Certainly not. But what are sins are the male - domination sins of rape, child abuse, sex related killings & exploitation of female for breeding purposes. The concept of sex sins come out of male - domination religion for the purposes of controlling females & perceiving them as male - owned reproductive vehicles.


Males envision females as belonging to them and their religion reflects this. Therefore, they believe that females are not sexually autonomous, but created solely for the sexual pleasure of men and for procreating the children the male wants to have.


Males are encouraged to use women for all their sex pleasure - so masturbation and homosexuality are discouraged. This is a directive to men to use women for sexual release - and accept no substitute, not even masturbation, as if it is the responsibility of women to take care of all sex needs. This attitude encourages men to deploy all their sex energy in the pursuit and harassment of women. Part of the strategy of this is to wear women down for all men.


Fornication is a "sin" for which only females are punished - so this proves that this "sin" is designed to control women. This "sin" tells women they are not allowed to have sex for pleasure - they cannot be free with their bodies through " fornication " the male system tries to shunt them into an off-limits role where they are good only as garbage disposals for male sperm, but not for motherhood. ( Because paternity could not be determined in a sexually free woman.)


On the other hand, women are also punished for charging money for sex - because in doing so, they claim their own bodies as a resource to exploit for their own benefit. But males challenge this belief, & by criminalizing the sale of, sex, they state the female body belongs to them to exploit. Prostitutes are then punished by being relegated to the lowest rung of society: the untouchable. Because they have committed the unpardonable double sin of making themselves independent of men by charging for sex pleasure.


"Whores" on the other hand, are not considered evil as prostitutes, because they give themselves at no cost, but they are looked upon with contempt considered unfit for motherhood. But they are not arrested & put into jail for their "sins". If fornication is a sin or a crime, punishable by law, it should be a sin/crime whether money is passed or not, and it should be applicable to both sexes.


But males are not ostracized, denigrated, criminalized or jailed for the "sins" mentioned, which proves these acts are called sins for male convenience. Serious sex sins - mostly committed by males, such as rape and child abuse, result in more often the victim being punished instead of the perpetrator. There is a double standard of sin here and a double standard of legal justice system, all resulting from male - domination religion.


Adultery is also primarily a sin for the woman. The male wants to make sure the children are his. Based on these facts, no person cold take seriously the male - religion sex "sin" of fornication, masturbation & adultery.





Certainly not! God is within you, and your body and mind as well as heart, are the temple and church where God is housed. What God wants from you is you - and you give yourself to God by your words, deeds and affections, and most of all by your consciousness. Your consciousness is formed by everything about you, but most of all, by the way you think, the way you think makes you loyal or disloyal to God. If you set yourself apart from God in your thoughts, then you are dishonest and you deceive yourself. And if you set others apart from God - any other life or creation - you are also lying to yourself and God for all things are connected with God. That is being disloyal to God - that is separation from God. (you separate your self from God by separating God from your mind, not your body in terms of being absent from a church building.)


To miss church service is not a sin. Mandatory church attendance is, I suspect, a devise by the churches to get money out of those in attendance. It's hard to collect money from those who stay home. Church of the God within may have services or meetings but to be absent from these is not sin.






What is real sin in this world, first and foremost war. War of aggression and genocide. Attacks on other people and slaughtering of people because they are different and in order to rob them of their resources. It is a sin to wage wars against others - but it is not a sin to defend oneself when attacked. When indigenous peoples are attacked it is the aggressors who are guilty of sin, but the Indians, the New Guineans , and all natives who fight back, are not guilty of sin. A military economy that prepares for wars perpetually and deprives people of decent housing, food and education is a sinful economy. Those who cause such a system are all the wrongs associated with male-domination war economies are major sins. Attacking, injuring and killing innocent people is sin. Stealing land, possessions and resources is sin. Economic enslavement - where people get paid less than subsistence wages, is sin. Unfair exploitation of poor and weak is a sin. Creating an economy where the the poor have no choice but to join the military is a sin. Military and industrial pollution is serious sin. Interfering with nature in any significant way - which makes it difficult or impossible for her to recover - is a sin.


Male domination brainwashing is sin. This includes the brainwashing though religion. Women are taught to be submissive to men from childhood so they can't fight back for their own sake, the sake of their children, or other life on this planet. This gives sinful males the freedom to pillage and rap the land and everything on it. These are the primary sins on earth today-warfare, & all the evil that goes with it. The injury, disruption & termination of innocent life.  There is also harm done to women, animals & nature.  All these sins stem from male domination. These are also the individual sins against God & one's fellow creatures, but these are minor compared to the wholesale  sins of those who control government & industries that decide the fate of life on the planet on a large scale.  And these major sins are the sins the public should most be concerned with-since it  is these sins that affect every man, woman, & child & creation on earth now & in the future. And if is these monumental sins that religion should most be concerned with & dealing with.And if it is not, then our religion on earth today is not responsible religion.  The issues of church attendance, masturbation, fornication, adultery, & so on, are insignificant compared to the sins stated. They are not even sins.  Even less significant are issues like clothing or nudity, makeup, personal behavior that does not injure others, etc. What are these compared to global destruction?  But since all the major religions on earth today  are tools of male domination they would not address  themselves to these issues. (Although there are individuals who tackle these problems in spite of lack of interest from the institution.)  They even condone them in many cases-as in condoning wars.  Instead they want to concern themselves with the personal  behavior of individuals, & they preach habits & problems.  They do address personal salvation, but in many religions, this is done in a very narrow & dogmatic way, looking  at others in different religions as being substandard.  Often the path to salvation is seen only as allegiance to one church, one divinity one method, one mode of behavior & they believe there is no other point  of view. This restricts the individual  into a sense of being elite & superior & does not recognize the spirituality of many other who take different paths, & so, this is not a comprehensive view of God.  This is not godly.  But what is most disturbing to me, about religions, is they are not concerned with global  issues & instead distract people with guilt & fear concerning personal issues.  Personal salvation does have  a place, but not the only place. It is one part of the paradigm of loving God.  The other part is global salvation. And that is the part religion only gives lip service to.  It is secular organizations that are filling the gap religion leaves behind. The fact that organized religion does not address itself to the sins of male government proves that they are part of the problem.  They are a part of male government & guilty of sins with it.