A short time ago I received a link to a site that speaks about people I was in awe of. Swamis who can't keep their dicks in their pants - ashram leaders kidnapping and torturing competition - people in the guise of religion and holiness, who actually are NOT enlightened, (perhaps have a bit of anointing like Benny Putz) raking in the dough, all under the mask of "We are incarnations of God."


I was shocked, angered, then horrified as I read day by day. My initial reaction was to cuss and denounce. Lucky I waited a day or two, and now, I can speak reason.


A number of things must be addressed. First and foremost, let no excuses be made for banging young girls SYSTEMATICALLY AND FOR A LONG TIME. I feel mercy toward a person who falls down and then repents - if the person he pops is able to consent, is of the age of consent, and is not awed and confused by the power of the seducer. It does not become grievous, it seems to me, until the Swami, Minister, Guru, IS TARGETING CERTAIN VULNERABLE PERSONS, I.E. HIS DEVOTEES, WHO ALSO HAPPEN TO BE YOUNG, NAIIVE AND INNOCENT AND CANNOT RESIST THE MAN OF GOD, AND THESE VICTIMS ARE SYSTEMATICALLY CHOSEN, , KENNELLED READY FOR THE NEXT BINGE.


What I am saying is there are different degrees of sin. There is minor, venial sin or fault. This is not scandal. Let us say two swamis, a male and female, of equal power, more or less, decide they want to do it. They have sex, but later, they feel they have done wrong as they are preaching celibacy and the clients believe them to be celibate. They have, in fact, sworn themselves to God and pledged celibacy. They fail, they repent and try again. No scandal here, no reason for shock. It is human nature.


Another case of failure or human weakness is a Swami says he does not masturbate and that someone of his stature does not need to. He pretends, yet he is masturbating night and day. He is lying, and so, this is venial or small sin. But at least, he is not seducing anyone and it is between him and his hand. OK, it would mean he is not as perfect as he says he is, and it also means his mind may not be as pure as he says, but he is not involving anyone else in his deed. This is doubtful behavior, but not scandal. (And I note here he does his sex acts by himself and does not masturbate in front of anyone nor share his fantasies with devotees or anyone who is not seeking to hear them.)


But what Swami Mucktup is doing is something else. He is getting them to sequester THE YOUNG GIRLS on the floor in one of the ashrams, for easy access by him. (By young they are in their teens and twenties.) The story that sickens me is the thirteen-year old girl from India, whose parents put her under the foster care of the ashram - with two employees her parents, and Mucktup is doing it with her, saying, "Sex with her is good."


I feel sorry for those of his flock who cannot come to terms with what he has done, and try to make sense of it in their minds, coming to no sane conclusions. Some of the men are saying,


"It's alright...he helped them. It's the hypocrisy that is wrong."


Some of the women refuse to believe it happened - though many have come forward and said he did it to them. Some knew it happened - they could not deny it - but take it with a grain of salt. It happened, but Swami also did a lot of good. They don't know the answers. Perhaps it is like the way we look at our parents or other intimates. We know certain people sin, but they are so close to us, so connected, that we cannot bear to judge them. The others, far away, the strangers, it's easy to condemn their sins. But not our nearest and dearest.


I have a few answers here, and I will lay out my arguments briefly. First, sin is sin. What Mucktup did (and other sins the ashram people did under the mask of God, - sins of lust, sins of greed - are wrong and there is no excuse for them. I do not speak of venial sins. I stated that from the beginning. Who is without sin? I explained some things are small, some are big. According to what I read, this is BIG. This is BIG LUST and BIG GREED.


When Mucktup is doing young girls systematically, planning it, carrying it out and this goes on year after year - and he an old man (not their own age) who is a Father/Teacher/Guru/Servant of God THIS IS SIN OF LUST. THIS IS DEMONS OF LUST.


Forget that tantra-shakti bullshit. This is what he was babbling to some of the girls when he was doing them. Tantra is worship of the Holy Spirit. Somehow yogi men, when they can't keep their dicks in their pants (and Western men are now following suit) give credit - to would you believe - the HOLY SPIRIT FOR WHAT THEY DO. If you believe that, I will sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. If anyone comes at you, penis in hand, and tells you the Holy Spirit makes him do it, and he will fill you with it, JUST SAY NO TO SWAMI MUCKTUP.




I have heard enough bull from dickheads and don't- knows who claim that "tantra sex" is a legitimate form of religious worship. Or that somehow, the shakti kundalini (which is the Holy Spirit) is transmitted from Guru to student THROUGH SEX. Men, with sperm backup on the brain, are somehow equating shakti kundalini with getting good hard-ons, a sort of spiritual Viagra."Be careful of the shakti rising too soon" sounds like they are saying, "Be careful how much Viagra you take...too much will make your penis rise and never go down, and make you explode."


Why are these crazy things being said, and are they crazy?


Yes, they are crazy. Why are they being said? Because men are filled with lust, and they will say anything to have an orgy. It is simply male behavior, which is twisting the teaching of Holy Spirit, God, to suit their sex drive. If what they are saying is true - that shakti is somehow transmitted through sex (usually a dirty old man and nubile girl) then WHY ARE THEY SAYING ONE THING IN PUBLIC, AND ANOTHER IN PRIVATE? In Swami Mucktup's books he never, ever claimed that shakti was transmitted through sex. He said that if you GIVE UP SEX the shakti will MOVE UPWARD (through the sushumna canal, through the chakras and ends up in the Sahasrara) AND THIS IS WHAT ALL GURUS SAY IN THE BOOKS THAT I HAVE READ. It is the RENUNCIATION OF SEX that gives a holy person some of their power - not the other way around. Why would a Swami say one thing in public and the opposite in private? BECAUSE HE WANTS TO GET LAID AND HE HAS TO HAVE A LINE. One or more of Mucktup's partners said she GOT SOMETHING SPIRITUAL from the act. If a man has a powerful anointing from God does he have to pop women to save their souls? Another woman said Mucktup told her, while having his "flaccid penis inside her" for one and a half hours (what did he DO all that time?....she says he talked about his childhood!) that something amazing was about to happen - and she says it did!


It was spiritual. If this happened - and I will give it the benefit of the doubt and say it did - then I think it is sort of like Juanita Bynum saying to the audience that their hearts will change - and their hearts do change. People are falling in the aisles, lying on the floor for hours, beating their hearts and praising God. A wise minister tells you what to expect, and then you ready yourself for it, and then you - the faithful - let it happen. Nobody said that God had to be excluded from all sex acts. Perhaps God does slip in occasionally. BUT SEX IS NOT REQUIRED FOR GIVING SHAKTI. Imagine faith healers needing to HAVE SEX WITH THE MEMBERS OF THE AUDIENCE IN ORDER TO HEAL THEM! That would include all the members, of all ages, male and female! But Swami Dickheads are only targeting certain members of the audience, namely, those for whom his dick stands up. THIS IS RELIGION?


As far as "tantra sex," it has always been looked down upon by the greats. Ramakrishna and many others had contempt for "tantra sex" cults. (In fact, he relates a personal experience that taught him a lesson. He was going to "worship Krishna through sex the way a woman would,"...as Ramakrishna was gay...but Krishna/God rewarded him BY MAKING HIM FALL AND BREAKING HIS ARM!) It stands to reason, that if holy souls renounce sex for the sake of God, then how could they be doing sex for the sake of God? It is a contradiction in terms.


Secondly, shakti kundalini does not bring lust. It is not that kind of energy. There's a lot of nonsense being said about it, but this is perpetrated by men in darkness, repeated by women who know nothing. When you come closer to God, it's the other way around. God slowly, steadily, cleanses you of strong flesh needs, sex being one of them. Oneness with God will make you drink less alcohol, smoke less cigarettes, take less drugs, need less emotional ties with people, and all that other stuff. It will give you more faith and love, more integrity and dignity, more faith and confidence and courage, and will lift you ABOVE YOUR FLESH AND MAKE YOU FREE. What DOES make you horny are DEMONS OF LUST. Although sex itself, by its very nature, is not sinful, those obsessed and addicted with it are frequently demonized. In fact, in reading the accounts of Swami Mucktup, I believe he was taken over by Satan through sin. How could that be? Can a holy man be a sinner? Is that not a contradiction in terms? If one is holy, one is not sinning, and if one is a sinner, then how could one be holy?


Please listen carefully. The reason I am writing this is not because of an individual - the man I call Mucktup - (he's been dead for years) but because THIS IS AN ISSUE FOR ALL TIME. There are many Swamis out there - right now - DOING THE SAME THING. There are other sins, also, that swamis and religious are plenty guilty of, namely pride and greed - and we'll talk about that later in the article.


When a man like Swami (or any other person, for that matter)starts to commit sin, it opens him to demons. That is how it works. How do demons have permission to "enter" or enslave us? By our very own acts and will. (There are other ways, which I will not get into here.) I know that Swami Mucktup was enlightened. (It takes one to know one.) Does that mean he could never sin? Does that mean he could not be tempted, or if tempted, impervious to failure? Of course not. Please recall how Jesus was approached by Satan after the forty-day fast, and sorely tried and grieved in the Agony in The Garden. Some Christians think they are impervious to Satan because they are "covered in the Blood." But Satan comes to tempt the holy...they are his principal target. The wicked he already has and does not have to bother with. He knows they are on the way to Hell. Not only can a Christian (or any other Godly person) be tempted, but they can be demonized. (Check the teachings of Bob Larson.) (Later in the article I will speak of ANOINTED SOULS WHO SINNED and enlightened souls who sunk into the flesh for other reasons, and suffered great misery.)


There is a strange belief here, in America, that these gurus who have the power of shaktipat are infallible. I think the gurus themselves encourage this, for obvious reasons. They want believers to build their Church or ashram. If people didn't think you a Perfect Master, or something like that, why would they come to you, support you and give you their money? They believe that you, the guru, are not like normal people, that you are holy, you are powerful. On another note, gurus do not always know where they are at. They may be part of the way to enlightenment, and don't know they aren't there yet. They want to share the belief, with you, that they are all the way to the top. In India they test the gurus before they pledge allegiance to them. (Guruhood is a money-making venture to some that are poverty stricken. Even a few devotees can put food on the table and clothes on the back.) They also take some of what Swamis say with a grain of salt - certainly not believing everything nor doing all that they say! In America, this is a new game. We aren't sure what to do with our "Baba-Zeebas."


Let me now break down what kind of spiritual geniuses there are, and what kind of gurus. Take a look at the words we are dealing with: PERFECTION (what is it?), GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT OR SHAKTI KUNDALINI and ANOINTING. Let's first talk about anointing and gifts. This is one and the same.


A gift is a power. There are different kinds and different degrees of gifts. If you will look at the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit you will know. Included are discernment, knowledge, understanding and wisdom, as well as the gifts of power - which are healing and miracles.


If God gives a gift GOD NEVER REPENTS OF THAT GIFT. If a guru can transmit shakti kundalini, or do faith healing (which are one and the same) THIS GIFT IS NEVER TAKEN AWAY. If the person falls into sin, they still have the gift. (Sitting in a gutter on the Bowery, they might not use the gift, but it is still there.)


This explains why ministers and gurus who fall into sin STILL HAVE THE POWER OF THEIR GIFT. (This gets tricky....we might say, then why not just give into sin and "have fun," like the Guru who pops young girls? Wine, women and song, maybe? Why renounce everything if once you get the gift, it is never repented? Why not then jump back into all the things you renounced?) Bear with me here and I will answer you.


The next consideration is PERFECTION. Perfection is of two kinds. One is UNION WITH GOD, which is the soul's being joined or yoked, with God. All the good we do makes our souls more beautiful and Godlike. Now many people are JOINED with God but they don't have the other kind of perfection, which may be called MYSTICAL. Mystical union or "perfect union" makes a person consciously see, feel, hear and sense God, with inner and even with outer senses. In yoga, the beginning of this is "krijas." Now, you could be perfect in the first union, that of being yoked with God, but fail in the second union. You could be one with God, but not feel the presence of God. The second union is the hardest to obtain and retain. YOU CANNOT HAVE SINS, MAJOR OR INTERMEDIATE, TO RETAIN THIS STATE, and above that, your mind and heart must be ABSORBED IN GOD and not in the things of the world and flesh.


When Swami Mucktup began sinning with young girls I believe it happened in stages. Addiction to sin can be like that. You commit one, and you seemed to get away with it. Then you did it again, and everything seemed alright. You did not lose your anointing. But two things were happening, that you did not feel.


One, the mystical perfection started to leave you (this is very delicate) and two, the devil began to enter. At first, the devil might be "pleasant" and give you specious or spurious arguments why your behavior is alright. (Later he won't be so pleasant and tells you he owns you and you are going to Hell!)


If you continue on this course of action, eventually, perhaps in days or months, all mystical contact with God is gone. The terrible thing about this is that once this contact is gone, you go more and more toward your addiction, because it makes you feel better now that you have lost God. It REPLACES God, as it were. So you cannot live without this addiction. The devil is now a familiar person, and always excuses what you do, eager to lead you deeper into the pit, and get you to commit other sins and get into more addictions. Now that you have lost MYSTICAL CONTACT with God, you cannot hear the still, small voice within. And so, YOUR CONSCIENCE IS DEAD, de facto. You can't hear it. And so, you do not realize how mucked up you are! (The only way you can get out of this now is to fall on your face before God and repent. If that does not work, you have to have exorcism, plus a firm repentance.)


This what I have just said explains why people said,


"How could Swami give shaktipat, if he was doing that?"


Very simple. Shaktipat transmission is a GIFT. God does not repent the gifts. But Swami lost his personal union, or intimacy, with God, if he was sinning.


That explains why IT DOES NOT PAY TO SIN, and the price of sin is the LOSS OF THE VISION OF GOD.


The person who is addicted to sin is, on some level, a miserable wretch. They might be deluded for a while that they are alright - but take away their fixes and they will scream. That is why sin, once chronic, is so hard to stop. You lost what you had (in this case, mystical union with God,) and this takes it's place. You are afraid to quit the thing that makes you feel good.






How can a person who has been touched by God, empowered and gifted by God, become enlightened, then fall down? Because of our human nature. No matter how high we have been lifted by the grace of God, even to GLORY, that great illumination DOES NOT REMAIN WITH US ALL THE TIME. Roberts Liardon talks about being in the pit of depression for months, and the only time the pain went away was when he got up on stage and the ANOINTING hit him. Gets off stage, desperately depressed again. James Robison, a well-respected minister seen on Trinity, was so plagued by demons of lust that he got a gun and wanted to "blow his brains out."


In the beginning, he had a sweet intimacy with Our Lord, so wonderful that he couldn't wait to get to his room and pray. Later on, something happened and he lost that Presence. He was in the "pit of Hell on earth" for about ten years, all the while, not losing the anointing or gift God had given him to preach. (Read the full story: "Beatific Vision" Part II "Contemplative Vision")


Every creature is a composite of God and Matter. There is the HUMAN and the DIVINE. In the holy ones, the Divine takes precedence. The average person doesn't think much about God, but rather concerns himself with day to day life. The saint says,


"Put first the Kingdom of God, and all things shall be added unto you"....and "What profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul? For what shall he exchange for his soul?"


In the average person there is no struggle. The flesh has won. Satan doesn't have to tempt him, he's on the "broad highway to Hell." But those that are born again, initiated, begin the struggle. That struggle is Spirit over Flesh, and Flesh over Spirit. They are two different dimensions. We assume that in the holy soul, Spirit has won. But this struggle goes on forever, until the moment of death. We must understand that souls of God, including the holiest ones, must battle DAILY to say yes to God, and no to the flesh. The higher up the saint might be, the craftier are the demons sent, the more specious their arguments, and the more persistent their assaults. You can bet your bottom dollar that if a soul is a great threat to Satan, reaping more and more souls for God, that person will be TARGETED - not the average person - for attacks by the enemy.


I will give you some examples of ANOINTED SOULS - "GOD'S GENERALS" Roberts Liardon calls them - "Why They Succeeded and Why Some Failed." Roberts Liardon put together a series of video tapes which include twelve of the most anointed ministers who ever lived. Those he relates are John Alexander Dowie, Maria Woodworth-Etter, Evan Roberts, Charles F. Parham and William J. Seymour, John G. Lake, Smith Wigglesworth, Aimee Semple McPherson, William M. Branham, Jack Coe, A. A. Allen and Kathryn Kuhlman. (To check how to order this 12 tape series see www.womanthouartgod.com on the Aimee Semple McPherson article.)


It would be easier to tell you the ones that had NO serious personal problems. They were John Alexander Dowie, Maria Woodworth-Etter, Smith Wigglesworth and Kathryn Kuhlman. Although Roberts Liardon thinks Rev. Dowie had problems with his actions and doctrine, I disagree with him and place him as those who did not fall. The rest were assaulted by demons - inner or outer - and although they were the greatest faith healers of all time - THEY ALL FELL. (This is not to say that the others were not assaulted by Satan. This is saying that whatever assailed them, they had no personal fall that we can detect. And by fall I do not mean they necessarily fell from grace or fell into sin. I am saying they perhaps lost the mystical contact, or intimacy, with God.)


Let's take it one at a time.


Evan Roberts was solely responsible for starting the religious revival in Wales. The entire country, including sports and brothels, stopped business and turned to the worship of God. This spread to the United States (Los Angeles Azusa Street Revival) and parts of the world. But after a real short ministry, he retired forever. The man simply couldn't take it, and within three years, had NINE NERVOUS BREAKDOWNS. Since he quit when he was nineteen, he spent the rest of his long life confused and disoriented on things spiritual. He said HE DID NOT KNOW WHY HE WAS BORN.


Charles F. Parham, the Father of Pentecostalism, started a college to study the power of the Holy Spirit. One of his pupils, a black man, had to sit outside the room, because of Jim Crow laws. William J. Seymour later got the "Azusa Street Revival" going. Charles Parham's career ended when he was accused of molesting young men. William J. Seymour, the "Catalyst of Pentecostalism" did well for a while. There was a spiritual blaze seen coming out of the Azusa building, and firemen were called. But in time, negative things happened, and Mr. Parham, who was now a rival, accused them of practicing witchcraft. When Rev. Seymour got married a jealous woman stole his mailing list, and that somehow, shut down his revival. He died in anonymity.


John G. Lake came from a background of great pain and loss. Most of his family died young. He went to John Alexander Dowie and learned healing, and thereafter healed what was left of his family, and also friends. In the end, he went to Spokane, where with his pupils, they healed thousands, making it "the healthiest city in the United States." But early in his ministry, he took a young wife to Africa, where SHE DIED OF OVERWORK. He healed thousands of Africans, but could not save his wife. His daughter said that when Dad took her out for dinner, he left her sitting right there when he thought of how to finish a sermon. He simply got up and left the table to go home. The child had to call him to pick her up. Obviously, the man was obsessed with ministry so much that he could see nothing but that. He did find a new wife and had more children, but the first children never forgave him.


Aimee Semple McPherson was the most unique case. Her "fall," if you will, came from outward stress and grief. After establishing the world's most remarkable faith healing ministry and Temple, she was assaulted by first her mother, then others, in an attempt to take away her Church and its money. The beginning of this "fall" was Mom - negotiating with her staff to take control of the Church. Aimee collapsed and went "blind" for two weeks. Then she was kidnapped and disappeared for a month. Everyone thought she was dead, but she reappeared walking into a little town in the desert of Arizona. A huge campaign to slander her name ensued - that she faked her own kidnapping, ran away with a man, had an unwanted baby and lots of other nonsense. They simply did not investigate her story properly. She had been tied up in a shack all that time and forevermore suffered a stomach ailment from the food she was given. When both her children and Mom got married and left her, Aimee felt so lonely she married the only man who asked. This was after a severe nervous breakdown, where she rung her hands for years. The portly baritone was sued for breach of promise by another woman, and Aimee had to pay. He was actually a whoremaster, and was physically abusing Aimee. Police were called in. Her daughter turned against her, and sued her along with the fifty one other people lusting for her money! Aimee had chronic insomnia and often took sleeping pills. She got a bottle without a prescription and took some of these together with the medicine for her stomach. Something happened from the mix of these two drugs, and she died, at the age of fifty four. The world's most anointed faith healer died of an overdose of sleeping pills!


William M. Branham, a man of "Notable Signs and Wonders" was a Tennessee Hillbilly, was touched by God at the age of seven. He heard a voice in a tree calling him, and this voice came to him again and again, telling him he was to do God's work. Eventually, he had a thriving faith healing ministry, but it didn't make him happy, and he quit. He decided to be a teacher instead of a healer, and that was bad. Mr. Branham simply didn't have enough credentials to teach, and his doctrine was off the wall. He was saying that women were responsible for all sin and death. John Hagee - a minister famous for the ferocity of his anointing - said God was going to "Take Branham out" for the sake of the rest of the brethren.


Rev. Branham had a head-on collision in his car, with his wife dying by his side. His last act was to reach out to her, touch and heal her, and then he himself died.


Jack Coe, "The Man of Reckless Faith," was a mighty man of healing. Oral Roberts said he had the greatest faith of anyone he'd ever seen. He started with nothing, but the ministry made him rich. Somewhat portly in the beginning, he went up to three hundred pounds. He seemed to fight with everyone around him, and there were accusations. Why was he so fat, and was he misappropriating the money coming in? Jack Coe died, at the tender age of thirty eight, of leukemia. The doctor said he had the body of an eighty-year old man.


To me, the saddest case of all is A. A. Allen, because I like him so much. His title was "miracle man." He was given 600 acres out in the desert by a believer, and turned it into a little religious town. (Faith healers made what is the equivalent of millions of dollars in a short time, when people believed in their power.) I found it amazing to see him pray over a man's leg, and that leg, which was shorter than the other, grew to the same size. The man was crying and rejoicing. But Rev. Allen had a drinking problem. It started in childhood, when his bootlegging parents put alcohol in his baby bottle. They caught him drunk driving a few times, and that hurt his reputation. He had woman problems, too. His wife was divorcing him. They found him dead in his hotel room during a tour, with a high level of alcohol in his blood. His liver was shot.


These are the stories I know, and they are not Swamis, but Protestant saints. Nevertheless, it is about anointing and anointing is the power of God, wherever it's at. Here is what we are saying: Anointing and the PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD ARE TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. An anointing, like faith healing/shaktipat, IS A GIFT FOR OTHERS. It may not even work for you yourself. But the personal walk with God, which Roberts Liardon points out, is something else. This is what you must work on - when you are home alone with God. The anointing does not fill you up when you are praying or meditating, or relating to people on a day to day basis. The power is for preaching, teaching, healing, miracles or whatever. It may not affect you at all, except when you are using the power. To have a personal walk with God requires discipline and that thing Catholics call being DEAD TO SELF. Yogis call it renunciation. They all know what it is, but what happens, is somewhere along the line, corruption sets in. If a person has not been tried and tested over and over, and resisted sin, they may fail. It takes tremendous holiness, and great MIND POWER to understand THIS IS TEMPTATION - THIS IS SIN. And so the distinction here is PERSONAL HOLINESS VS THE POWER OF GOD FOR OTHERS... ANOINTING. The first thing Satan does is confuse the person to believe something not true. He's the father of lies, isn't he? So he'll tell a man - like Liardon explained on one tape - how a minister was cheating on his wife. Liardon confronted him and asked what's up. The man said,


"It is alright. I am covered in the Blood."


This is what the devil told him. And to a Swami, such an act would be "transmission of shakti...you are helping her."


Here is a lesson for all of us. How dangerous the path to God is, and how difficult to stay up there without sin! If saints can fall, then it is hard to live the life of perfection, in perfect union with God both in the soul and in the body. Our nature is human and Divine, and God must prevail.

Rasa Von Werder
April 7, 2005


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