NOVEMBER 5, 2005



William Branham was a marvelous prophet/faith healer in the 50's. I learned of him from a fundamentalist preacher named Roberts Liardon; bought an hour long tape on his life.


William was a little boy in the hills of Kentucky, going to the well for water, when on his way back he heard a voice from a tree, and saw a Light. An angel spoke to him from the tree and told him he was chosen by God and never to consume hard liquor and lead a good life.



Many years later he went into the active ministry and did great prophecy and faith healing. I saw original footage from Liardon of his work, and it was marvelous. A little girl cured of Leukemia, a woman from cancer, etc. This angel stood over him in the form of a light, right behind his head. Everyone could see it. I saw photos.


He became exhausted and quit his ministry and went back into the woods to recover, but came back again. Later he started teaching, and Liardon said his teaching went awry, as he was not perfectly educated.


But the anointing is the anointing! As he lay after a car crash, dying, his last act was to heal his wife, dying next to him. She recovered, he was buried. The gift is for others.




Now there are more than one great female yogis emerging in our mainstream. The one I am most familiar with is Saint Amma, the hugger. I know who she is because she appeared to me and anointed me. Her power is absolutely sublime. We had incredible darshan. I gave her my spiritual support and she touched me, took me aside, and spoke to me in perfect English. She told me,


'You teach! You must teach! You teach!'

Her touch and hug was indescribable. I was euphoric for days. She gave me, in the spirit world, what people receive in person. I was lucky I did not have to go there in person, as it was impossible. Amma, in speaking to me in English, exhibited her Holy Spirit Gift called 'mission tongues.' This was well known in the old days. It enables a missionary to communicate with those of foreign languages. Her hug is not the hug of a relative. It is a sacrament - a transmission of Shakti or Holy Spirit. And oh, what she transmits is sublime!


Saint Amma touches thousands of people with her every visit. She transmits great spiritual power; healing and lifting people, and they are anointed and blissed out. Her presence is a touch of Mother for those who have none, or those who didn't get enough. In one moment, you have the presence of a Mother condensed, spiritualized and shot into you like a love drug. There are others, as I said, but I know Saint Amma 'personally.'

My advise to all of you here is to read, study and meditate on the lives of saints. The lives of saints, plus scripture of various religions, will do you more good than all the secular books in the world. The secular books take you to little or nowhere, they are a dead end. The lives of the saints edify and inspire, and show us the way, the truth and the life. God after the saints. I studied saints all my life and they are responsible for who I am today, a Guru who is anointed and can also do prophecy and faith healer, shaktipat and marvels. Study the lives of the saints of all religions!

NOVEMBER 5, 2005




AUGUST 03, 2005




Just last night an old friend, Gold, returned. We had had a "falling out" of sorts. Not that we hated each other, but I scolded him and he ran off.


Now Gold is a believer, strongly, in Matriarchy. But he was going about it the wrong way, I thought, and I did not like too much a project he was working on. But he liked it. To me, it wasn't spiritual enough and I wanted him to take the spiritual route, following me, rather than setting up a message board with fem/dom images. OK, femdom is not a sin, but it ain't spirituality. I yelled at him, saying this won't do, spirituality is the key, but he said this was something he had to do - it was just the way it was going to be. I did not want him to run off. What is interesting to me is that I've been asking/begging so many to help with the Church and they have failed. And yet, guys who I did not expect have come through. Gold was one of them. He's the guy that got me started on yahoo, by setting up Mothergod for me, and making me an owner. That got the ball rolling, and today, because of yahoo work I have done we are getting over 1,000 people daily at the Church. Two other men - associates, not devotees - also came through. Helmut Mestel started Rasadevotees (I don't even know the man!) and recently my friend from over a year ago, Brother Markos, set up two groups for Matriarchy, inspired by our talks.


This brings up another point. Who is a devotee? What is the role of a devotee and who are these guys who are not devotees, but are helping the Church? It is so neat and sweet that you have people who say they will do everything for you, and they do nothing, while those who make no claims, just friends, out of the clear blue, do things to help. I will call these doers "associates." Here is where Mothergod and the Eternal Universe provide.


This is the lesson I am learning, and there are lessons my devotees must learn. And so, I am in relationship with two kinds of men, those who I call devotees, and those who harbor no such title, but simply become helpers, and these I will call associates. When I analyze the difference, the devotees are separated only in their psychology, in that they want to have a relationship with me where I am the dominant person, the Guru. Whereas the associates believe in the cause first and foremost, that is, Matriarchy and Mothergod, and the relationship of "submission" to me is irrelevant. I think an adjustment should be made in both cases. My devotees should be more zealous for the cause, and the associates should understand that I AM THE LEADER.


Which brings me back to Gold.


I yelled at Gold for a number of things. One of them was he kept saying that I could be the prophet of the Great Female to come - the Female Messiah. That was a real whacker. What is a Messiah? The one the other cows knock over the barbed wire fence, and as she lays there, climb over her to get to the apple tree. This is how it works. I've been the Messiah for women before. You are nailed to the Cross after you have brought them to the Promised Land, nailed and used and swept aside when freedom comes. This is what I argued with Gold about, but he didn't believe me. He saw this "Female Messiah" as a young (much younger than me) and beautiful, sexy dominatrix, who also has brains. And somehow, by some miracle, "She" would usher in Matriarchy. Gold would work with such women, of whom he knew a few, and together, they could get the work done - or so he thought.


Gold, with a fake name and identity (I myself do not even know his real name or number!) was ready to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. He left me, with my style of leadership, and went his direction for six months with the women who said they could do it. No matter what I had told him about the anointing, and the power of God being the important ingredient, he had to find out for himself. I do admit that I have tough ways. I yell and scream at the men. But the world drives you to it. You'll scream or go mad. You work your fingers to the bone and they laugh, and pick on you, and target you and not only do they (people) not give help, but they try to stop you from the progress you want to make. Yes, I yell and scream. And if that scares you, then Jesus would scare you, also.

So would most of the Saints.


Almost six months went by. I e mailed Gold a couple times, but he didn't answer. I was real sad about it. He says he never got those e mails. Then one day, I e mailed him again, recently, and he called. He told me an amazing story.


He had been so used up and frustrated by trying to work with women, he had fallen flat on his face. He that day was about to make a decision to turn his back on the fight for Matriarchy. Just walk away. Then he got my e mail, and it made him start all over again. I said to him,


"Didn't I tell you that you cannot work with women?"

(He didn't believe me.)


"They will leave you black and blue and bloody. They do not, can not work for themselves, (lest they are chosen by God)...they are afraid and they are selfish...they work for the bottom line, survival and safety...whatever you think of them, whatever they say, they will not fight for the cause...they will wait for a brave powerful woman, like myself, to take all the risks, all the shots, and after I have done the work together with my men, and succeeded, then they will join in. They, you think are so magnificent and powerful because they are young, beautiful, and sexy. They don't have the power on the inside. They have not the anointing. I have the anointing, which is the power of God. Gold, help me, I had said to him. It has to be done in a spiritual way, not the femdom way. He didn't believe me. He worked with them, they destroyed all his hopes and his plans. They let him down totally, just as I said they would. I told him, the work will be done (for Matriarchy) by me and the men who help me. And we must do it without expecting a reward. That is the difference between myself and the others out there. To be the woman chosen by God one has to be self-sacrificing, not selfish. One must be dead-to-self and obedient to God, not vain and proud. One must be zealous and focused on God and Cause, not lazy and centered on personal survival. And that is why God chose me for the cause, to empower me WITH GOD'S POWER, BECAUSE I WORK FOR GOD, NOT FOR MYSELF. That is the single, distinct, absolute difference between myself and most other people who seem to be involved with Matriarchy/female empowerment - God showed me this in a dream. While most people are looking for fame and fortune, recognition, a self- sacrificing soul stands out. That soul works not for self, selfishness, survival, personality or personal interest. That person surrenders to God and is willing to do whatever it takes no matter how much the suffering is, and no matter the fact that there will be no recognition. And that is the one chosen by God. That is the person you should set your standard on and go with her, because with the others you will come to a dead end. Those who work for world and flesh will not get this to where it has to go. This is determined by God. It cannot be done for any reason but by obedience to God. Look to the spirituality of the persons you serve in this cause. Where is their allegiance, their love? What are they looking for? Look at their heart, their mind, their spiritual goals. That is where you'll find where they are at. If they are deficient in those areas, be they called Matriarchs or dominants or whatever, then they fall short of what is needed. Anyone can put up a shingle called "dominance" and reap the paltry rewards of the world. But "dominance" is but a small pitiful fraction of Matriarchy, just a slim shadow of it. Most of Matriarchy is responsibility, self- sacrifice, suffering, hard decisions, planning, discipline and virtue. If you think any other way, God will prove you wrong.


Now, on another note, I was told by a couple people,

"Your style of work is all very well and good, but I have to work for a living....or...."she has to work for a living, she is not independent as you are."


This was said to me by a female and a male, as a sort of rebuke, like they would do what I am doing if they had the means. Hey, don't fool yourself. First of all, before I had the means, since my middle twenties, I was working for God. When I was poor I worked for God. When I was rich, I worked for God. In between, I worked for God. I had a tv show, twice, in Manhattan, for God. No money in it. I had a storefront Church, which I supported, for God. I walked the streets preaching for God. I went on tv shows for God, did publicity for God. For many years, before I retired and started the Church on the Internet, I worked for God. So what are you talking about? These women, who are working for a living are doing exactly what I did, but they are not working for God. Why are you making this distinction, "I have to" or "She has to work for a living?"

The only difference in my work now is that I can dedicate not part time, but full time to the Church, and it is still all me supporting it. And get this, when I was working I also gave hefty sums of money for Masses for the Souls in Purgatory, sometimes 25% of my income when I worked. Do you know any other woman who does that?


Putting this aside we return to God. What did he do for six months? He started that project I told you about, the femdom blog group. Now he was excited about another project he wanted to promote, and he insisted I get onto the blog environment and start talking to all the young women. He went on and on about this. I believe in the cause he spoke of, and I told him I would put it on my site if he wrote it up, and on my groups. But right now I was knee deep in joining yahoo groups and posting my articles. I was doing this every day. But he insists, insists I go to these Journal Blog groups, and do likewise. I told him, there isn't enough time in the day for me to do all this! Then I asked him again,


"Will you help me build the Church?"


And he says the classic, like so many others have said to me,




'GOLD, THAT'S WHAT THEY ALL SAY! WHY DON'T YOU JUST SIMPLY DO EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE TELLING ME TO DO?....After all, you are involved with these groups. One group not a summer makes. You have to maybe have one, but you have to join and post on hundreds. Since this is your area of expertise and interest, this is what you do for the Church. I have all the articles available, you or I can write a short intro., and away you go."


Now what Gold had to understand - which was hard to take - was that he could get farther ahead by working under me, helping the Church, than without me. When he went on his own, it came to naught. The same happened to Brother Markos. We had talked for many hours about the cause. Then we went our separate ways, he saying he'd get things done in his own area, and I started the Church. Check back one year later, and Brother has not made an impact. Once again, I ask him to help and he starts. Then I tell him about a new project he is doing - make sure it is under the banner of the Church, because if it is not, I will not continue supporting him. Now that makes it clear. Maybe he didn't care for that too much and it hurt his pride. And in the last letter, he said he was too busy to work on the project. Maybe he'll get to it, maybe he's mad.....


And there's the rub. All these guys - whoever they are - say they believe in Matriarchy, female empowerment, female superiority and dominance. But when I assert my dominance and give not an order but a strong suggestion - away they go! Scatter to the four winds! So what are we dealing with here? Who is leading who? If you believe in Matriarchy, why don't you obey the Matriarch? Or will you, the male, run the Matriarchy?


So I think Gold has decided to work with the Church because he finally has come to his senses and seen the wisdom of it. Ponder this - how can a single man, working alone, start Matriarchy? Doesn't it make sense that each man and as many men as possible, join a woman who is anointed by God, and help her build the Church of Matriarchy? Doesn't it just make sense? What can any individual man do on his own that will make an impact? Please get back to me with your thoughts on what I have said and whether you agree with this wisdom. And if you have any suggestions of not what I can do - but what you can do for the Church - please let me know.







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