FEBRUARY 16, 2005

Adam and Eve


Today in prayer, I spoke with some of my favorite saints and Avatars, concerning the sorrow and pain I have been in, and later, I will speak about love in general, and what God tells me about that. First, I spoke to Baba Muktananda and his guru, Nityananda. (see yoga section)

I asked Muktananda how does one get over disappointment of this earth, and seeming failures.

Muktananda: "Don't be afraid of the failures.....leave this world and go inside where God is and ALWAYS be aware that you are where God is - the WITNESS CONSCIOUSNESS." (see yoga section.)

Nityananda: "Do not forget that you are the Spirit, not the body, and do a mantra on that when you forget. Sit and meditate daily. You notice that when you have not meditated and prayed a lot, that is when things hurt. It's because your mind has sunk down just a tiny bit, and that tiny bit of being at one with the world and people has given you a wallop."

Rasa to both gurus: "I feel that I was sort of tricked by God on my promotional campaign that failed, as I thought God told me in a dream to be aggressive and follow that path...but it seemed
a total failure...was God punishing me for something, or wanting me to suffer a bit?"

Nityananda: "God never punishes you that way. It was your own doing. If you had sat down and meditated for a while on that course of action you would have found that being aggressive did not mean necessarily in that way. There could have been other paths of positive action. Nevertheless, it is not a complete failure. Be assured that good things will come out of the work you did, in time. Do not grieve."

(When I referred to both gurus, I noticed that Muktananda deferred to Nityananda, as that is the protocol; to submit to the higher authority... indeed, there is good manners in Heaven!)

I asked Holy Mary about my present depression. She said:

Holy Mary: "Always look ahead in your faith to the PROMISES of God. Make a list if you wish. ("You will win everything" was one!) And after you have won everything and all your work is done ("I will come for you when your work is finished," Mary said once) we will all be here welcoming you into Heaven!"

Our Lord: "Don't expect anything from people or the world. When help comes it'll be like a miracles wrought by God. All your help will come by my grace and the grace of God by way of angels and saints. People have nothing to do with it! Individual people - when you must help them - don't let them irritate you no matter how ignorant they are. Don't judge them, just move on.
As far as having no "equals" or "similars" to talk to you - you have the Gift of channeling. You can talk with the like-minded in Heaven. USE YOUR GIFTS."

Padre Pio: "Don't think about her." (referring to someone who has disappointed me and let me down.) I will deal with her. I will give you my strength."

God Within Me: (About earthly love): "Tell them they are wasting their time seeking the love of mortals. Their time will be well spent seeking God."





I do not want to make this a long article, as you could write volumes about it and not get any closer to the truth which is quite simple.

What is it that makes humans yearn for earthly love? Is it worth it? Should we control this? I have seen myself and others practically killing themselves over it, just totally devastated and in despair when someone doesn't love them. People literally go insane, in the sense that they do senseless things when despairing of love. They go bonkers, bananas, have nervous breakdown, and talk about killing themselves. What is all this about? Is it all nonsense, or is there any meaning to it?

God Within Me (hereafter referred to as GWM): "Remember the Stigmata. You were in the highest place with God you had ever been in. You were on Cloud 9, a kind of peace and light, where you needed nothing and no one. Then you prayed for the Divine Stigmata. In order to give you this grace, God allowed your mind to sink down to a mortal man. This was not something you needed emotionally or sexually, because you were above that. But God permitted it to give you the grace. You looked at a picture of Tom Selleck and you fell in love, and the devastation began. Your heart swelled up with love, and what grief and embarrassment to you! After you went to Hawaii to try and meet him and failed, God used man #2 - the Marine - to continue your quest for love. He was scared out of his wits when you "fell in love" with him. It was a Divine Fire that God lit, but it was centered in men, not God.

How easily, then, God stigmatized you by allowing all your strength, all your heart and mind, to focus on this marine, whose soul you were trying to save. (It started with Tom as plain infatuation, but ended with a mission for the Marine. See the e-book on this site on The Divine Stigmata.) To have all one's faculties on something of the world is a dangerous place to be. To be centered in desire to something or someone of the world is a guarantee, sooner or later, to crash and be broken. It may not happen right away, but in time, the things of the world and the relationships of the world all come to naught. Do not let your mind ever be on them and practice your Buddhism."

Rasa: "I understand what you are saying, but it is mysterious how God allowed that for a Divine Grace. Most people would not understand that. I do, but people won't. They will be confused....it seems so contradictory, for God to do something to me, or allow something, that is usually not prescribed."

GWM: "God does not prescribe Christians to be tortured and killed, and yet God allowed it. Now they are in Heaven wearing beautiful colors, crowns, jewels of Martyrdom. The great martyred saint is greater than one who was not martyred, all things being considered. There weren't any coliseums handy at the time, so God allowed your martyrdom to come in this fashion."

Rasa: "Now to make an analogy between my Stigmata and those who desire earthly love and fall into despair because of it - please explain that."

GWM: "You cannot mess with the free will of another. If the other person does not return your love, it is too bad. You can't make them do it. You have to move on. But yearning for it causes a person to just burn themselves up. Obviously, this is a bad thing to occur, but used wisely, it can lead to wisdom. You must stop desiring people to love you. You have to take it easy. See if they reciprocate, and if they don't, back off. You absolutely must not yearn for people's love. That is perhaps the greatest source of pain on this earth."

Rasa: "But the truth is, it will never stop, will it?"

GWM: "It will never stop....but tell your followers to put all their love into God, and they will be rewarded. And this is a rebuke to you also to give yourself to God daily and do not look back to the vomit of wanting people to reciprocate. They can't. They are too low minded, seeking after the flesh. Let the dead bury the dead. Like Jesus said to you, pray, channel, and then write. If you want to teach people, set the example. Muktananda ran an Ashram and did not yearn for people to love or like him. He stayed alone, after he was anointed, for long periods of time. You are alone also, and just accept it. Do not grieve or get angry that there is no one to talk to. All they do is drain you, anyway. They are crazed with their earthly confusion, desires and delusions. Stay who you are, do not lie down with pigs or you will be dirty."

Nityananda: "My daughter, Muktananda told you how I was. Start being like that. You were like that once, but you keep bending down to help crippled people, and somehow, they pull you into their pit. Don't let them. I was aloof and spent long hours just sitting in my chair saying nothing. I was inside myself, inside my soul, communing with God. They wandered about, basking in my power, but they were not there. I did not lower myself to chit chat with them about nonsense. (As soon as they talk about nonsense, cut them off. Be silent. Hang up the phone or don't e mail them back....you are wasting your time listening to long life stories. Enough is enough.) I stayed in a place of Bliss, like Muktananda told you. You can do that easily. You are there. I will help you more than I have been, because you need and deserve it. You have suffered long enough. Now start being more aloof and centered in your Self. It will solve 99% of your pains! Remember how you read that people would come from Bombay and be perturbed that I would not talk to them! If I had, I would have lost my contentment, my bliss, and I would have been not the man I was. You are like that also; a person of bliss. The bliss is inside you. Stay there. Whenever you are pulled out by desires or people's problems, you suffer things you should not feel. I am not saying not to help people. Help them without being personally pulled in or distracted. Just refer them to God as you meditate, that is the best thing to do and all anyone can do. What you tell them from the flesh they all rebel against because they are too weak to do it, and then they hurt you because you feel rejected. All these people who come to you have karma. You have none. Don't let them pull you into their karma, because their karma is for them to live out, not for you to live out. Let them take their pain and their punishment, and they will learn. You learned, now it is their turn. You cannot carry all their diseases for them! Let them live out their own diseases.....Tell them to read your site, and they will learn all they need out of it!"

With Nityananda having the last word, I bow out of today's words. Please read more about him on the yoga page.

P.S. Moments after typing this, I suffered one of my two or three times a year chest spasms. I was in great pain over half an hour, then when it went away, I felt calm and cleansed. I know that these attacks come as a result of my own feelings and thoughts. Always after emotional pain over what people have said and done to me, especially rejection.

These attacks vary in intensity. The worst are when I get such severe indigestion that the chest spasm plus the indigestion tortures me on and off for many hours. This is 100% emotional. It was my own fault; no ones fault but my own. The remedy for this is just to simply do what God has taught me and what I have promised God to do: Not to care what people think or how people react to me. Not to open my heart and mind to mortals, but just do what I have to do and not care about what people do. But somehow, I seem to forget what I know and fall into the trap. Here you see the karma or punishment for wrong thinking.

If I had spent more time with God, this would not have happened. As soon as I leave God's feet and pay attention to people, they pull me into the quicksand. How many times will I have to be punished before I learn this lesson? In terms of the talk about love, this happens to every hapless lover whose love is unrequited. We will never find peace until we seek God's love alone. Anything else will bring us torment. No matter how many times this is said, few people will listen.


Rasa Von Werder
February 16, 2005




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