The war on 'Sarlo Ratings' is a war on two fronts. One is their behavior. They are cruel men, doleing out punishment to great and holy souls. But there is another matter. It is the base of their cruelty, perhaps; their dark and underdeveloped relationship with God.


What they have is a type of advaita, or nondualism. I got my hint from dear sister Kathleen. Kathleen has been reading Sarlo Guru Ratings for years, and informed me,


'He thinks Advaita (nondualist) gurus are superior to all others, and he always rates dualistic gurus lower.'


Aha! I had been reading the Guru Ratings group letters for a couple weeks and of course they spoke a lot about it, but I didn't get the picture till Kathleen spoke. Now analyzing the hundreds of posts I had read, and judging their behavior, a vision came into my head.


This vision told me what was wrong with these men and why they were 'unfinished business' or 'unripe' souls. (Of course cruelty does not always follow in the face of being unripe, the source of their violence may be a complicated issue, but certainly being unripe does not help.)


These 'advaita' men (Sarlo, Bruce Morgen, Jody, some others) are mentally developed and speak of spiritual things, but they can't do the things of which they speak. They are all mind and no heart, big intellectual heads and miniscule lovers.


Now education a saint doth not make. It is love. They speak of love, but where is it?


Here is what is wrong with their version of advaita. Advaita is nonduality. The yogis have no corner on it. In Christianity it is called Union with God. My beloved and I become one, He is me, I am He. We become Christs ON THE CROSS, we become God by SACRIFICIAL love.


Now these guys have it all wrong. They think they can think, meditate and imagine their way into God. They have missed the boat. How have they missed it and why?


I suspect, that they don't want to suffer. The path of love - which is the only path, by the way (have heard there is another, there is not.....there is a path that is parallel with love, but it is also love, will explain elsewhere) requires much suffering. This is why most people don't make it. This is why they stop along the way and go stale. Each transition to a higher level, until union is reached, requires giving up and a spirit of sacrifice.


Now advaita is a wonderful thing. It is a true thing. They talk of it - don't have it. To prove, amazingly, that they don't really want to have it is that the great advaitist - Swami G - came to them in person, and they stoned her. How did they stone her? With words. They beat her up with their tongue bats and drove her away, without getting the benefit of what she was teaching. They want an advaita God? No, they'd rather stay in the strange fantasy world of,


'All is God....I am God....he is God...all is the play of dog's ass is God.'


Jody actually has a photo of his dog's ass on Guru Ratings, and often says his dog's ass is the same as a diety. So much for the understanding of God. A bit twisted, eh? This is how these men talk - blowing air which to God would sound like blasphemy, if God took them seriously.


Now they also speak of Kali, the Mother - the Hindu version of the Feminine Divine. Mother Kali they wouldn't recognize if she walked up to them and tapped them on the shoulder. Who are you? They would say. We don't know you. Such has happened. They stoned her, also.

Saint Amma, the Hugging Saint, finds no room at the Inn with these guys. Everything around her is a circus, they say. Can't bow to her because of the chaos. Can't they see the chaos is in their minds and hearts? Can't they see why they always find excuses not to worship God?


There can be no advaita without the bended knee. First, submission. Then grace. You have to have guru's grace, Jesus's grace, Amma's grace, then God. The dry advaitists may wait for God 20-30 years and nothing happens, while a fervent devotee at the feet of the guru gets transported in days. These guys don't want to bend, or sit at the feet, or submit. Something is wrong with them.


I had a dream. Yes, I had dreams about them. One of the dreams was this:


I saw a child, so forlorn. His Dad didn't love him. He was empty and desolate because of this.


Then I saw a bunch of silverware, like lots of spoons, forks and knifes. They had something to do with the child. I hugged the silverware, as if hugging the child, feeling so sad for the poor child.


What was this all about? What do you do with silverware? You use them to eat. They are TOOLS for nourishment. Now, say you have no tools. Say you cannot eat. Then you stay hungry. The dream was
telling me - this child cannot eat, cannot receive spiritual nourishment, because he has no tools. His trauma, his wound of being unloved, rejected, has made him incapable of receiving.


Does this not sound like these men? I only had this dream today. These men, who were unloved, are missing this: THE ABILITY TO RECEIVE FROM THE GURU.


Now to 'Juicy Lucy.' She is the symbol of the guru, the Feminine Divine, Jesus, Mary, all the saints. She is filled with nourishment, love, nectar, juice. (In the late 80's, also, they traced back all the DNA of mankind back to one woman, and called her Lucy.)


What these guys need is to become little babes, to suckle at the breast of Mother. They need the guru. They need the love, they need the Juice.


It seems to me that their rage (Jody, Bruce Morgen, Danny, even Sarlo) against gurus is this inability to receive. When I see it this way I do feel pity.


But a Mother I cannot afford to be right now. I must fight a war. This is how it must be. They must be broken before they become babes again and receive the nourishing milk of Juicy Lucy.



Rasa Von Werder
January 10, 2006








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