Goddess Gold LaMer
Photo by Rasa Von Werder

Great currents of reality have been coming together, in the last two hundred years, to bring Patriarchy to its end.

Since MotherGod worship has been suppressed, (and few people have access to the underground woman-religions), people have sought other ways to satisfy their yearnings. I have said in the past four articles how this need surfaces in the public attention given to beautiful women. 'Beautiful' could be conventional or far from it. It can be a rock star, a magazine or tv model, a movie actress, a wrestling star, a bodybuilder or a dominant woman. Different women are riveting for different reasons but they all display some sort of superiority or special merit.


Goddess Life Light
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The yearning for Mother and MotherGod has gone into the adulation of beautiful women.


Private women also have their 'followings,' as everyone knows. Even plain women have guys after them, as the need for woman by man is desperation.


However, there is a monkey wrench in all of this. Some might object to this thesis and simply say,


'Men are horndogs and women are being exploited. Women are being used to sell everything, promote everything. And they do not get out of this as much as the men are getting. And what about the violence, the cruelty, the rapes, the put downs, the slander against womankind by men?


Three Unknown Models

Males cannot get enough women. They have a deeper desire and yearning for women than women have for men. Their desires are unrelenting. What they do not realize consciously is that is goes much deeper than sex. They attribute all to sex, but it is hunger for Mother and MotherGod.


These are all good and true statements. It is so. Men are abusing women. But let me put it to you it is love turned to perversion. Every one of these men who rapes, violates, injures and murders women did not start out that way. They were once helpless infants in the arms of a woman. They loved, in a natural way, a mother or mother figure. Something went wrong in these men. There are two types of things that went wrong. One, personal things such as mental and emotional illness or demonic possession. And second, the conditioning of Patriarchy which forces men to look down on women. Boys did not start out hating women. They all began as needy children who loved what they needed - their Mom. But programming and hard life changes that.



Goddess Maria Fontana
Photo by Rasa Von Werder

These yearnings, since they cannot be requited by worship in church, turn to women and images of women in the media. Sometimes the love degrades into rape and addiction to pornography, but at the heart of each man, as in the heart of each human for the Absolute, lies the hunger for the Feminine Divine.


Rejection is one of the basic problems. Men cannot handle it as well as women can - they get violent or suicidal. But the man who was rejected suffers because the one he desired did not want him. My point is, there is a powerful, overwhelming need, so strong, that men go crazy when they cannot have it. Yes, men turn to raping, torturing not just the women who reject them, (or symbols of same) but the children that they had together. I do not want to relate here all the stories we have heard. They are in our heads. (You do not see the opposite - women torturing children because men have rejected them!)

So in these cases, it is love gone bad, love that has turned to hate, perversion and rage.


Shannon Rabon, a model of Bill Dobbins and a female bodybuilder

Women are worshipped for many qualities. Pictured here is woman as power.
Power, strength and authority are qualities of Mother and God.


In the public sphere, once again, the thing that should be cherished - womankind - is sadly exploited. There are many reasons for this, but basically, it is conspiracy. If they can push women down to second-class citizens, then they can get what they want out of the thing they desire. Woman becomes domesticated animal. He takes her out of freedom, pens her up and has her produce children and work as a connubial slave, with rewards from good to none. Sometimes she gets another dependent by having him, but without the recognition of authority.


While writing this series a couple days ago I had a horrific dream. God showed me what men were up to. It was simple. They kill for money. Nothing complicated or mysterious. You are given money and you kill. That is it. If you look at all of Patriarchy from the beginning of its maddening start, you will see it. It is violence and murder for greed, for filthy lucre. How did women get swept aside? They were one of the commodities. If a man has the money, he can get the women. Patriarchy is a system of force, killing and slavery.


Dominant women also feature the same theme but with a twist. There is power and authority, but also punishment. This gets males excited as it heartily reminds them of Mother.


Now you look around us and in the United States, it's not so bad. The 'civilized' world has come a long way. But it's not like this everywhere. Some countries are as evil as it ever was. We will not get into all of that here - we all know the facts.


Goddess Julie
© Rasa Von Werder

The passive vamp need not apply here. These women show aggression in posture, clothes and expression. Many of the greatest movie stars were sought after because of a 'bisexual' quality. That is to say, they could portray a macho side to their persona as well as a gentle one. Examples: Greta Garbo (played a man in Queen Christina and also kisses her lady in waiting on the lips) and dominating roles like Ninochka. Then Marlene Dietrich who was often in pants and masculine attire. Examples: A naval officer in 'Seven Sinners,' a Russian soldier's outfit in Scarlett Empress, top hat and tails in Moracco (and kisses a girl on the lips). Then there was Mae West - notoriously dominant. She was once a male impersonator on stage. The point? Women who have a strong, aggressive or masculine nature along with their feminine one are more exciting than other women. Now that Patriarchy is ending and Matriarchy is coming, the 'masculine' (not manly but dominant) nature in women will surface as a whole.






Without a doubt, in the last hundred and fifty years, big changes have occurred. The beginning of Matriarchy can be traced back to the first wave of the 'feminist' movement in the 1860's. And how did THAT get started? When the industrial revolution set in, the age of technology began, and then, liberation of women. Why? When machines can do what men used to do, men lose the edge they had over women. Now this has escalated to such a point that the male is becoming obsolete or 'redundant.' (I have a book by two guys called, 'The Redundant Male.') What exactly do I mean?


It is our thesis that the industrial revolution and all that followed was the major cause of feminism and Matriarchy. Machines took the place of much 'manpower' and many of them were run by women and children. The advantage of 'brute strength' that men had was now diminished. Machines were replacing brute strength, so therefore, machines were replacing the absolute need for men. Men were becoming 'redundant.' The more technology has increased, the less necessity there is for 'brute strength' or the 'macho' of men.


Throughout all of history, wars were fought basically with bodies and swords. A woman could not compete with that. Because God made her body to bear children, she could not afford to grow huge muscles - her body power went into reproduction. She was made to create, not to destroy. Male used this one weapon - his bigger size and muscle strength - to kill other men, hold women in place, and even kill women if they stood up to him or threatened him (like women standing up with superior minds or intuition or spiritual light.)


Pictured here are women and children running machines, which produced an abundance of goods. Machines were now doing the labor of thousands of people. These could be run by those who were small and weak relative to men. These machines and factories also took women out of the home, whereas in the past, most of it was done home and around the house (particularly in Europe and America.) So here, roles for female are changing. Female is now leaving the house and is important in the labor force for the whole society rather than confined to a family work situation.


As soon as muscle power was not needed, and technology took over (think of World War I and then World War II, how technology escalated in such a short time) men were not needed. A war machine of today, with all its armaments, could easily be controlled by women and we could wage a successful war if need be, without any men at all. This seems far fetched, but there is scant little hand-to-hand combat these days. Think of it. Nobody is going out to 'Flander's Field' duking it out, even with guns. It is done with machinery - tanks and machine guns, in lowest level of the fighting. Physical strength is probably the least thing needed in the theater of war today. More than ever it is BRAINS RUNNING MACHINERY that wins. Women can handle this. They are beginning to do a lot of it, and in the future, will do more. This does not mean I am advocating war - I am for peace if possible - but what I am saying is that if a Hitler or Stalin came around again, it is possible that women could handle it with technology.


Absolute proof that women could run the entire economy - machines, vehicles and all, came during World War II. The majority of men were over there, but women over here did all the background and support work. Life did not stop for lack of men. What further proof is needed that women can run the world?



The way we grow our food has also changed - technology. Women can easily run the machines. Many are.


Men have lost their edge. The cork they have held down is popping up.





Now we return to the thesis of these articles: Worship of beautiful women is hunger for MotherGod. How does all this come together, where are we now and which way are we going?


As all of what I have stated has happened, something is also changing in religion. Religion as we know it for the most part, has been the theology of males. It was not for the good of all, but let us say it has been the PUBLIC RELATIONS MANUAL OF MEN. In this manual was the dogma that all would be programmed in from birth. There are the handy myths that tell us what God did and when He did it. (It is assumed God is a male.) Then He creates everyone and everything, and it is He who makes man superior and woman inferior.


Church of Hagia Sophia
Istanbul, Turkey
Salisbury Cathedral
Great Britain
The striking difference between a church which represents the Feminine Divine and Patriarchy. The Feminine Divine is mounds and curves, the Masculine is the phallus (penis). They say the steeple is a symbol of reaching to Heaven, but don't believe them. It is the phallus and nothing else.


So right from the beginning, man has permission to lord it over woman, and he is the steward of all mankind (he's not just one of God's creatures, he's the boss!) and that gives him permission to lord it over nature. His handbook gives man the ok to destroy nature, animals and women. Very convenient for him.


Goddess Summer Eclipse
Photo by Rasa Von Werder

Summer Eclipse is a shining example of the curves as represented in the Sophia Church.


There are variations in Holy Scriptures, but the manuals of men all begin and end up the same way - God affording men power over women and everything else. (Even if a Saint creates a great religion the males take it, twist it around, and use it to suit their needs. In India, for instance, you have as many Goddesses as Gods, but again, men forced women into suicide when their husbands died, on the off chance they had poisoned the husband! Even today, in Christianity, by custom of both Catholic and Protestant Churches, women still stand second best in ministering the gospel, if they minister at all.)


The Catholic Church will not be able to hold out against women priests much longer. Women's spirituality will soon come out into the open, and numerous women will leave to join Woman-God churches. Ordaining women could keep some of those women from leaving.


But enough about the Autumn of Patriarchy. Let us talk about the Springtime of what is to come. Religion will change - and soon. What we have now will mellow toward women, or shrink and disappear; at best pared down into cults - the 'MaleGod' cults. I doubt that the Catholic Church will be able to hold out much longer against women priests. Women will revolutionize the Catholic Church, once they get their foot in the door. In Protestant circles women will become prominent, and they will not seek permission from men to minister. They will not be talking about St. Paul's Christ being the head of the man, and man the head of the woman. New types of Christian Churches will emerge, with women running them and working out the dogma. The language of course, will be inclusive, Mother/Father God, and She/He created us.


To me most interesting will be the Goddess worshippers coming out into the open. Women will have two things they did not have before. One, freedom to worship MotherGod in the open, and two, they will have more money than they ever had. (Of course, older women have had lots of money through inheritance. But the climate of the world being what it is, they did not spend their windfalls on building Temples to Goddess. But soon, this will change.) Their new money will enable women to build Centers, Temples and Churches in a magnificent way. There will be great variety in worshipping MotherGod! And it will be beautiful!


Goddess Gold LaMer
Photo by Rasa Von Werder

What will happen to this cult of beautiful women (in the media) that men worship now? I suspect that will subside. It will never go away, but men (and women) will not worship empty symbols the way they have.


'When that which is perfect has come, that which is in part shall be done away with.'




The real 'goddesses,' which are of Spirit and Truth, will be revered. Humanity will find what it has been yearning for, and its hunger will be fulfilled.


Goddess Gold LaMer
Photo by Rasa Von Werder





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