MARCH 25, 2005


Street Light
Giacomo Balla


I like the idea of a yearly parade, as I said. In a cosmopolitan area, like Los Angeles (this is projected, we're not there yet!) there will be complications, and they might not give permits for the main thoroughfares. Traffic is bad as it is. We may have to go by some back areas or areas not so well trafficked, but so be it. It would be better, actually, because we'd have more freedom to go slow, and demonstrate our floats and what they mean. And somehow, we have to convey who we are. The press would all be invited, and if we have sensational floats we'd get all kinds of coverage including tv, newspapers and magazines, ALL OVER THE WORLD. How would we be different? For one thing, I never heard of a "yoga" parade, and I think the costumes and decorations would be sensational, as well as the devotees wearing the costumes. Even those who are just working that day, not performing, would be dressed up, some painted in blue, many wearing garlands. We'd explain to onlookers that being a "blue person" means being totally in the consciousness of God. Think of the people that we'd make an impression on who would never forget what they saw. IMAGES LEAVE IMPRINTS ON THE MINDS OF PEOPLE. Think of the children who'd see ideas like this performed in front of them, and when they got older, looking for the meaning of these memories, would find Truth.

In the event that our floats would not be allowed on the streets anywhere within a reasonable distance of thoroughfares, we could find parking lots or empty spaces where we could set up A WEEKEND OF FLOATS AND PREACHING! In fact, even if we are permitted to ride down the avenues, we could end up in such a place for days of celebration and worship. It would bring great business to the area we'd be at, like a fair. Nobody said any of this would be easy. It would take lots of work and time, but it would be worth it.

One of the unusual floats we'd have would be the woman on the cross. See gallery "Woman Thou Art Grace," with the self crucifixion of Kiki Love. Something like that, and I'd volunteer to be the woman part of the time. We'd need a few, as nobody could be on the cross all day! There would be armholes to slip your arms into and a stand to stand on, not hang, but we'd put blood streaming all over her white loincloth and bra, and a terrible looking crown of thorns. People would be aghast at a woman crucified and we'd have to answer lots of questions, which is good.

Another vision I have is the work of preaching on the street. I have seen street preaching and done it, and know how hard it is, but it's also effective. I'd send people two by two - preferably male and female (because male touches women better and woman touches men better...albeit with heterosexuals.) OK, whoever is available. I would never send anyone alone unless she has inch-thick skin and an extra set of balls. It is an adversarial arena of work, it brings out conflicts, dangers and demons.

The way I did it certainly was aggressive. I carried, would you believe, a bullhorn, filled with tons of batteries, where as I preached they could hear me half a block away. You can imagine the angry people, shopkeepers who hated me, demonic retarded crazy kids chasing me, people who didn't want to forgive threatening me, psychotics saying they'd push me into cars, and a various assortment of devil worshippers. About one out of twenty said they worshipped "darkness" Satan, and about one out of twenty was a born-again type who encouraged me to go ahead and keep going, but didn't want to help. A couple guys walked with me for a while, but gave up when they saw the pain was great, with no tangible reward. One I call "the cookie guy." He'd always stop me and tell me what was what, and about a Church I should join as they'd love me...I asked him to help, and he said the first time I saw him God told him he'd save a MILLION people, and the second time I saw him he said it was a BILLION people. But he was in a hurry. The busy man (fifty pounds or so overweight) hurried to get his COOKIES across the street, and sped away with his boyfriend as I sweated it out on the pavement. A few made appointments to help, but weren't there when I arrived. Police were called and stopped me twice. Once I started a riot in front of the High School, and police asked me not to preach there again! Then there were the ramblers. These were guys who wanted to ramble on about their philosophy, needs, ideas, religion, for like twenty minutes of my precious time, because it made them feel good. Obviously, they were not ready to listen or receive grace from me, they just wanted to vent. There were a few successes here and there, like girls who were afraid they were lost because they were gay. So many girls on the street were in despair, so many boys and men, as usual, filled with arrogance and an assumption of superiority over women!

In my imagination, I gloss over the bad and see the good of people two by two, handing out literature if permitted, and stopping and talking to all who will listen. You learn by doing. Maybe some of them could be dressed up as Hindu saints - that would cause a stir! Painted blue and other colors, wearing saris and garlands. What attention for God!

Right now there's a plethora of Catholic Churches for sale. The Roman Catholic Church is dead. Christ isn't in it! They've pushed Him out! Maybe we'll buy one of these Churches, and have daily Mass and our homilies which include yoga! I want to teach and ordain women and men to be Priests of the Holy Eucharist and also Confession. We could administer all the sacraments, and teach people to start churches in their own homes. (See my section on how to start a church in your home under Jesus, Mary, Christianity.) We could do baptism of babies and adults, and weddings. The whole nine yards. With a Catholic Church there is usually space in the Church for various activities. They have basements for meetings and feasts in all the old ones. Many have rectories, where some of our devotees can live.

I need a few close people to travel with me when I go on the road. I'll be in demand quite a bit for lectures (very important, especially to colleges), tv shows and the like. Say a big tv show in a city wants me. We get there a bit early or else do some homework as to all the news media there - magazines and papers. While I am doing the show, might as well get some extra press. What larks!

Hey, like is short. Let's do all the good we can while we're here!

My other fantasies are we have a wonderful pool and sauna facilities at the ashram, plus weight lifting and exercise equipment. I'm a fanatical body builder myself and everyone should be at least in cardio-shape. I'd like to have facilities for two of my favorite sports on the premises - basketball and ping pong. Maybe we'll add badminton, something I did a lot of as a child. In between all our hard work - say hours of labor - we go out and play. It isn't good for the mind and body to sit at a desk for hours on end, until you feel dreary. A short game of ping pong and laughter can make you feel better. A half hour in whirlpool and regular pool, even praying while you're in it as I do, would help. I always take a plastic rosary to my gym, and after lifting weights, say two or three rosaries. If people want to talk, I do talk with them, but manage to get my prayers in just fine.

These visualizations from my mind I give to you to affirm. I want you to meditate and dwell upon the good you want for our Church/Center/Ashram. What are your ideas? Have you been to any centers you like? What did you like about them? What would you improve or change? I know fellowship/Light/Love/ Togetherness/ Belonging/Support are the main things people want from an organization. But are we all on the same page? We have to be one in mind and heart in order to be one in harmony. If people are dissenting-disagreeing and causing havoc, they cannot be one of us. The leader and staff have to decide who belongs and who does not.

Those are a few points of prosperity thinking that go along with Catherine Ponder. (Her books are published by DeVorss Press.) This attitude I agree with - but prosperity that has deteriorated into materialism, elitism, and greed (and looking down on the poor) is not for me.

I'd like to make one more point. For things I want to CROSS OUT are the sex fantasies of men. I am about fed up, disgusted and sickened by the constant barrage of sex fantasies men have presented me all my life. Will you quit? Leave it alone! Your dick is your problem, not mine. When you guys enter my space I will not tolerate this sort of expression and I don't want it foisted on any other woman in the Ashram/Church. If you have a problem with sex and must have it, take care of it somewhere else. We do not want to hear your needs and fantasies, because they interfere with our spiritual thoughts and they are disgusting to those who are not interested. Save them for your wives, your girlfriends and your hand.

Those devotees who are closest to me, I expect them to eventually become celibate. I have already asked one man to quit having sex with other men - but he's still allowed to masturbate. He seems to be ready for this step, as he is passed middle age, but young in heart and healthy. We should all be productive into our 90's!

Start making lists and charts! Get positive about what you want! Be serious about God and God will be serious about you! Good Luck!


Rasa Von Werder
March 25, 2005





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