FEBRUARY 18, 2005

Thank you for wishing to contact me on the Woman Thou Art God Site. I'd like to explain the kind of letters that are welcome, and those that are not. The kind that are NOT welcome are men who address me as a beautiful woman, seeing me as a physical person they would like to possess, get to know. I am not your future girlfriend; I am your guru, if you are capable of learning. Please do not send me any "fan mail" type communications.

About women or men who need therapy: You may send me one e-mail, asking for prayer, and that will be it. I will pray, and you will receive whatever I have to give. In the past, I have gotten inveigled with persons needing help, who caught me into their quagmire, so to speak, and pulled me down into the pit they are in. That is not going to help me, or you. I have to remain as I am, a person vertically linked with God, in a place of peace, love and serenity. I can send you the Light that God has given me, but no more. I cannot sit here hours a day e-mailing people back any more, responding to their day to day pains, caused by years of incorrect living, delusional thinking, poor decisions and addictive behavior. For this, you need a therapist or friend. The therapist is paid, the friend hopefully receives some benefits from you.

What I have to give you is on the site. Are you reading the articles? I suspect that most of the people e-mailing me are glancing at the titles of the articles and looking at the photos, but few, if any, are thoughtfully reading the articles and trying to take their advice. If people would only do so, they would have what they need to improve their lives.

I have spent a lifetime of self-discipline and sacrifice...have you? This site is the culmination of my work. I am putting my time, energy and money into this - all that I have. Now I get e-mails where this isn't enough. They just glance at the articles, and e-mail me their entire life story, asking me to get involved with their pains, and NOT EVEN LISTENING TO THE ADVICE I GIVE THEM!

These people, so far, who want help have not done one iota for the Church, nor I suspect, do they ever intend to do anything for the Church. They are simply engrossed in their problems and simply put - want to use someone for help. May I remind you that in a yoga ashram Prasad is given. Everyone who arrives brings a gift, however small, and puts it on the table. They bring food, flowers, beautiful cloth, perfume and incense, and other such articles, which are distributed by the guru to the needy and to the friends of the ashram. So far, on this site, not one person writing for help has contributed one iota of anything. Not a single person has bought an audio tape (from which they could learn more) or offered to promote the site.

I am drawing the line here and explaining to you who I am. What I am here for, to you, is to help you get closer to God, to reach your self-realization or sainthood. Some of you are far from that, some closer. If you are so far from God that you do not even read my articles, you have no business writing to me, asking questions, or arguing with me. If you have read the articles, meditated on them and even practiced what they preach, then your thoughtful, respectful letters are welcome.

I have a full-time ministry. In this realm my number one clients are the Souls in Purgatory. The second priority is saving souls from Hell. The third priority is this - reaching the living with the truth, and helping them attain Union with God. The entire world is filled with information of how you can get closer to God, and so, I am not your only hope. (Check out the book on the saints, and on mystical theology from the Catholic Church.) But in Purgatory, few people reach them. That is why they are number one. On the second issue, I am a mystic/contemplative, and it takes that sort of a person to run these types of ministries. Few people have my Gifts. I am afraid some of these Gifts are being wasted on the public, like giving Pearls to the Swine. I am going to be extremely selective, from now on, on who I get involved with from this site.

Remember - I am your guru. I have given you a site, from which you can learn for free. Read and learn, and pray. Do what the articles tell you regarding prayer and mystical union. Then, in the right frame of mind and attitude, write me.


Rasa Von Werder
February 18, 2005




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