MARCH 17, 2005



If you have been following my letters and sadhana, you know my mind is on change and on yoga. I want to make myself available to meeting the public and that includes public "worship" in the way of yoga, in the righteous manner of guru-worship where the guru is not seen as a mortal, but the embodiment of God. This is of course for the purpose of linking to the guru and then ascending to God by that method.

I've been thinking of ashrams/churches/temples/ costumes/garlands/arati/ swamis/devotees/where to move to and what kind of building/what to preach etc. etc. etc. Have been discussing it with Ihnot and my juices are flowing. Ihnot as I told you before is familiar with some yoga institutions and leaders and is filling me in on what they do. I am not copying anyone; but just knowing what is out there structurally helps me get my mind into focus. If this is what is out there, what are the dimensions of what I must do? I am not going to be like anyone else, but what will I and our Church be like?

This morning Nityananda/God spoke to me in a dream:


MARCH 17, 2005 DREAM



I am in a large Catholic Church, anticipating Mass, and it is filling up. (Will not give every detail because that would take an hour with my dreams!) In my pew I am separating a male & female who want to talk, and when I realize they are a couple, I excuse myself and let them move closer together and look for another seat. I meet a woman who is holding a plant in her hand as a gift for someone, and later, I meet that same woman outside with another plant with pink leaves she's going to take to someone in the hospital.

Here is the unusual thing: In the middle aisle of this large Church is an oak tree. You'd think it could not grow here inside a building, but it is because when I look at the ceiling, there's about a sixty- foot glass dome. It's about sixty feet long and twenty or thirty feet wide, and it is translucent with light green and blue clouds on the glass. This brings just enough light for this oak tree to grow, along with the other light coming into the church. The tree is about 15-20 feet tall, with thick branches outspread and it is in a holder I cannot see, but I imagine a very large wooden pot. What is most striking is the fruit of this tree, which is green grapes of various sizes. Some are as big as plums, some like grapes. I stare and stare at the tree, and then it is gone. Mentally I hear someone say they took it out, like it was in the way, right there in the middle of the aisle. The woman with the plant tells me I am weird to think I saw it there, because it is not there. I insist I saw it there moments ago but it is gone.




The oak tree is Jesus Christ, who is no longer in the Catholic Church. (It strikes me that the sound of "oak" is similar to "Aum" or "Om" in yoga which means God.) They took Him out! Why did they take Him out? He was in their way! What is the Catholic Church today? It is a dead institution, without Jesus, without God.

The Grapes: Grapes are a symbol of wine. Wine is a symbol of the Blood of Jesus, shed in the Passion, to pay for our sins and unite us in the Blessed Sacrament. This is union with Jesus. Why green, not purple? Because it's St. Paddy's day? Because it is about RIGHT NOW, NOT LONG AGO, WHICH WOULD BE THE COLOR OF WINE. It is right now they have taken the GREEN, LIVING CHRIST out of the church. Remember how Jesus warned the women, to cry for themselves and their children, because when they do this when the wood is GREEN, what will they do when it is dead? That means this living oak is green, it is alive, and yet, they remove the LIVING GOD, JESUS, from the church.

Here it shows that male and female have been separated. I see that, and I make way for them to come closer. This is what the Catholic Church has done. They are a power-hungry male trip, almost all homosexuals, and separating male and female is part of their game. They are now all form, all ritual and ceremony, with no Spirit! How could Jesus Christ, who is Love, Truth and Light, be here? Where would He be? He is not in the hearts and minds of the priests, or the magisterium, or the hierarchy. They have pushed Him out for form, power, resources. These are materialistic, perverted men, who are seeking flesh and matter, not God. This is what God is telling me, not all of which is explicit in the dream.

The fruit of the oak is also the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, God:

"I am the vine, you are the branches"

means that when we join up with Jesus, we are all One in the fellowship of God. But if they take out the oak and the fruit of the oak, what is left? Empty form of the homosexual priesthood, bent on separating male and female.

(I will interpret the rest of the dream later, as it will take time to figure out who this women is with the plant and other symbols I've not mentioned)




I had two dreams before, where I saw Jesus outside of the Catholic Church, calling me to leave and follow Him. In one of these, He was with Mary at His side.

Lest you think that Jesus is in the Protestant Church, think again. Jesus endorsed my view of the Holy Trinity by worshipping a picture of Nature, where to us, the Second Person is Creation. Jesus was saying no to the exclusive worship of Him as the ONLY representation of God, and He was endorsing our view of God which is consistent with yoga.

What was Jesus teaching? Why is it NOT what the Protestants are teaching? Why is it yoga? First, the Protestants.

The Protestants carry the same cult of Jesus that the Catholic Church has, except they do not discriminate as much against women. Let us call the Christian Church the "Cult of Jesus" and see where that's good or bad.

What is good, is that Jesus was, indeed, teaching the worship of guru as God, and identification with the guru brings us to God. We join up with the guru, the guru links us to God and bingo, we are there. Jesus said,

"If you have seen me, you have seen the Father."

"I and the Father are One."

But was He saying He was the only embodiment of God? When He said He was "the Way, the Truth and the Life, No one comes to the Father but by me" did He mean HIS WAY WAS THE WAY OR HE PERSONALLY WAS THE ONLY WAY? We believe is HIS WAY that is the only way, and His Truth is the Truth, and His way is the way yoga teaches, not the way "Christianity" teaches.

Where Christians have gone wrong is that they have assigned to Jesus an equal, exclusive place with God, where no other person, no saint, no avatar, no incarnation, has any place equal to His. He is the one and only incarnation of God, embodiment of God, and He and God are One and no one else is One in the way that Jesus is one. Jesus created the world, Jesus created Mary so He could be born through Her, etc. Fundamentalists believe that you cannot be saved unless you confess the name of Jesus Christ, that He is the one and only Savior.

This is a fanatical misrepresentation of what Jesus taught. Jesus taught nothing more and nothing less than every great yogi who ever lived has taught. He probably went to India during his "missing years" from age twelve to thirty. There is evidence of Him in Tibet - see the Vedanta Press books on this. Jesus learned, and taught and healed in India before He returned to the Jews to teach yoga!

And this - the real message of Jesus - is what we are teaching in "Woman Thou Art God." It is Jesus' true message. It is yoga as taught by Jesus; Christian yoga or Jesus' yoga and all other yoga. Then what exactly is the message of yoga and Jesus?

I was never fully aware of what Jesus was teaching till I did a serious study of Siddha yoga. Any great yoga would do, but Siddha yoga, as taught by Muktananda, really brought it home to me. Read my pages on Muktananda, and then, Nityananda and you will understand.

Every word, accurately recorded, that Jesus said, blends perfectly with yoga. The guru identification, the Oneness, the God Within, the greatness of each individual, the blessedness of those who are poor and meek - all this was taught in yoga before Jesus. It was not taught in the Hebrew religion at all - yoga was way beyond that.

Besides that, Jesus went directly against the Hebrews in His view of women, walking with three women daily: His Holy Mother Mary, Mary Cleophas (his cousin) and Mary Magdalene, his chief Apostle and possibly wife. Women, starting with wealthy Mary Magdalene but including the wife of the chief steward of Herod, and hundreds of other women, were the main supporters of Jesus' mission. They bankrolled Jesus walking with the guys ministering, and took care of them in a series of houses along the entire route of Galilee. In this, Jesus went 100% against the way of the Hebrews and defied all their laws and customs. But he was totally in concert with yoga, which stresses that we are neither male nor female to God, and any female, including a prostitute, can find self-realization as easily as a man can. (Read the story of the prostitute, Kamepatra, who walked with the Siddha saints, who had become self realized while in that profession, and the story of the holy prostitute who went to Heaven as opposed to the hypocritical monk who went to Hell.) Jesus was not against women. He walked and talked with them daily, received their alms and their love, confided in Magdalene as His most intimate ally, and generally approved of women totally.

What the "Christian" religion, both Catholic and Protestant have done, is twisted Jesus' mission and words to suit their own purposes, which are self-aggrandizement and male supremacy. The Catholics have been especially heinous, now degraded to the lowest point a human can reach - that of preying on little children. All their evil has been leading up to this, falling lower and lower in their sin. First, sexism and hatred of women. Then homosexuality and breaking of their vows. Then materialism and serving the flesh. And finally, they have reached the zenith of their Hell - abusing children. The world accepted their shenanigans for a long time...

"Poor homos...let them play in the Catholic Church...who else would want the job? Let's look the other way, while these prancing, dancing eye-rolling sissies sport with one another. Who cares if they're popping each other in the can?..."

Ah, but there you have the source of their depravity. When one type of sin gets overlooked, they sink deeper and deeper into filth. First of all, pedophilia has been going on since the men took over. We are just becoming aware of how prevalent it is now, and perhaps it has gotten worse. The world has gotten worse, and the Catholic Church has gotten to the lowest it has ever been. What started out wrong has become desperately wrong.

The Protestants are not far behind. A study of hundreds of hours of "Trinity" has led me to believe they worship the Prosperity Principle.

"If Jesus hasn't given you a jet plane yet, your faith is lacking...if your fellow minister's jet plane is bigger than yours - his faith has been greater."

This is far afield of the yoga Jesus taught and the Beatitudes.

"Blessed are the poor, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven"

Indeed, the Protestant Prosperity preachers have turned it into the opposite,

"Blessed are the rich, for their faith for wealth has been the greatest."

So there we move on to our theology. It is yoga, and it is Jesus. Jesus taught yoga, Jesus taught Beatitudes. Jesus taught God is within. Jesus taught self realization. Jesus taught equality of consciousness, that God loves all equally, even the tiniest animal. Jesus taught against discrimination and sexism. Jesus taught the greatness of women, and chose women as chief apostles.

Jesus did not teach sexism, Patriarchy, misogyny, male supremacy, might makes right and the man with the biggest jet plane wins....none of the above.

Let us teach what Jesus taught!

Let us teach yoga! We will begin with right teachings and we will also have the understanding that Jesus was not the only messenger of God!

We will explore all the different apparitions of God in the flesh, including many saints and avatars. We will offer a fresh approach to Jesus and marry the two religions, and show this is right and how it is right. Everything Christians say in the cult of Jesus is good, except that it extends to all the saints and avatars! Let us begin the work of salvation!


Rasa Von Werder
March 17, 2005




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