Japanese singer / performer Shakti. Black and white photo of beautiful oriental woman kneeling in shallow water, with dirt on thighs in servitude to the heavens.


Gene Poole has once again been seeing things in their correct perspective. Rather than just put the links into this posting, I will paste the entire post with generous clippings.


Much of human history has indeed only been portrayed as seen through "male eyes".


"For too long history has been suffering from an almost total masculine bias. The militaristic, hierarchical and financial interests of a tiny group of humanity in the West have been dictating how we, and they see our common past. S.McH"


It's amusing that Gene has exposed the "you naughty person" prerogative of Rasa's reference to Bruce as being comparable to Hitler. Godwin's Law is not an axiom, but rather a "worst-case" violation of traditional political correctness. These Hitler comparisons are used everywhere as a paroxysm against messianic psychopathy.


Maybe a more politically "corrected" interplay "referring", with reference to Friedrich Nietzsche, would sooner meet with Bruce's philosophical/- metaphysical approval?


We all love the entertainment value of [decerebrate] posturing. Normative behavior got us into deep shit in the past. Being proud of being "normal" is even more dangerous.


Dwelling on the term "normal" or "normative" is totally ridiculous. In accordance with N0by’s free speech doctrine: In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is [not just] king, but maybe god even? ...the new mutated Desiderius Erasmus.


Quoted from above link:

"Since Hitler saw himself as a Messiah with a divine mission to save Germany from the incarnate evil of "International Jewry," it is not surprising that he likened himself to Jesus. On one occasion during the 1920s, as he lashed about him with the whip he habitually carried, he said that "in driving out the Jews, I remind myself of Jesus in the temple." At another time he said, "Just like Christ, I have a duty to my own people....


"He liked to remind his followers that a turning point in his life came in 1919, when he undertook his mission. He told an aide that during the preceding autumn, as he lay wounded in a military hospital, he had received a supernatural vision which commanded him to save Germany. And through the years he came back repeatedly to stress the importance of the year 1919."


Historically, genocidal ideologies have "affected" women. Women are not historically known as the perpetrators of genocidal ideology. Women may have "played along" with regimes (see Leni Riefenstahl imbd biography, , but explicit cases where women actively conceptualize such ideologies are not known. Pointing out female passive support of regime thinking alone does not substantiate pointing to women as possible candidates for genocidal ideology. Even recent cases such as in Rwanda contribute little in supporting the general belief that women can be the instigators of socially acceptable lynch justice.


From wikipedia (my caps):


Depending on the values of the community, witchcraft in this sense may be regarded with varying degrees of suspicion and hostility, or with ambivalence, being neither intrinsically good nor evil. Members of some religions have applied the term witchcraft in a pejorative sense to refer to all magical or ritual practices OTHER THAN THOSE SANCTIONED BY THEIR OWN DOCTRINES, though this has become less common, at least in the Western world. According to some religious doctrines, all forms of magic are labeled witchcraft, and are either proscribed or treated as superstitious. Such religions consider their own ritual practices to be not at all magical, but rather simply variations of prayer.



A witch-hunt was traditionally a search for witches or evidence of witchcraft, which could lead to a witchcraft trial involving the accused person. Today such events are recognized as a type of moral panic. Witch hunts still occur in the modern era, in many and various communities where religious values condemn the practice of witchcraft and the occult. On a general basis, the term may also denote the PERSECUTION OF A PERCEIVED ENEMY (commonly socially non-conformist groups) with extreme prejudice and disregard of actual guilt or innocence.


Quoted by Sylvia Federici in "Caliban and the Witch": "Women’s oppression is a subject at the center of our struggle for human liberation, but serious discussions as to why women suffer distinct forms of oppression, and why rape and other violence is so important in this, have generally been beyond the scope of most left analysis. What we get instead are platitudes about “culture,” “backwardness” and “personal attitudes,” occasionally slipping into plain old biological determinism in materialist drag."


We are entering a world of globalization. Similar to the end of feudalism, new social and economic spaces are being opened up. Back then it was necessary to destroy the social, political and mystical "world of women". At the same time as the meta- phorical unicorns and dragons disappeared from the scene, heroic chivalry began to march in. The entire world appears to be once again "up for grabs".


I hardly believe that a gaggle of prune old oligarchs have enough knowledge to save themselves from the grievous technological and karmic bottleneck they themselves have created. They are human beings and depend on passive cooperation at all levels of society.


Inherited social and material power cannot be maintained in the information age, if everyone can plainly see hidden agendas and secret handshake societies of people with hardly the intellectual capacity and mettle to succeed, clinging onto the last vestiges of consolidated "male" power.


Most women don't have a "daddy" who will bail them out if they financially ruin a corporation, or rapidly discover god after getting "caught" taking cocaine.




My great aunt Beatrice always complained about the portrayal of the pagan rituals of Beltaine. What always irritated her greatly in older Hollywood movies, was the historically incorrect portrayal of festivities focusing or mainly revolving around singular male protagonists. Much of this bent of perspectives has only to do with what the roman culture would have liked us to perceive and force us to assimilate. Even the darkest of dark ages were unable to break the welsh folk culture clinging to matriarchal elements of nature religion. This "pagan sorcery" mythology is to a large portion a fabrication of the catholic church. Elements of shamanism are still a predominant in much of the regional identity in Wales.

Devotee Thomas
April 30, 2006



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