Even BEFORE I met him I was told by a doctor in a famous clinic (I had just had a complete exam:)

"You are the healthiest woman of your age I have ever examined."

You KNOW I must be serious about health. I've been doing my best since I was a teenager. At age nineteen I started taking megavitamins - about thirty a day.

Always exercised and did stretching and deep breathing and massage and so on. My early mentors were Edgar Cayce, Adelle Davis, and later, Julian Whitakker - all great people.

But the day I found a course by Dr. Richard Shulze I had come to the Omega of my quest. No more books, periodicals or seminars need I. I have it all. Armed with his large set of videos and book published by Sam Biser, called SAVE YOUR LIFE, I dedicated three months, eight hours a day to straighten out my body. After that, I practice certain things all the time, other things sporadically. I buy lots of his remedies like cleaning out the intestines, the liver, the gall bladder, the kidneys. Help for heart and D-tox teas are a regular with me. I also pick the herbs he taught me to and make my own tinctures and plague tonic (garlic, ginger, horseradish and onions, chopped and grinded in vinegar...a couple tablesoons a day), as well as sending out to Pacific Botanicals for more herbs for tinctures and remedies. His "Superfood" I get a year supply at a time, to get the wholesale price.

But I just can't get too many people to listen to his gospel, and neither can he. Only certain ones listen, and they are the ones that benefit. Why can't we make everyone listen? Because they're daft. Because they're losers. Because they hate themselves. For the same reason I can't get people to holiness (not even God can!) Richard and I can't get everyone to practice what he preaches. He's just as pissed about it as I am, as my favorite newsletter of his states.

For example: Richard taught me to take hot/cold baths, showers. I used to do them just as he said, seven times over. But now, OK, I just take a how shower, then one freezing cold minute on each side. I'm the only one who does it and my sissy friends won't. Because they're weakllings. This brings the circulation deep into your body (cold) and then to the surface (hot.)

I always did take enemas, which he believes in, but since I got his Intestinal Formula #1 I'm ok there.
His #2 formula cleanses with charcoal and herbs.

He said to put something at the foot of the bed, which elevates your feet and makes circulation go to your head. I did that.

He helped remarkably with my anxiety and psychosomatic problems. I get seizures in the chest, which feel like heart and are super-scary, but they are anxiety. He taught me to use LOBELIA. I got some from him and also make my own. It's LOBELIA INFLATA. This is a rare herb, not easily available. Get it from him or Pacific Botanicals, preparing it the way he says. You grind it up in vodka and let it sit a few weeks, then the chemicals in the lobelia go into the vodka and you take a teaspoon or so. (My regular M.D. had a big laugh when I told him I was into herbs. I described the herbs in VODKA, and he decided it was the VODKA, not the herbs, that was springing me up.)

When I get that seizure, which is muscles spasming, it is so wierd that it makes folks go to the emergency. But I know better, and within a minute of maybe a teaspoon or more of my lobelia, the muscles start to relax. Within a few minutes, I'm perfect.

I am not giving anyone medical advice, just telling you what I do and what I've learned. It is the freedom of information.

Schulze gave an amazing story with lobelia about a woman who was in labor a long time. The two midwives told him to call 911, the baby wasn't going to come out. Then he remembered his lobelia, and he says the baby slipped out like a fish.

Another time he was visiting friends when their grandpa had a heart seizure. They had no cayenne pepper - his favorite remedy for that. He remembered his lobelia and brought the old guy back with it. He always carries lobelia and cayenne, and so do I. These are his two favorites of all time. One stimulates, one relaxes. He said that in the case of the grandpa, the lobelia relaxed the heart - it can work both ways, either relaxing it or stimulating it.

I also rely on my St. John's Wort, as he taught me, to relieve anxiety and be able to fall asleep. My own M.D. told me tranquilizers are dangerous and to avoid them, even when I was having regular anxiety attacks. I avoided them but did not know about St. John's Wort. Got through them with nothing. I used to get post traumatic stress and the St. John's wort got me through. There was a huge bush of it growing wild in my yard, and I harvested and used it for a full year. I recognized it because of Richard Sculze's instructions. The flowers are yellow. You put them between your fingers and rub and you get red. You hold the leaf up to the sky and it has lots of tiny perforations.

Dr. Schulze is a real character, a bold ball-busting, tell-it-like-it is person. He healed himself of an inherited heart condition, which doctors told him would kill him like it got his parents. He first became vegetarian, then vegan. Little by little he turned around completely. Then, working in a herb factory, he got boiling oil on his hand and burned it to the bone. Doctors told him it would never be the same. But with will power and herbs, he fixed it. It is almost 100% perfect. They said he wouldn't be able to bend his fingers and hands, but he did. I believe that much of this man's power is in his faith and mind, as well as in the herbs, and there is a lesson her for us all.

He does things nobody else would have the guts to do. On the beach once, a girl passed out. He sent for hot tamales, putting one on her forhead and one ON HER CROTCH, doing a kind of ying yang of the circulatory type. This is in public, with people around, and police are coming. Wouldn't you be scared to do something like that? I mean lawsuits and arrests. But in his field, the man has no fear.

A older guy once was late for his appointment and Richard looked out his office window and saw him sitting in his car. It was unlike him. He had a bad heart condition. Dr. Schulze ran out there and saw the guy had turned blue. HE YANKED HIM OUT OF THE CAR THROUGH THE WINDOW AND RESUSITATED HIM! I'd call 911, I'd be a chicken, but this is the way the man is.

Another favorite story is the poor soul who had inflammation of the intestines for years. He put her upside down and filled her with castor oil. No pain. He taught her how to treat herself and within weeks, for the first time in her life, she was better.

He had his own healing office for years, but two separate times they broke his door down and hauled him off to the police station, and told him that if he continued, he'd do time. He had to stop. But now he teaches and sells the herbs, and that's reaching even more people.

You will find all the information you need on this page to get his course and his remedies. By the way, the man doesn't even know me. I'm doing this because I believe in him and want others to get his help. This entire site is dedicated to helping others.


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Rasa Von Werder
September 25, 2004



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