FEBRUARY 7, 2005


Attention, all dumb women! It's a call for you to stop sucking cock! It's time to stand up, get off your knees, and be counted. Are you living or dead? Stop looking for all you need from Dick.

If there is one thing I want you to remember, if you remember anything I say is this: If you want a strong man, be a strong woman. If you want a rich man, be a rich woman first. If you want a successful man, be a successful woman.

Strong men do not want weak women. Rich men do not search for poor women, although they sometimes settle for them. (Bear in mind that the poor women who marry rich men are rich in areas other than money; usually charm, personality, intelligence, looks, etc.) Successful men do not want unsuccessful women!
Like marries like. It is equals that become wedded and united, not unequals. Unequals are social workers with clients, counselors with the troubled, ministers with those in darkness. You want to marry a great man? You must be a great woman, and you must BELIEVE YOURSELF TO BE THOSE THINGS.

I told my friend today, that when I was young, I dated a millionaire. Not only was he rich, he was tall and handsome, with blue eyes and dark blonde hair. He was dating celebrities. He had a mansion with original fine art and a rolls royce. I would call him, he'd take me out for dinner, then to his house for the night and leave me in the morning while he went to his own luxury building to work. His butler served me breakfast. I was twenty one years old, and had no self confidence. I did not pursue this man, who would have made a perfect husband for me. Everywhere I went, I'd bump into the butler, who told me time and time again to call the man. But I didn't because I was too dumb. I figured if he wanted to take me out, he'd call me. But he was waiting for me to call him, so he'd know he was wanted. I called him rarely, and whenever I did, he came over, took me to dinner....the same routine. Later a woman not as beautiful as me snagged him. She obviously had self confidence. She felt she deserved him - I, in my interior self, felt I didn't have a chance.
And that, in spite of the fact that I had remarkable physical beauty and intelligence.

What does it take to be great things? You could be born great, but abuse takes away your faith in that power. That is what happened to me. My family took away from me the belief in what God gave me. I was gifted with four things that would take me to the top: Physical beauty, mental and spiritual intelligence, a good heart and virtue, and the fourth I shall call "X" as I do not know all that God has done for me. My family did not take away my gifts - as no one can - but they took away my faith in the gifts; thereby leaving me in a place of brokenness and for a time, powerlessness.

It took me a long time to regain my strength and faith in myself, and to activate the gifts in a way that I saw them clearly, believed in them, and worked with them. In myself - with the grace of God - I found everything. God had already given me the road to success, the stepping stones, the tools and weapons. I had only to use them. By my love of God everything was regained and made right.

In the beginning, I lost all I could have had due to the abuse. It was as if demons were on my back, in my head. Whenever blessings came to me, there, nearby, were the demons family put upon me, making me hate myself and forfeit the blessings.

I realize now, in a flash of insight, that God was trying to save me from a horrible life by getting me married to rich men.
I recount the opportunities. First, the love of my life, Peter, the son of doctors who became one himself. I was thirteen, he sixteen. I lost him because of my family. God replaced him with Danny. Danny never had to work a day in his life and today still lives in luxury. I met him when he was nineteen and I was fourteen and was madly in love. The second time God tried to save me. But Uncle and another relative messed that one up. Had I married these men life would have been a cushion instead of a rock my head was banged against. Finally, I left home, and in my very first years, before the age of twenty- two, God sent me two more rich men. One already mentioned, the other equally handsome, a celebrity, who had a lot to offer. But something inside me chose not to be happy. Perhaps I felt that I could beat all and become a great woman on my own two feet. Not an easy task!

After many years of frustration, pain, hardship and poverty - broken heartedness and loss - God put into my own hands the ability to succeed. I made a lot of money and bought my own house and some of what I wanted. I went from lower to upper middle class, by my own efforts. (Yes, there was a short time in my early twenties I was wealthy, but that was short lived. This second wealth lasted for many years.)

The next thing that happened was healing. When I became relatively wealthy, I gained confidence in myself. I began to think I deserved better men! And better men I got. This time, no blessings were forfeited! My worst poverty had been the poverty in my mind, not understanding I could have great guys who would help me, take care of me when needed, be there for me. I went out with the dogs and the scumbags, and paid for it. But no more. These new men restored me but I could not gain them until I gained confidence. It is a catch 22 situation: If you feel needy, you will not get who you need. They will look down on you, or you, looking down at yourself, will overlook the opportunity. Feeling strong gives you leverage and you get strong men - which includes intelligent, worthwhile and wealthy men. And so, in the end, by healing myself, by regaining myself, I found worthy men. The finest of all the men was my late husband. God saved the best for last and all that I had lost the many years I suffered was given back through him. I had love, I had respect, and I had security.

What is my point? As a wounded woman (what percent of us are? If our family didn't burn us, society does)....are 75% of women wounded? As this wounded bird who can't fly, I assure you, you have to heal your wings and learn to fly. Then, you get the mate that flies with you. Do not expect to find a mate who will heal you! Men just aren't made that way!

My last words are this: grow your own muscles. If you can't achieve your own security, chances of finding a man to secure you well are slim. If you are not intelligent, well read and informed, do you expect to find a professional, educated male?

Not on your life. Work on yourself, woman. Find the good, the great within yourself. Cultivate yourself. Stop sucking cock, degrading yourself. Keep your dignity. Do whatever it takes to get self esteem. Work, study, train - however many years it takes. If you do not try hard, just look around. Look at the women warming the benches - the kind with shifty eyes and hearts who look for what they can steal from you. They live below their potential. Whatever God gave you, use it to the max. Don't take the easy way out. The easy way, the broad highway, is a temporary fix, for times when there is no other way. You have to get out of that and take the narrow, difficult road. That hard road will lead you to success. My last words: All that you need is within. Your mind, heart, body, soul, and Spirit. Activate the good by praying and receiving the grace of God, then working with it. God cares about all your needs - physical and spiritual.

But you have to DO SOMETHING to activate the grace of God.

Rasa Von Werder
February 7, 2005




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