Salome Embracing the Severed Head of John the Baptist
Lucien Levy-Dhurmer




1. The relationships of female to female will change. There will be more open lesbian liaisons and also, women will bond in order to work together. No more scratching each other's eyes out because we are an oppressed group scrambling for the resources controlled by men.


There will be a relaxed atmosphere concerning homosexual males and females. They will 'come out into the open.' Women will also makes friends with one another because they have to work together in managing the world.


2. Homosexuality, male and female, will be out in the open. People will not ridicule homosexuals any more as they will realize it is not a choice. The agenda of the old boy's club will be revealed. People will see the hypocrisy, prudishness and hysteria about sex a thing of the past.


3. Sex attitudes will change entirely. There will be no denouncing of masturbation, fornication and adultery, nudity and sexiness from the pulpits of the female-based churches.


The Feminine Divine will ascend and the Male God will recede.


4. In religion there will be a major changes. The orthodox religions will pass into the background. First, women will become prominent in orthodox churches, giving way to inclusive language and then ideas. Scriptures will be reinterpreted in favor of the Feminine Divine.


The orthodox churches which refuse women equal ministry and authority will decline drastically and wither away due to lack of funds. Those which remain will be seen as old, archaic, backward cults. Holding onto the stiff, anti-woman puritanical laws, these people will be viewed as out-of-date and out- of-step, totally deluded darkened. But since we have freedom of religion, it will still be practiced, but less and less so. In fact, people will leave orthodox churches in crowds even though they include females more . They are tired of the old bible (which has been such a terrible motive or excuse for violence and sexism) and ready to discover new paths.


There will be a resurgence of Eastern thought, (already strong) meditation and gnosis. People going within and finding their own way.


Obvious differences between male and female religion are depicted in these photos. The male is 'buttoned up,' 'uptight,' all covered up and repressed. The feminine is an open, flowing, one-with-nature Reality.


The underground religions of Wicca, Pagans, Druids, Pantheists, Gnostics and so forth will come into the forefront, as well as ancient worship of Egyptian goddesses like Isis and many others . Each sect - Christian, Jew, even Muslim, will bring forth their pantheon of goddesses and these will be worshipped in many veneus. People will be amazed as to how Mother worship was stifled for so long.


The media will have representation for the women's spirituality equal to that of men - and then in time - surpassing the 'male God' religions.


It will be normal and natural for families to practice nudism in their homes, backyards and recreation.


There will begin to be a representation of women's beliefs on televison. First, a station here and there. Then a network. Then more networks that represent this spirituality as well as all interests, activities, and herstory gone by. Amazing things will be brought forth, and people will be galvanized. They will breathe a sigh of relief as the old stuffy, repressed, frightening religions of men will exit out the door.
Young people will see options that appeal to them rather than make them feel life is over before it begins.


You will go from fear/guilt-/repression religions to love/light/joy based modalities. You will go from hypocrisy to acceptance and tolerance. From prudishness and condemnation you will have personal freedom and relaxation.


Baigneuse & Dawn
William-Adolphe Bouguereau

Nudity will no longer be associated with the forbidden, the immoral or questionable.
People will be much more relaxed and mature about nudity.

Nothing about the new behavior will be immoral. It will be a breath of fresh air. Nudism will abound - not considerd particularly sexual and certainly not evil. People will walk around naked in their homes and back yards. Children will also go naked if they please and it will not be considered irresponsible to have family nudity. Nudity will be an accepted way of life and people will not be automatically shocked and tittilated at the naked body any more. Just a part of MotherGod's creation.


5. There will be a great decrease in two terrible things: abortion and child abuse. First, women will now have sex when they want to and will not be forced into it. (Of course in third world countries, this force will take time to eradicate.) Since women will have control over their bodies and sexuality, they will get pregnant less, and at the time they are ready for children, and this will eliminate huge numbers of abortions.


Second, the care of children, now that women are freed up, will accelerate dramatically. Women will have spy cameras in the homes and children will have chips in their bodies (non harmful, just under the skin) which allows them to be monitored at all times. If a child is taken away or kidnapped, it will be found quickly. Child abusers will be dealt with as never before.


6. New safety measures. There will be bracelets, brooches, rings and medals by which women, children and men can get instant help. Men will not be able to intimidate women (date rape) so easily because a woman will press a button somewhere on her body and help will come. Children will have such devices also, and even men who feel they need them. (Everone can use some safety! Think of hikers in the wilderness)


Moreover, since women will have become sensitive to what happens to girls in cars with boys, girls will be given their own cars more quickly than boys are. The girls will be able to take the boy out rather than the other way around.


There will be new kinds of dating. Women will have chauffer/bodyguards, so that will deter intimidation and rape on dates. New laws and old laws now enforced will deter men from much of their violence. They will have to learn to control themselves and not act out their demons.


Anna Karenina & Maria Fontana
Photos by Rasa Von Werder

There will be a rise in the depiction of heras - females as heroes.


7. New kinds of men will be seen as attractive; less macho, more thoughtful, gentler and attentive. The old macho-man hero will change into more realistic characters. It was all an act - let's drop it. Women as heras however, will become common. Movies and television will search herstory for themes of their greatness.


Women will need men to do what powerful men once needed women to do.
A new genre of men will be in demand - those who can be supportive rather than dominating and demanding.


Men who are compliant to women will now be an asset, not a defect, as women get more macho and powerful and need simple comfort and support. After a hard day's work in Congress or as a CEO or stock market analyst, a woman does not need an errant, macho upstart to come home to. No longer (except in the worst of cases) will lowlifes sit around the house, watching tv, waiting for their wives to wait on them hand and foot, treating women like servants. Men like that will be invited out of the house very fast.


The media will search the world over for stories of great women past and present.


8. There will be increased women in government and military. America will continue to dominate the world with its powerful presence, and women will be a big part in all this. There will be less graft and waste in spending - less thievery with tax money, and so, taxes would be reduced. There will be no slacking off in maintaining world control against our enemies - as we learned our lessons long ago. A peaceful, agrarian society such as Matriarchy once was, will be taken over by macho, violent males. Women as well as men will be ready for them, and they will not prevail. The thing that will change is we will not foster unnecesassary wars. We will be careful about destruction and violence but will retain our power nevertheless, with a peace keeping presence around the world.


9. Women worldwide will clamor to come to the Matriarchal United States, as well as European countries that follow. They will especially seek to flee the countries that are most oppressive to women. Many will, in fact, escape.


Wealthy women philantropists and humanitarians will get hold of poor girls who are forced into prostitution on the streets of all countries. They will be adopted by these women or selected for training and employment in their houses and businesses. Naturally, these children will grow up, get married and have their own families, all matriarchal, and a mix of nationalities will occur.


10. New centers for entertainment. There will be many new centers of entertainment like malls, partly for the purpose of keeping males busy and out of trouble. These will be frequented by all ages, male and female, and present opportunities for recreation in a safe place. Games, rides, amusements and restaurants - similar to malls but with more activities - will rise up. There will be places where people can join groups for games and sports 24/7, or one to one activities like ping pong, checkers, and chess, etc. People will learn to interact, be friendly, without making all of life as the game of sexual pursuit or avoidance. (In today's world there are few places people can meet for conviviality besides bars, and this will fix that.)


Divianna & Ivan
Photo by Rasa Von Werder

You will not hear sex condemned from the pulpits of female-based churches -
unless of course it concerns harm done to another.


Not that sex will be a problem. People will relax about sex and it will not be looked upon as a moral issue (unless there is wrong doing) and there will be less hypocrisy and secrecy about sex. (After all, people are doing it, they just aren't admitting it.)



Animals will once again be seen as Sacred, as important as we are,
and not to be exploited and abused. Testing on animals will stop.


11. Relief for animals: The testing on animals will be stopped. First, testing for purposes other than health and medical, and then, all testing. Paid volunteers will have to be the guinea pigs - something companies would like to avoid as people are more expensive than innocent animals. The sacredness of animals and nature will be restored. Women will have more, and more exotic pets. There will be a great resurgence in the concern about animals and nature.


There will be seious measures taken against destruction of animal habitat,
and animal management that works for them as much as for us.

12. Education: Not only will the schools be improved tremendously, but there will be education and skill centers 24/7. People will be able to improve themselves no matter what their time schedules are, continually learning. Some of these will cost big bucks, some reasonable, and some free, so that everyone gets a chance.


matriarchal woman with dog
matriarchal woman with dog
matriarchal woman with dog

Women will have more pets than ever. Becoming more affluent, they will have
much to do with restoring the safety and happiness of animals.

Photos by Rasa Von Werder


13. Prison and detention: There will be a tougher stand against criminals (who are mostly male.) They will not be let out on the streets too easily. Child abusers, the violent and dangerous will all have to wear implants if they ever get out. People will have devises by which they can detect these implants, so that the average person on the street will know if he or she is in the presence of a former criminal. There will be three different kinds of sounds on your device, or if silent, it will be seen written down. One signal for violent, one signal for child abuser, and another for rapist. Those who have erred more than once will not be let out again but will live in various degrees of prisons or detention centers. Outside, they will have constant monitoring.


14. There will be no homelessness. Homeless people will be provided for and police will stop anyone roaming the streets and direct them to the proper institutions. Male and female will be separate and women with children will have their own facilities. The women who are homeless, abused or in any way in danger will be given safe haven.

Children will have new ways of being cared for as it is discovered that so many foster fathers prey on children. They will be given the option of entering luxury orphanages instead of their family or foster homes. It will be a law that any child who wants to leave home voluntarily will be allowed to do so simply by asking - and will be allowed to live in these deluxe orphanages, no questions asked. It will be assumed they are being abused or neglected, but choose not to press charges. These centers will be run by all women.

A new freedom will come to Earth and men as well as women will be
liberated and blessed. The whole earth and all life will dance for joy.


Dancing in the Dark
Liesbeth Johnson







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