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A Book of Female Superiority by Ashley Montagu

Why God is MotherGod


Ashley Montagu

Most of the information in the following text will come from the book by Ashley Montagu. Ashley Montagu's landmark book came out in 1952, preceding the second wave of the feminist movement. When RVW was a teenager she saw him on "Open End" and other TV shows. He impacted her life and got her started on a path of faith in womanhood. Ashley Montagu gave her a weapon against the brainwashing of Patriarchy, and she will forever love him for that. God rest his soul!

Most of the quoted information in the following text comes from Ashley Montagu’s book, "Natural Superiority of Women”.



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Women & Men will rise & fall together. Our job is to raise women up!

Men have stood in the way of women's development, denying their political and social rights for millennia. Male superiority is a myth.


The Greek Aeschylus (5.25 - 456 B.C.)in ancient Greece said,

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"The mother of the child is not it's parent, but the nurse of seed implanted."


Lies have been the greatest weapons of Patriarchy from the start.


Scientific facts prove female superiority.


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All women know they are superior, but they rarely speak of it.

Women are emerging from under the shadows today.

They have been written mostly out of history and culture, and they must now right these wrongs.


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Germaine Greer has written well about women's subjugation, and the brutal injustice that has prevented women from finding prosperity and recognition.


In the Encyclopedia Brittanica of 1771 under woman was six words, "the female of man, see homo."

In the 1800's most scientists and thinkers were busy trying to prove that women are inferior.

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As late as 1945 when the UN Charter was signed, only 36 countries in the world gave women full rights.

The status of the female is never in doubt. Whoever produces eggs is essential to the future, for eggs are reproductive cells, sperm are not.

A 14 nation study by UNESCO in 1967 showed that women work longer, and have less leisure than men. All women working and non-working are at a disadvantage to men.


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Women are underestimated. Women's superior constitutional strength among other things comes from the fact that they are equipped with immuno-regulatory genes on each "x" chromosome.


Women have hybrid vigor or heterosis which males do not have.

Female intuition is something that men are jealous and afraid of, which is a mark against them.

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Why not admire them for their great abilities?

In the inquisition men said, "We will torture the secrets out of nature". Women are better drivers than men. Men's personality causes them to drive a car as a means of self-expression and tend to aim it rather than drive it.


They are competitive, and even reckless. They tend to take a dim view of women's careful driving.

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Women are mostly thoughtful drivers, they ask for help. Men find it difficult to humble themselves and ask for help.


Today most school systems throughout the land hire women to drive the school buses for reasons previously stated.

Women must take action!

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"The facts prove that woman is biologically the superior organism, superior is the sense of enjoying, by virture of her biological traits, a higher survival value than the male."

"These facts should forever dispose of the myth of the female's physical inferiority. Muscular strength should not be confused with constitutional strength."


"Constitutionally, the female is the stronger sex."



The preceeding text came from Ashley Montagu's book, "The Natural Superiority of Women" which was published in 1952, and revised in 1992. It is published by MacMillan Publishing Company, 866 3rd Avenue, New York, NY 10022


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What do we do with all of this information? Let us revive ourselves and examine the motives of God Who made us as we are.

We have a great responsibility, and a great power, and a great destiny. We must not fear men anymore, and trust in God's divine providence.


Past traditions are no longer applicable.

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Patriarchy has run it's full gamut. The reasons that men ruled in the past; brute force and violence are over.

Technology frees up women to be as strong or stronger than men. You do not have to be physically strong to hold a gun.


Where we once had no freedom to speak, today technology has given us the telephone, and the internet, and other opportunities as well.

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The United Nations is the greatest friend of women and is trying to put out information, studies, and treaties that empower women.


The futurists, everyone of them are saying the following: Women are getting better educated than men.

And therefore the important jobs of the future will belong to women as much as they do to men. Women are moving toward liberation faster than ever, yet there is so much more to be done.


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We desperately need safe housing for women and care of children. We cannot leave this responsibility in the hands of men, but we must move towards solving this ourselves.

Women must come together and make plans. They must stop hating one another because we will never get anywhere unless we join forces and solve the serious problems of humankind.


We want to work on apartment complexes, housing complexes, and trailer parks which would be safe places for women and children. Women should start working in the political process NOW!

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