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Rasa's special words to Exclusive_Focus on Yahoo


Dearest Spiritual Sons, Daughters, Sisters, Brothers and Spiritual Lovers,


As in all walks of life, nothing is achieved without some effort and diligence. Keeping the yahoo groups going is no exception.


Recently, a couple people on Exclusive_Focus complained on the group 'help me keep this group alive,' and this was said in general to the group and to each other, but not to myself, who is the resident Guru. As the living Guru of the group it is myself who should be addressed, and the group is not 'dying' due to lack of effort on my part. I am doing all I can! As well as posting here I am also sending out the address of this group to HUNDREDS of groups.


I have done my share on all the groups, posting daily, answering all e mails addressed to me. I have written articles almost daily and posted them, as well as posted links to our articles. I work all day on keeping everything alive, and none of my groups are inactive although sometimes my posts are the only ones there. Since I own a dozen groups, and am honored at EX as its icon, this takes a lot of work and I enjoy it.


The only thing lacking is PARTICIPATION OF THE MEMBERS ON SOME GROUPS. Now in the case of Exclusive Focus, we have a few people posting regularly who basically are cut and pasting snips from lectures, sermons and teachings elsewhere. That is well and good. This is also being done on many of my groups by regulars who have their own favorite gurus to push, or their own favorite theology or books. (Prakki Surya keeps many groups busy for his Guru!) I am not against this, but....... what is missing is addressing the resident, Living Guru, and asking for THE LIVING WATER, the WORDS OF LIFE, the WORDS THAT CARRY WITH THEM THE GRACE AND POWER OF THE ANOINTING.


The entire net is filled with folks who are taking pieces of teachings, and Ex F is no exception. We have Samahita here giving us Buddhism, we have Errol giving his offerings, and now we have Grandmother. I am not sure who this person is, as the yahoo ID was created February 15, and that is the day s/he started posting regularly on Ex F. Well and good, but does Grandmother know we have a Living Guru here? Has Grandmother addressed the Living Guru and honored her presence? It seems bad protocol to just start posting the teachings of others - most of whom are dead - when the DESIGNATED GURU is waiting to give us the LIVING WATER OF GRACE. A special man named Alton changed this group and it has the IMAGE and TRIBUTE To Rasa. It is not an image and tribute to another guru, but to Rasa herself. This man had his reasons for honoring Rasa. Now shall someone else change the exclusive focus of this group from Rasa, ignore her, and only speak of others? Does that make sense to anyone here? Let us note that THOSE OTHERS CANNOT ANSWER: THEY ARE NOT HERE. THEY ARE EITHER DEAD OR NOT MEMBERS OF THIS GROUP. Therefore, why feature the teachings of them who are not here, and ignore the teachings and presence of SHE OF GOD WHO IS HERE? Can anyone answer this with any logic? It also occurs to me that I am here as a servant, yet I have no privileges. I am not a moderator, so I can't delete anyone or anything, and what goes on here is not under my control. This has happened before at another group, dedicated to myself and my devotees. After nearly a year, the owner finally changed me to owner. I felt he was 'using' me in a sense, as I had to work to keep the group alive, (he did nothing after forming the group) but people could put annoying messages I could not even delete. After all, it takes little to start a yahoo group (my webman said it takes a trained monkey!) - anyone can do it and it is free. It is the work put into it that makes it alive, and I am doing the work! To do the work and then, not even being able to moderate the group where one is honored at, seems like a strange dichotomy to me. There is honor, but there is no moderation authority given to the one honored? Truly a contradiction in terms? I honor, worship, praise you, but you cannot do anything about the situation here. Just stay here and work but have no power over the premises.


Please let me add that I AM A SERVANT HERE, SO LET ME SERVE. I cannot serve if no one avails themselves of my teachings and my words! Wouldn't it be logical if the members here addressed me, instead of searching the world wide web for answers, and asked me questions? After all, that is what I am here for.


I do not have to be here. I can leave. I am here because Alton, Fleming, Jen, Maureen, Errol and others all honored me here. So I am present for the devotees and members, to serve them. I could be out somewhere doing something else. If I am not needed, truly, my talents can be put to use in another capacity.


I do recall when I started Tasting Sugar, Dualism vs NonDualism, Swami G was the Living NonDuality Satguru. She gave a few writings, and after a while, people stopped asking her questions. To my sorrow, she then left the group, and the group suffered from her departure. The Living Guru is all-important to the group. Taking bits and pieces of writings are taking what is dead - what is on paper - and mulling over them. They are second rate compared to the words of life as coming from a Living Guru.


And so, my conclusion is, that if you want to keep this or any Guru Group alive, you have to participate with the Living Guru. Taken articles off the web and posting them constantly does not make the group ALIVE. I belong to many, and there are Vedanta, Buddhist and nonduality groups which every day, put writings after writings. There is little, if any, conversation. It is basically a reading service. This is not darshan and satsang, then. Darshan being fellowship, and satsang being speaking with the guru.

And if no one wants to speak with me here, but wants to keep the group 'alive' by posting writings of other gurus or snippets from books or their own sermons, then, what is my purpose here? Shall I then just move on and hope to find a place where they will appreciate me? And I can leave you to your postings off the web and not waste my precious time!



Infinite Love,

Rasa Von Werder
February 20, 2006





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