FEBRUARY 7, 2005

I've been reviewing a number of things that deal with building this Church. We have two problems, and one is worse than the other. The first is men. The second is women. I have come to the conclusion that I will have to WRITE OFF women and deal with men only until the Church is built. When it's built then the BROADS will walk in the door, when all chance of suffering is over and it's safe to leave the house. I am not saying there are thousands of men out there waiting to help me - but there's a few.

"We just need a few good men."

Women? None. All they want from me is counseling, loans, or to bust my chops with tirades against female supremacy.

There is no point in arguing why they are the way they are. They are just that way. They're STUPID! They hate themselves and other women, and they will forever claw each others eyes out and SUCK COCK 24/7..........

However faulty men are, I have always been able to find some for help. They do help us - women never help women. Case in point is the new friend, Sid Gold. (No, he's not Jewish, he's Catholic, this is just a made-up name.) Gold has set up a new YAHOO GROUP called
MotherGod. You have to join it to be a member, then you can post whatever items you wish. It's a newsgroup, chat room. I invite you to check it out.

Would a woman have done this for us? Not on your life. They are too busy with day-to-day survival; or shopping, or buying self-help books. One woman (and I do love her dearly) complained to me that HER HUSBAND DIDN'T WANT HIS COCK SUCKED ANY MORE!
(Oh, woe is me! Shall I shoot myself?)

There is no point in saying why someone is the way they are - it just is. Wounded people are disabled. They have post traumatic stress, ego problems, personality problems, lack of self esteem, lack of confidence. How women answer these needs?:
Suck cock 24/7.

Why does the woman believe the man when her daughter tells her she's been raped? A little girl gets abused by the live-in boyfriend. A six-year old child is not going to tell you that when it isn't true. The boyfriend tells the woman he never did it. The woman lets it go, and the abuse continues, thereby ruining the entire life of the girl. (I know such a female, and she is a tormented soul!) Why do women stay blind to abuse, and even when they know about it do nothing? They do not leave the husband, they do not throw out the boyfriend, but they allow the destruction of their children? Why? Because it is easier than facing the truth. Facing truth takes action. You have to do something. But they are dead bodies floating downstream. The path of least resistance is to suck cock 24/7 and whatever they give you for it, live with it. But don't rock the boat.

This whole world is a brothel for women. Whatever label put on you, as long as you suck cock,
(code meaning: be submissive to men) you are a hooker. Don't criticize the hooker on the street, you mousy housewife. You've been doing the same thing for years.

How do we build a Church which empowers women when they won't help themselves and they just want to argue how good men are? There is (and always has been) a decent minority of men looking for strong women; not necessarily professional dominants, just strong women. Most of them end up with the pros because they can't find them anywhere else. Sadly, the pros are just acting out a role for the money.
Most of them don't know how to dominate themselves. In their spare time they wind up with guys who abuse them.

I hate the way women take the easy way out. It is human nature, but try standing against the current for a change. I know a guy who said he was bored with life and his girlfriend because,

"When I come home she's always there with her legs spread."

Can't you understand, you dumb broads, that everyone wants a challenge? Once you give it to them, (unless they are hopelessly, deeply in love,) the excitement wears off. If you're available for sex every day, it gets old. He may pop you regularly, but it isn't exciting any more. He's thinking of someone else while he does it. Don't let him take you for granted! Don't be a machine, putting out like a cup of coffee. Let them not think you owe it to them, they have to make you want to do it.

The other thing women are screwed up on is that they use sex as a way of control. As long as he's popping you regularly, you feel you control him. I sincerely believe that's why women give men too much sex. Try celibacy as a way of control. You keep your dignity that way. Too difficult? OK, then what are you worth? Do you have any pride in yourself at all? This is how you let men drag you into the gutter. They want sex and you give, give, give. They pop you until they're tired of you and they're off to the next broad. What have you got left? You've lost your dignity and you've lost him.

One of the greatest gifts I ever received is Celibacy, by the hands of Our Bl. Mother. It prevented more evil and brought more good into my life.
It isn't just sex you want to stop. It is the effect of emotional involvement that you should not be tangled up with. When you have sex you open every window and door to the universe of another person. You may wish you had never opened yourself to that.

Sid Gold is excited about me drawing women.

"We have to get the young ones," he says.

He prayed and I did get a couple young ones writing me, busting my chops.

"You have to reach the women's colleges," he says.

I give you credit, Gold. You did set up a Yahoo group for me. But the women's colleges? How can we set that up? I've contacted every speaker bureau I know - about 100 of them, and no bites.

The beginning of anything - no matter how blessed it is - is many small steps. These steps involve time, work and money. I am taking those steps. All that I can do is being done. If any more can be done, it must be done by volunteers.

Why don't women help me or other women? Because they are damaged goods. Because they are stuck in their egos. Because they think that they have to keep sucking cock to survive. S.C. is the only path to survival!

Where is a woman who believes in a cause for women, joins it and works for it? You think the Women's Movement, NOW, is an ideal place? I once belonged to it and went to meetings. They hated me because I was fully, not partially, emancipated. I thought women had the right to do anything they wanted to do, but they felt women should only struggle for professional class status. No jobs beneath that, thank you. No maids, no minimum wage, no sex trade. Only jobs with dignity. Women who are servants, and those who show or use their bodies, are bad news. This is degrading. These prudes see the pictures in my galleries and are aghast. One of them sent me a nasty e-mail that she would not link with me as the photos are borderline porn. She hasn't seen porn. I'll show her porn. Let me tell you, the halls of feminism are not filled with Euphoria.

And another thing - I hate the way women are passive and sissyish to men but mean and nasty to women. All you can trust them to do is take away what little you have, including the men you count on for resources. They are hyenas.

I have stated my case against men throughout this site. I have been kind to women. But it's time they face the truth who they are and I face the truth. Perhaps I can shame them into improving. Perhaps I can shock them into seeing themselves as they really are - weak, passive, cocksuckers.......selfish misers to women, taking everything the next woman has that isn't tied down........they are their own worst enemies.......they bring every evil upon themselves because they do not swim against the current. They deserve male domination because they don't stand up to it. They deserve to be degraded because they have no dignity. Punishment will come upon them as long as they let it.

Shall I wait for women volunteers? I've been trying since 1968! Just today I decided to stop holding my breath.

Rasa Von Werder
February 7, 2005




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