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I can remember my dreams. The lament I hear the most from others is that they can't. And I try to tell them why. The main reason is they don't get enough sleep, and they use up their minds or brain energy on the things of the world, and the flesh, and do not leave their brain the energy it needs for reflection and demonstration on the meaning of daily life. That is basically what dreams are about - the meaning of daily life. They are about many other things as well.

I remember a dream as far back as five years old. In fact, I believe it was more than that. I think I actually went back to Germany, where I was born, and was walking on a road in the black forest. I recall a dream at the age of about six. I was suspended in blackness, with nought but black under me, around me and above me. I was suspended in black space and I was a great ship on the ocean. It was so frightening my grandma said I screamed. I remember a dream at the age of twelve. I was leading what seemed like millions of people by a river. I told the class about it. These people were all oriental. I sensed God was saying I'd lead people somewhere some day.

I have been recording my dreams since the late sixties. There were times when I recorded them for years, and times when I did not. During the times I am in the state called "illumination" I usually record most of my dreams because that's when the best ones occur. When you are in a state of darkness or "dark night" your dreams will not have the drama, or meaningfulness of illumination. When the Light is not present, the dreams can seem meaningless and dreary because your life seems like it's being lived on the surface. It's not much fun to record and analyze your dreams, because they are saying that life is sort of empty. When God steps into the picture (and mystics all know when that is) everything is kicked up a notch. It's one step closer to Heaven.

I have written and recorded so many dreams in the last five years that it would fill a few large books. Where do I begin? The size of the task is daunting, and it may not be easy for you to read unless it is all alphabetized. But I am going to take a chance, and just start explaining symbols and meanings willy nilly, and at some point, it will get alpha'd. Other than that, I fear I'll never begin.

Let's talk about a few basic principles. One that you must take note of I call "sense image material." What this is is that during the day, you have experiences. And during the night, parts of those experiences show up in your dream. You think you are dreaming about the day before - but usually you are not. What your mind does is take concrete sense experiences, and transform them into stories that tell you the meaning of your life. The actual "fabric" or sense images in your dream - the characters and scenes, point only to a larger picture. Say you watch a movie about Saxons who were brutal while invading England. You dream about those Saxons. But that dream is not about the Saxons in England, it's about something that happened to you that was invasive and brutal. This is "sense image material." Capish?

Another thing I'm not sure people understand is that there is no universal language of dreams. I hate to say this, but dreams are one of the most complicated sciences there are. All of mystical theology is complicated, and dreams are part of that. But luckily, you have me. I have been studying this science all my life, not through books, because there aren't any good ones, but through my own experience. My dreams are my communication system with God, so I have every reason to know what they mean.

Each human creates their own dream language vocabulary. There are differences in symbols, and there are concepts that may be universal. For example, a Christian dreams about a snake, and that means satan. But a Hindu dreams snake and that means Holy Spirit. Symbols speak to you according to the way you believe. A symbol is talking to you to explain something, and it has to use your belief system, the way you believe things are, and it has to use your experiences. But dreams are like plays or movies (most of the time) which speak of realities beyond the play.

What I would like from you, is as you read this, send questions by E-mail. That will also stimulate me to go on with this program.

A person' dream vocabulary increases and changes. Some symbols that once meant one thing, could change to some degree. I've had one person who always represented earthly success. But over the years, for some reason, he became bigger as a symbol and now this man represents ALL types of success, even spiritual. The more you experience, the greater amount of dream symbols you can accumulate. Everything you learn widens your dream vocabulary.

You might ask at some point why do we have to have dreams in order to communicate with our unconscious and with God? I often wondered that. I said, "God, why don't you just speak to me directly and simply so that I can understand? The dreams are so mysterious and given to mistaken interpretations. If you would just tell me what I should know, I'd have safer guidance."

What I came to understand was that where God and the unconscious are is a far superior place than our little human language. Pictures tell a story far advanced than little words. Since God and the unconscious are so far ahead of us and we so limited, it is a stretch for us to understand what God is saying and that's what life is all about. By struggling, I increase my intelligence and my abilities. I unlock doors and open windows with keys that God presents to me. My mind opens wider and wider as I increase in my understanding. Dreams beg to be understood. They are there telling a story that tells you where you are at and what you should or shouldn't do. But God and the unconscious do not say,

"Do this - do that."

The way dreams speak is you are shown what will happen if you do so and so and what will happen if you don't. You make the choice. In rare cases - very rare - God can and does appear directly, usually through the agency of your guardian angel or angels - and in some way you cannot misunderstand tells you what to do or not do. This is only in times of peril or emergency when your life or someone else's could be at stake, or if you are on the verge of making a serious mistake that could cost you much pain. I personally consider the dreams of rebuke (and I get plenty) as important as the dreams of comfort, congratulations and praise. The dreams of rebuke keep you on the road of perfection. How else would you know you are going astray?

God also speaks differently to different people. Wherever your mind is at - that is where God will find you. Whatever interests you, God will appear to you in that arena. Understand that God usually speaks through the unconscious and so the two are sometimes one. The devil interferes, also, and you do need discernment. Lots of time, lots of study and prayer on the subject will keep you safe.

If you want to remember your dreams, treat them as if they are important. Write them down, or better yet, put them on audio tape. I devised a way to record my dreams that works. They all go on audio tape day by day. I then take the dream and put it on a second tape, and record it a few times in a row. When I am doing things, like chores, where I can listen, I play that tape over and over again. I hear the average dream about ten times. Some I have to hear twenty or more times before I can begin figuring out what they mean. And I do make mistakes. It takes me an average of two hours a day to work on understanding my dreams. But they are important to me because I guide many things in my life by them. My unconscious and God know more than my conscious mind does, and so I listen to this to know answers to puzzles and to make decisions. I'm a woman of action and so life is full of decisions to make. My life is also a bit unconventional. I've done things that are unusual - which nobody had done before and nobody understood when I did them. But after my ventures were a success, only then did people understand. Whilst I did them they said I was crazy, or people would think I was crazy. This site will be one of those things. People have not said anything bad yet - but they will. When they see that I am including a lot of sex and nudity in the religion, they will begin to ask me stuff like,

"Are you sure this is a good idea? After all, people might not take you seriously. You could lose credibility, and people you don't want may join."

When I embark on a venture, I listen primarily to God. I may hash things out with friends, but I don't take them seriously. The bottom line is DREAMS. What do the dreams say? I have made mistakes with my dreams, but not serious ones. Because I have so much faith and trust in God, God puts special protection on me. When I feel God is telling me to do something, I do it no matter what, even if everyone tells me it's insane. People do not guide me, God does.

I do recall in my young life growing up all the advise was bad. The advise of people could have destroyed me. I never had a good mentor. I had only users and abusers. When men guided me it was because they wanted to guide me into bed. When women guided me it was because they wanted me to walk off the cliff, or they just wanted my money. This is not an exaggeration. It is fact. Beware of people. Furthermore, I am not a dependent personality toward people. I am self made, self motivated and my only great Person who guides me, ultimately, is God. I do hear people out in the sense of they share their wisdom with me and I listen. But I never blindly listen. I go to the inner self over and over be it unconscious or God within, and I pray and pray and ask questions. Sometimes the answers are slow in coming because it isn't time for me to do anything nor time to go into action. But sooner or later, an answer comes and that's when I act.

Another thing in life you must always remember: Courage and risk taking are part of it. If you do not take risks or use courage you will never be a winner. You will be commonplace. Even with good guidance, we are mortal and we don't always understand what dreams are saying. We think we do, but to act on a dream is to take a risk. In my life, overall, my dreams have guided me well. I can trust my dreams moreso than any human. The problems with human advise is that people don't give you objective advise, but advise according to what it's best for them. If it benefits them, that is what they want you to do. If it hurts them or does nothing for them, they want you to refrain. Their advise is not love based. The best source you can trust is your own God within you who speaks to you in the inner senses, the still small voice, and dreams. God is looking out for your best interests.

Shall we begin? Let me give you a few entries of symbols and what they mean:



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