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It matters not what their hang ups are, be they patriarchal or femdom, if they see women as sex objects, (underneath or above them), they do not see women in spirit and truth; as viable independent personalities. They see them as OBJECTS, as tools for their sexual pleasure. How could such men possibly help to establish matriarchy?


Now there are different aspects of the coming matriarchy. There is today, right now. The present tense. In the present tense matriarchy does not yet exist, and it needs to be jump-started, pioneered and pushed into existence. WE NEED A CERTAIN ATTITUDE AND STRATEGY OF THIS SPIRITUAL ARMY THAT WILL PUT THIS ACROSS! This army has to be SPECIAL, with a FIRM COMMITMENT, a generous ZEAL and a LIFE OR DEATH attitude. (I will address this further down.)


Then there is matriarchy near future. It is a transitional matriarchy, not yet complete or whole, but getting there. The attitudes may be slightly different than now, for matriarchy to continue. Those views might not have to be as warlike, intense, committed, as they are presently. The stakes are not as crucial, the momentum has got going and you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


In the third stage of matriarchy, it begins to exist and it is real. Then society can relax. We have made it. One does not have to make the huge sacrifices any more, and have the life-or-death zeal because it already exists. Relax and enjoy it. But back to the present.


When I speak of matriarchy, I see the stakes, and I see what it takes to get to such high ground. I know from knowing God and God's work that we humans can take nothing for granted. It is us that God uses to bring new things into existence; new ideas, new modalities, new behaviors. It is the beginning of a thing that is the hardest. I've been there. The things that have never been done before, someone has to open that iron gate! And the ones opening it have to be special. They are not your average person, they are truly committed to a point that they are willing to give their all for the cause. Halfway measures do not get things done on that level.


These people have the mark of God upon them. They are chosen. Why and how are they chosen? How are they different? Why did God choose them?


These people are people of God. They prepared themselves for God, Truth, and Love, from long ago. They worked all their lives toward God. They disciplined themselves and they suffered for the sake of God's Kingdom. They sacrificed, gave up earthly pleasures and attachments to the things of the world. They turned their back on sin. Through 'murderous' trials and hardships they gave and gave and gave and God gave and gave and gave to them. These people are trained, disciplined, empowered and ready for the cause, the mission. They are the Green Berets of God. These people also have VISION as God gives vision.


It is these people who can put through a cause such as matriarchy. When the trumpet call comes to fight, which is usually fight with words, they are ready. Go out and lecture? They are ready. Do a tv show? They are ready. Write a book or article? Already done. Keep writing books and articles, ok. Work hours daily promoting? Fine. Do publicity stunts? Why not? Spend money on the cause? Sure, got to be done. Give up things you don't need to do, like partying, sex, chit chat and mindless gossip, lazy leisure and all that........everything for the cause! All for God and Truth and to help the planet!


People like this do not DESIRE to do anything but the WILL OF GOD and that includes all of God's righteous causes, like matriarchy.


Now on the other hand, what do you have all around us? Who does God throw back into the water as the little fish, too small for food, need to grow yet. Or fish that taste so bad you wouldn't want to eat them. You cannot choose a little fish for supper on the table, it has to be full grown. People have to be full grown to serve a cause! They cannot be small, weak, wimpy, attached to their own needs, centered on their problems, absorbed in sin, society and sex, food, money, things, low level relationships, addictions needs and wants. Such people are detained, harnessed, chained, hobbled, fettered, broken down, unready and unripe, or too ripe and rotten, and also these people carry sin, ego, pride, immaturity and at best, they just don't have what it takes.


Such people God leaves behind and lets them grow or else, just gives up on them. Let them have what they want and then, pay later. These people cannot and will not be the Green Berets of God, pushing through the worthy cause which only the best can win.


So what am I saying? We who are the first heralds of matriarchy must be the best. We speak for matriarchy, we represent it. We produce and then promulgate the ideas of matriarchy. We educate and lead.


This will not take a huge army of people, but even a small group can, through the media, present great ideas, and reach millions, which in turn will get to billions on the planet. I remember Ashley Montagu on television as a teenager, preaching female superiority. What an influence he made! Barbra Streisand said he convinced her and gave her confidence, and he gave this one a faith as well. Just one man and the media.


Other favorites are Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. They had some helpers, but they were the axiom of change. Without them, I doubt that what happened, could have happened. There was not one human being like them near them. Both men, great spiritual leaders.


Then there was Jesus. Again, he had helpers, but sometimes they stood in the way more than they helped. When it went well, all were there. But when the Passion came, they all ran. So these helpers were not strong souls. Jesus did it, in a sense, alone. Without him, there would not have been Christianity. And so, what I am saying, is that for GREAT CAUSES you do not need BIG ARMIES. You need ONE ANOINTED PERSON and some helpers who may not be as strong or great, but at least they are committed.


Now let us get back to femdom and SEXUALLY ORIENTED PEOPLE. There's been all kinds of talk of who we need or what we don't need. One man I know and love saw it as a majority of women. We all had to get along, and when we did so, matriarchy would happen. Fat chance. He felt some kind of quorum of women would influence the world, make it happen. But it hasn't been happening. Women hate each other.


Then there are those who believe all these men who say THEY WANT TO WORSHIP WOMEN are sincere. But I say they are not worshipping women in spirit and truth, they want to worship their bodies WITH THEIR TONGUES. This is not love or worship, it is lust and hedonism. These men do not have a worshipful bone in their body, they are all flesh and addiction, all low-minded fetish and flim flam. They are phonies, charlatans as bad as the patriarchs who want to enslave us and make us into sex and breeding machines.


My final answer about men is look not to lustful men of any stripe. Look to those who are self sacrificing, spiritual and devotional toward God. If these men, who love God, can turn it into worship of MotherGod and women, then you have something here. If these men can GIVE UP SEX for the sake of God, they are sincere. Why can't they relieve themselves with their hand? Why do they have to assault women, saying they want to worship them, when all they are doing is lying and wasting our time?


These men come to groups like mine and say,


'I want to worship a woman... I am sincere... a good slave, etc.'


They have found the woman to worship. They are at the shrine. They can start worshipping. But instead, they are looking for bodies of women, and using our shrine to advertise for lust. They are not sincere, they are madmen for sex. They are fixated and obsessed on sex, not on God. These men can do nothing for us or for themselves. We have to throw them to the curb and move on.


Anyone who says they want to establish matriarchy 'through femdom' is playing mind games. You cannot take men who use you for sex, for whom you are no more than an object, and build matriarchy with them. It is a dichotomy in terms. These men are using you for their sex play, and you are accommodating them. When the play is over, what will you have? Nothing. You will have nothing and you will have been used. These are sex addicts, not supporters of women, and such women are fooling themselves.


Both sex-crazed patriarchs and femdom men can't cut the mustard to get us to matriarchy. Only the SPIRITUAL MEN will do. And if we can find spiritual women, also, then we have the best combination. Spiritual men and women will get together and work, and do the job.


Do not, I implore you, put any reliance and credibility on those who are obsessed with sex to get any work for God done. This, our cause of matriarchy is noble work, spiritual work. It is not a sex game. Look at the Goddesses. Look at Our Blessed Virgin Mary, look at Isis, look at Shekhina and Mother Kali and the Divine Shakti. Can lustful men or women worship them? They must be worshipped in spirit and truth, not by acts of lust. They require faith, prayer and devotion. Those who love them can establish matriarchy - no one else.

Rasa Von Werder
February 28, 2006





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