FEBRUARY 6, 2005

Exhalted woman of God in double D  white bra receiving the light

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I recently received e-mails from a man who's turning out to be a friend. I was rather perturbed because he seemed to have the whole cosmology figured out: I am a Prophet who will help usher in the great Messiah (female)...and by the way, pray for his ex-girlfriend, who could also be a Prophet. She isn't ready yet, but if I pray, it may help her use her power. Help me? No, she couldn't serve me, but maybe we could cooperate.

I suggested to him he let her see my site to see if she could "cooperate," but so far nary a word from this could-be Prophet.

I began to speak with my new found fan of Matriarchy. I told him this story:

My late husband worked on his Grandpa's cow farm. They had a pasture, where, on the other side of a barbed wire fence, was an apple tree. The problem was, how to knock down the barbed wire fence and get to the apple tree. They found an ingenious way. Knock down the most friendly, docile member of the herd, onto the barbed wire fence, then walk over her to the apple tree. I said to my friend,

"That's the Messiah."

When he spoke of "Messiah," he imagined, like most people do, of some kind of glorious leader. This is what the Jews thought Jesus was going to be. Many of his followers expected him to overthrow the Romans and lead them to victory and glory. But Jesus said to the Mother that wanted her sons to sit on his left and right when He came into His Kingdom,

"Do you know what you are asking?....Can you drink of my cup?"

Being the Messiah means wearing the Crown of Thorns, the Stripes of Scourging, the Secret Wounds like on the Shoulder from carrying the Cross, the Nails in the Hands and Feet, and finally, the Sword through the Heart - the biggest Wound of all.

It means at the very least, that a Chosen Soul be sincerely WILLING to endure these pains and to give one's life for the Sacred Cause.

Men of that cloth were Mahatma ("Great Soul") Ghandi, and the man who followed in his footsteps, Martin Luther King, Jr. Because these men were willing to pay the price, they were Chosen Souls of God. Before they were assassinated and partly because of it, both succeeded and have gone down in history as Avatars.

So you want to be a Messiah? So you want to follow one? Can you drink from that cup?

A Messiah is not a political leader. He or she is an obedient servant of God, and an Instrument of God. He or she is like a Gold Beret of the Lord and Lady, always waiting to be called, full of faith and ready in all ways to spring into action. No questions, no delay, no whining. Full of zeal, a servant of God faces battle with trust, and that trust is never disappointed.

Those who might be called "Messiahs" are the most obedient souls. They are not cagey, savvy or shrewd. Not that they are stupid in the ways of the world. They know the world's ways but they don't look up to them. They know there is a Higher law and a Higher way, and that is what they are in tune with. They are waiting for the bugle - the battle cry of Heaven.

There is work to be done in the ushering in of Matriarchy. If we think in terms of glory, we'll be sadly disappointed. The only glory is at the end of the rainbow, when we are dead. There Jesus and Mary and all the saints we believe in will greet us and give us our eternal rewards. Here on earth, there are intimations of that, but they are quickies. You don't bask in bliss and ecstasy very long. You feel it a few moments and it goes away. Those short times of spiritual joy sustain you for longer times of normal life. Here is where virtue develops. Faith, Trust, Patience, Endurance, Hope, Perseverance, and Charity see us through.

I assure you of this: There is no glory in this world worth having.

It all passes. All the pleasures of the ego and human respect grow stale. Don't do your work for praise and acceptance by people. Listen to God, do what is right, and you will get your reward. Applause comes to many, and then it dies. People rise and are forgotten. Only one thing is necessary, to sit at the feet of God.

If any of you will join us in fighting for Matriarchy, bear in mind these things I have said. In the end, it is just your soul and God. God alone will judge you and by that judgment is your eternal fate. Don't worry what people think, just worry how you measure up with God. Speak the truth, live the truth, be the truth, no matter what the cost; even if you have few friends. I personally have very few friends and would not have it any other way. I want the low minded to leave me alone. I will help them if they want it, but they don't want it.

So you want a Messiah? You want to be one, follow one? Remember, there is no earthly glory in it. Perhaps a little love here and there from the saintly and kindhearted. But the world would eat you up alive if it could. You will have to be guarded and guided all the time to keep safe. Your only haven will be staying in the place of perfection, in perfect union with God. Satan will be around all the time trying to trip you up so he can get you into his clutches. All these thoughts because my friend is waiting for a female Messiah! He, I believe, imagines someone like a Harvard graduate, tall and stately, commanding respect, being invited to all important places, shining with intelligence and light. But what about a woman like Jesus? Going about doing good, with no thanks? Riding on an ass and people hailing him one week, and next week it's curtains: (when troubles start not only do you have no more applause, but many intimates fail you.) Being ridiculed and humiliated?

Being hurt over and over again by a world that doesn't understand the Light? Think about it.

Rasa Von Werder
February 6, 2005



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