins! She is the Refuge of Sinners, in fact. You run to her when you've made a mistake, and in times of terror. When I have feared for my life or had to face hard things, I held the image of Her strongly in my mind. She stands at the Cross - His Cross and yours. You trust Her, you depend on Her to see you through. She has gotten me through more shit than I can remember.


The Sexless Goddess is an image of MotherGod very necessary for mankind. Sometimes one needs a serene, above-it-all, indomitable figure.


Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Our Lady of Pompeii & Our Lady of Ostra Brama


The image of Mary is without breasts, no curves, and the face of an angel or martyr - the greatest Saint who ever lived. She sacrificed Her Son to save mankind, and endured all His sufferings with Him.


There does come a time when people are ready to face the fact that their sexuality could stand in the way of union with God. They want to get above it and beyond it. They don't want to be attached or addicted to sex. Perhaps they may want to forget it for a short time - like a few hours - when they go to Church. Or they want to forget it completely, for the rest of their life.


Some men, who have sought women for sex year after year after year, might just decide that this isn't the way to fulfillment, and they have seen they did not find fulfillment, but more and more pain. They are tired of it, ready to give up. It's not a novelty any more. They've done it thousands of times, and they are no better off than they were originally. Now these men (and women as well) are ready to deal with the sexless Goddesses of this world. Who are they?


Lady Avalon
by John Shannon


They are the ministers, shamans, priestesses, gurus, swamis, and spiritual leaders of all types. Although all women are SYMBOLS of MotherGod, many are EMPTY SYMBOLS. What do I mean by that? I do not mean that God is not in them - as God is in all people. What I mean is they have no grace, shakti or anointing to give. So a man can pursue a rock star, a celebrity, a beauty, a dominatrix, a bodybuilder or wrestler, but sooner or later, if she has no spiritual power to give him, he gets nothing but the emptiness of his own fantasy. Nothing tangible is given to him, in spite of his hunger. Not so with the Real Deal - the women who have God's grace to give. This is a very important point.


Britney Spears


Recently a friend of mine told me a 'Devi' almost banned him from her group because he posted the url of a 'Church' that worshipped Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Britney Spears and other sexpots . The guru did not get it, and do you blame her? Here was perhaps a woman who had dedicated her life to bring God to others, sacrificed for this and been graced, and now some guy comes along and says we should worship Marilyn! Although I have said that we as a culture and society have turned our attention to these Goddesses - I did not say they have power! (Except for the power of imagination and faith within us!)





Brigitte Bardot


Indeed, Love Goddesses have no love - someone said. No love given them, he meant. A case in point was the sexually abused Rita Cansino, who later became Rita Hayworth. Her own Dad has his way with her as they earned their bread, flamenco dancing on the road. And he would gamble their earnings away and made Rita fish (we're talking real fish, off the bay!) for something to eat. No, Rita was not a Goddess you could look upon for help. She was a broken vessel. Her famous line was,


'They go to bed with Gilda, and they wake up with Rita.'


Salma Hayek & Scarlett Johansen


Another case, quite pathetic, was Hedy Lamarr. I read the book of her life, 'Ecstasy and Me.' In it she said that being that Love Goddess, that Star, she had all she ever wanted in life. The red carpet everywhere. But one thing she did not have was virtue. She was a convicted kleptomaniac. I lived in the Los Angeles area when Hedy was arrested for shoplifting at Robinsons, a top department store. (I recall the elbow length black glamour leather gloves I bought there.) It was not a fluke. I knew her fence - who I did not realize was her fence till I figured the whole thing out later. I used to go to his 'underground store' looking for bargains. He knew Hedy, and after years of seeing in the paper her getting picked up again and again, it added up. The underground store was stolen goods (which he denied to me, they were just clothes I bought, rather out-of-date and overpriced), so I knew Hedy's fence. Now here you have a Goddess men worship? But does she deserve it?


Unknown Models


And poor Marilyn. I know she went to Heaven, because I communicated with her there. She told me,


'Love everyone.'


She also said to me,


'Be a star - it's easy!'


I had all I could do to get away from the hordes of men after me, and she was telling me to love everyone?

'I can't love everyone,' I told her.


Summer Eclipse
Photo by Rasa Von Werder

But she meant spiritual love, of course. There was a broken soul, and the world still worships her. Now that she is in Heaven, she can give help (albeit not a great deal, because you have to be high up in Heaven to wield power). Marilyn lived a sorrowful, sad life, not filled with grace and light, trying to kill herself many times and finally succeeded. No strength there to give to others! Frank Sinatra (in spirit) told me he could not marry her because she was too needy.


'She would have consumed me,' he told me.


Miss Philippines Gionna Cabrera 2005 & and unknown model




But some women do have power! There are few spiritual female leaders in the mainstream world, but before long we will see the hidden and powerful women emerging. The Wiccans will soon come out of hiding, the Druids, Gnostics and Pagans will be mainstream. Soon, as Matriarchy comes closer and closer, all this will be in the open and much appreciated.


Nature Goddess & Autumn Goddess


We do have a fairly large number of female 'Devis', 'Swamis' and 'Gurus' on the internet, and no surprise, that they get more men than women. There are not enough of such women out there yet - but they are emerging.


Juanita Bynum


In the mainstream, two women I am familiar with come to mind. One is Juanita Bynum, the Protestant evangelical on Trinity Broadcasting. As soon as Rev. Bynum comes out, spiritual mayhem breaks loose. It takes but five minutes, and people fall into trancelike states, onto the floor, holding their hearts, crying, rolling around in ecstasy, waving their hands higher and higher in a sign of bliss. I have seen her do this again and again. What is going on? Anointing! She has a great anointing, which is power from God, from the Holy Spirit. People are HUNGRY for women ministers, and when a good one comes along, they are ready to give their hearts to her! They TRUST her.


Maria Woodworth-Etter (1844 - 1924)
Aimee Semple McPherson (1890 - 1944)
& Kathryn Kuhlman (1907 - 1976)


Women of the past were Maria Von Etter (evangelist, faith healer, who did so-called 'trance evangelism.' Both she and members of her audience would go into a swoon where they would stay immobilized for hours, absent to the world, but present to God!) Then came Aimee Semple McPherson, 'The Greatest Woman of the Twentieth Century,' (see article on Woman Thou Art God! ) the most amazing faith healer who ever lived! Then the beloved Kathryn Kuhlman! People are hungry for such women! Against all odds, these great females came out. They were opposed, threatened, warned not to do what they did, but they broke through and made an impact. Women who do make it create more of a stir than men because of the incredible hunger of mankind for MotherGod.


Isis & the Venus of Willendorf


Now there are more than one great female yogis emerging in our mainstream. The one I am most familiar with is Saint Amma, the hugger. I know who she is because she appeared to me and anointed me. Her power is absolutely sublime. We had incredible darshan. I gave her my spiritual support and she touched me, took me aside, and spoke to me in perfect English. She told me,


'You teach! You must teach! You teach!'


Gaia, Athena & Persephone


Her touch and hug was indescribable. I was euphoric for days. She gave me, in the spirit world, what people receive in person. I was lucky I did not have to go there in person, as it was impossible. Amma, in speaking to me in English, exhibited her Holy Spirit Gift called 'mission tongues.' This was well known in the old days. It enables a missionary to communicate with those of foreign languages. Her hug is not the hug of a relative. It is a sacrament - a transmission of Shakti or Holy Spirit. And oh, what she transmits is sublime!


Saint Amma touches thousands of people with her every visit. She transmits great spiritual power; healing and lifting people, and they are anointed and blissed out. Her presence is a touch of Mother for those who have none, or those who didn't get enough. In one moment, you have the presence of a Mother condensed, spiritualized and shot into you like a love drug. There are others, as I said, but I know Saint Amma 'personally.'


The Chalice is a symbol of the Feminine Divine


Now to the question of the title of this article - of how men worship beautiful women because of their hunger for MotherGod. Some of these women were or are physically beautiful, (I have a picture of Saint Amma very young, wielding a devi sword, and she is drop-dead gorgeous!) but the primary beauty in these 'sexless' Goddesses is their spiritual beauty.


It is interesting that the throngs of men (oh, so many) who gather around women seek in them all the qualities of God - this is not surprising. They seek Beauty - God is Beauty. They seek Power - God is power. They seek Authority and Domination and God is certainly that! In women, they seek all of the above, and sometimes they find it, and sometimes they don't. But they never stop looking!








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