Odilon Redon


It's so simple I couldn't see it! Like all those things that look complicated when you don't understand them, but when you see it, as plain as day. ALTON HAS RASA INSIDE OF HIM!


Everyone knows what transmission is, the transmission of shakti or grace. But what not everyone knows is that the identity of the guru goes into the person along with the shakti. I've said it before, and it scares some people - the spiritual dna of the guru goes to the person being affected, along with the God. The guru is shakti, God; there is no difference between the guru and the shakti of the guru. There is no impersonal 'God' entering the devotee - although in one sense you can say God is both personal and impersonal at all times, just as God is eminent and imminent at all times, outside and inside. God is all. But when God is transmitted through another person, the God power contains a personal ingredient . I learned this by studying the teaching of Jesus Christ and His Blessed Sacrament.


Now when the Rasa shakti entered Alton, it was a big whopper of power. He rose up to the heights of betrothal very quickly. This is a huge dose of Light, of Love Power. He was inebriated with this shakti, and still is.


What has happened inside of Alton is not so mysterious when you consider that some people who have had heart transplants began to act like the people whose hearts they inherited. Consider also that when people study Jesus and receive All of Jesus, in many ways, they become like him. In other words, they become Jesus. They have the Gifts and characteristics of Jesus.


Now Alton has received the Rasa Love Power, shakti and he does not know the difference between himself and Rasa. Rasa is inside him by the shakti - Rasa tells all her devotees she is living in them, they are One. It is literally true!


But with Alton, because he is so pure and empty as far as his soul goes (not his entire personality but a great amount of him is empty for God) when the Rasa shakti hit him, he felt and acted upon this great power, thinking it is him. And of course, it is him, because now this is living inside him and it is One with him, just like his fingers and toes. So inside the soul of Alton now lives Alton and all his gurus, but especially, Rasa.


So how is this Rasa being expressed in Alton? It is an invincible feeling, a sense of great power and mission. This is what he is exhibiting. Rasa has been holding this power inside of her for so many years, she is used to it. Sometimes she lets loose with it, but usually holds it down, as people don't understand. But Alton is new feeling this kind of power inside of him, and so, he is talking 'like God.' Well, it is God.


The way Alton is talking (the invincible or almighty feeling) - this is how Rasa feels and occasionally, talks that way. Alton needs to assimilate this shakti, let it settle down into his personality.


Now on top of this, speaking of personality, is the 'real' Alton or the conditioned man he has been playing all his life. This is a normal person, a regular man, who is used to perceiving reality a certain way. So on top of this Rasa/God/Power, is the personality of Alton.


So it gets pretty funny when Alton, feeling Rasa, starts telling Rasa what to do, and that he was sent by God to guide and lead Rasa, and if Rasa does not listen, God will dress her down.


Pretty funny, isn't it? That is it in a nutshell. Please think about it my friends. There is much to ponder here, as all the devotees are receiving this power, only for some reason with Alton, it is expressed in a rather (to us) humorous way.


I am not taking him seriously at all, because if I did, I'd accuse him of the usual things. (Like arrogance, pride, trying to dominate a female.) I will accuse him of nothing. Just let him assimilate this shakti, settle down, get adjusted, and then we will proceed with his perfection. That is, once he 'comes to his senses.' He has to understand that Rasa shakti is inside him, but GuruRasa is the boss, not AltonRasa. Yes, indeed, this is humorous considering that another devotee just just today, changed his name like this. His name, KunKin is now KunKin-Rasa. He has also become me. But thank God not all the devotees are trying to boss me around!


Infinite Love,

Rasa Von Werder
February 12, 2006





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