FEBRUARY 17, 2005

Dinner Party
Judy Chicago


Glory, glory, Hallelujah! The most wonderful dream this morning explained to me that my suffering has borne fruit. I knew it would, and said so. But it resulted in a grace I did not imagine. God gave a woman who was apparently dying, the grace of repentance so she would not go to Hell!

My dreams are almost always symbolic rather than literal, so interpretation is the key. Some mystics see things AS THEY ARE. For instance, Maria Simma actually sees the soul from Purgatory appear to her and speak to her. They look just as they were in real life. But my communication system is in dreams (most of the time) and it takes another gift, the gift of interpretation, to discern what they mean.

In my dream, I go to a Catholic church, and to my surprise, they are showing a movie of the life of a woman - a very evil woman. I sit down and watch this woman pretend to be a respectable, normal person. She is up in years and has children all around her, whose hands she is holding, laughing with them as she walks outside somewhere. Everyone thinks she is wonderful. Her hair is a gray/blonde.

But then I see the reality, and it is ferocious. I see implements of torture that she uses on children. I see handcuffs with hooks, or points, where something tells me she hooks the children on these points and hangs them up. Then I see where one child is buried under floorboards. The evil woman goes by there to hear if there is any noise inside, in case whoever is in there is moving. She hears nothing even after she taps on the floorboards. The floorboards are on top of a sort of wooden stage, and the end of the stage seems to me like it might be some sort of an altar with flowers. (This shows great hypocrisy, to hide evil under the guise of good.)

But another woman goes to those floorboards and hoists them up, and while she is holding them up, a small child looks underneath to see if there is anything there. Finally it is discerned that there is a creature in there, completely covered in blood. First it looked like a mound of sand, then a body of a chicken, all feathers plucked, moving it's little wings.

Finally, it becomes a small pig, and revives, and comes out and walks away with the little girl. It is completely covered with blood, every bit of it, but it will survive. (I sense this is not a pig but a child...have not yet figured out why the symbols of chicken, pig. The creature completely covered in blood shows injury rather than normal birth, as I have already guessed this is about abortion.)

Then I am standing in the lobby of the church, and am shocked to see, across from me, the evil woman, only when she was younger. She is tall, thin, has dark hair and wears a black dress. She stands facing the altar of the church, but is looking right at me, turning her head to the right. Her face looks Semitic. I look at her and we lock eyes, and while we stare at each other I feel her horrible evil. I discern she is demonic.

She stares at me with a sinister and cynical sneer. I then call the names of Jesus and Mary. The moment I do this, she is kneeling by my lap, her head down, and I am sitting. I then begin an exorcism,

"Let God arise!".....(See exorcism under "How to Build a Church.)

When I have completed the exorcism, two attendants come and each takes her by the arms and leads her away to prison, out of the church.

I was shocked that someone so evil was just standing there without any police guarding her.

Interpretation: I feel this woman - the most logical guess - was a kitchen-table abortionist. She did this in her younger years (the way she appears to me in person) but it was secret. She has done her evil secretly, and has enjoyed a reputation as a decent, normal woman. (There is a chance she was a child-torturer and murderer, but I find this to be far fetched.) The handcuff-hook seems to me could be a symbol of a tool used to go up to the womb, injure the child and pull it out.

(This dream shows the extreme evil of abortion...the fact that professional doctors do it legally does not make them any better than this woman, it seems to me!)

What happens is that God permits this woman and myself to make contact, and through my calling on Jesus and Mary and then doing the exorcism, this woman repents of her evil. The demon or demons leave her. She is then taken by angels to Purgatory instead of Hell! What a wonderful grace God has given her and me! I am now so grateful for the suffering, and it seems so small in comparison to the grace received! Three days of misery as compared to a person spending eternity in Hell is very little. But not only is Hell avoided, this person will now be in Heaven forever, (after paying her debt.)

Thank you Jesus, Mary, all the saints and angels! Thank you Holy Mother God!


Rasa Von Werder
February 17, 2005




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