Diana Resting after her Bath
François Boucher

If you take a cork and hold it underwater it is very easy to hold it down but it will only stay there while you keep holding it in that position. If at any time you arm gets tied or you get fed up with keeping the cork underwater and let go. The cork will automatically rise to the top. This concept gives a good metaphor of what is happening today in the politics of Female power.


For anyone who has read the history of patriarchy over the last five thousand years what it very striking is the great efforts needed to keep Women powerless. Up until the end of the 19th century, there were laws to ensure that women couldn't own any property or wealth. As the law stated that everything a woman had was either owned by her father or husband and the law also make it very difficult for any woman to inherit property. Women were also barred from all jobs and professions except being a housewife, servant or prostitute. So Women were unable to acquire any wealth of power in her own right. Husbands were also encouraged to dominate their wives, who had to swear to obey there husbands when they were married. The law even gave husbands the right to beat their wives with either a stick or whip.


In other cultures the laws oppressing women were even more strict than in the western world. It was traditional for the Somalis people of Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti for a bride to start married life with a flogging from their husbands. It seems the newly wedded husband would wait for her in the bridal chamber with a whip in his hand. This was also true with the Sifon people of Tibet, who traditionally would again start of married life with the husband whipping his bride.


Yet we are taught at school and in our history books that men have always been the dominant sex going back to early Stone age. The irony is that if it is natural for men to be the dominant sex why do then men had to create very oppressive laws and customs against Women? If it is natural for men to be the dominant sex then they shouldn't need any laws, custom or propaganda to keep their place as the dominant sex. For instance they only reason way we have laws against stealing is because many people do steal. If people didn't steal there would be no reason to have laws against this behavior. The same is true of customs and traditions. The custom of marriage with people swearing to be true to each other is only needed because people do tend to have sex outside of marriage. If pair bonding was completely natural for human beings then we wouldn't need customs like marriage, enforced by laws and social censure.


This then means that oppressive laws and customs to keep women in a subservient position suggests that it is not natural for women to be the submissive sex. If it was natural for men to be the dominant sex then there would be no reason for men to have oppressive laws and customs to keep women in bondage.


If you think about it, from the time the original Aryan invaders conquered Matriarchal communities in southern Europe to the start of Christianity and Islam was about 3,000 years. This means the Patriarchs needed 3,000 years of brainwashing all men and Women into believing that our Creator was a male, that sex, childbirth, and menstruation was sinful or dirty and that women were inferior to men. This suggests that Women were held in such high regard in ancient times that the original Patriarchal invaders with all the advantages of violence and intimidation, still took thousands of years to overcome the power of Women.


If we compared this with what is happening today where Women for a position of complete powerlessness in the 19th century has in just over a 100 years gained near equality with men. We can see that patriarchal men have had to put in a enormous effort into subduing Women. We can now see Women rapidly rise to power once again. So it is like a holding a cork underwater. It is easy to hold the cork down, but once you let go the cork rises to the surface. Patriarchy could only keep Women down while it was actively suppressing them, and when the pressure was released we now find Women are naturally moving back to ruling society once again. This suggests to me, that it is probably natural for human beings to be ruled by Women.


Not only has Women gain political power over the last hundred years but the relationships between men and Women are also changing rapidly. With the undermining of the many customs, beliefs and social conventions that men are the dominant sex, the personal relationships between men and women are rapidly changing. It is now more common place for Women to openly claim they are the head of the household and we even now have house husbands. While sexually things are also changing, from very tiny beginnings during the early 1970s the FemDom movement has grown steadily and strongly.


It has been patriarchal religions like Christianity and Islam that have been in the forefront oppressing Women. Even today extreme Islam countries try to force Women to wear facial screens and discourage female education. Restrictions like this wouldn't be needed if men didn't fear the power of Women. In the past, Christianity used extreme violence against Women. In the infamous Witch hunts of the Medieval age the vast majority of millions of people who were tortured and burnt alive were Women; suggesting again a real fear of Women becoming too powerful.


With the ending of oppressive laws and customs throughout the 20th century women have quickly gained near equality with men. I know to us a hundred years might seem a long time but in historical terms it is very quick for such a far reaching social change. If this rate of progress for Women is to continue during the 21st century then clearly Women will be ruling the world in another hundred years time.


What is clear is that men can only become the dominant sex by enforcing through violence and propaganda, oppressive laws and customs against Women. This means that it is not natural for men to be the dominant sex - if he has to put so much effort into keeping Women down. If we get rid of all these artificial laws and customs created by patriarchal men and follow our natural instincts then Women will naturally become the rulers of our World.