First I see this guy, by the name of Tom Green, years ago on TV. He shows up a few times over the years with his clan of women, portraying one big happy family. This is new stuff, and I think,

"To each their own...if it floats their boat, let them do it. Who am I to judge?"

He claims that all the women love each other and it isn't only HE who marries the new women, but all the women marry the new women...(new thoughts are rising through my head, thoughts of heavenly divine love, where everyone loves one another. Even women love one another...some kind of bucolic paradise setting.) How do they support themselves? They run mail order. How do they pay for health insurance? Out of their pockets, etc.


You see Tom Green again, years later. The oldest wife is gone, in fact, most of the old wives seem to be gone. It's a lot of new ones, much younger. He's now marrying the daughters of the wives, including thirteen year olds, and he's being brought up for charges. Big news. Tom Green's in jail.

May, 2004 I see Debrah Norville doing a story where Flora Jessup has helped a woman escape. It centers around a clan in Utah on the border of Nevada; Colorado City. This is one of the worst, if not the worst, place. FLDS, Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints is their name. Flora Jessup talks about what goes on there, including that their leaders are forming a NAZI group for the boys called "SONS OF HEILMAN." Kind of takes you back a couple steps. They live behind what to me looks like CONCENTRATION CAMPS. The houses are surrounded by tall chain link fences, where children play outside. All females wear loose, long dresses and braids. No telephone, no television, no internet, no nothing, just mind-control programming all day by through-the-house audios proclaiming the truth of polygamy. You can't go to Heaven unless you're a polygamist. Women must obey men in all things. Women cannot think or feel: they have no right. Men are the Kings, and women the petals on their flower, and Kings must have VARIETY.

If they try to run away, they have to walk through fifty miles of desert. If they're caught, the police take them right back. If they call 911, the police tell them not to make trouble. You see, the entire town is polygamists. You cannot escape. They can't call anybody even if they get to a phone because there is no one to call. They've been isolated from birth. (I wonder what happens to outsiders who joined, albeit joined without knowing what they were getting into...don't they know anybody?)

Welcome to the POLYGAMY TRAP!

How do you get women to join it? How stupid can they be?

Flora Jessup, in an exclusive interview recently, told me that they are either born into it, or they are battered women. The women want to stop the beatings, but they soon realyze that what they got into is even worse. Now their minds and souls are battered, and soon they're in a BLACK HOLE from which there is no escape.

These women are deprived of money, status and information. They can't drive. They don't have friends on the outside who can help them. With every advantage to the men, the women have no human rights, not even to their own children!


The in-house "education" provided the children IS NOT TESTED BY THE STATE. The state does nothing at all. It's as if these people went to another planet, and no government agency checks up on them. No social workers attend to abuse. (They tell them they must stay; the outside world is much worse!) In an area of rampant abuse OF ALL KINDS - it's a sort of "anything goes" mentality especially if the men are doing it, and THERE IS NO ACCOUNTABILITY BY THE MEN. This is AMERICA? (I've heard about Arab theocracies, where they scourge American women and make them sign confessions that they are prostituting. For what? Because they LAUGHED at a McDonald's.

But this is not Iran. What is going on here?)

The women these guys marry progressively get younger. They start with women their own age, and each marriage, the old ones get put on the shelf and the new ones get younger and younger. Flora Jessup said they have no use for women past child bearing days. (Hey, these guys ought to get together with the Catholic Church. They also think that women were made only to breed.)

I see a scene with a polygamist, trying to show us how happy they are. The older ones stand behind, the newest, youngest one gets to hold hands with the guy and looks blissed out.

They all talk with such pleasure of being here;

"I have no right to be jealous," one beautiful lady says. It looks good, but it smells wrong. What is this?

Flora Jessup, on the Norville show, gives an articulate account of herself and her work. The other lady, also named Jessup (no relation) speaks, but she seems dazed. Her escape being only three months past, has not provided her with time to adjust. She can scarcely speak up for herself and my heart goes out to her. I wish I could just be there and help her express what she wants to say.

She's just gotten her three daughters into her custody and two boys remain back there. Debrah asks if she's going to try and get the sons. She seems lost for words. Flora chimes in,

"We aren't sure if she and the girls are safe with the boys. They're being programmed into the "SONS OF HEILMAN", which is like NAZIS. She gives a document of their doctrine to Ms. Norville, who is aghast and says she chooses not to read it aloud.(Flora tells me that eventually she did get the boys back, but they are TOTALLY CONFUSED.

The plot continues. I tune on tv and see another polygamy show which has been repeated for years, but I see it for the first time. This full hour documentary was even more shocking than Debrah Norville's show. I see two women testifying about sexual abuse. One, by her father.

Her father takes each girl out for a special treat on the day she reaches her sixteenth birthday. He takes her for dinner and a movie and sex. It's a "sex course," which he begins teaching her so she can be a better wife. He takes her into her Mom's room and puts his fingers in her vagina. She is TERRIFIED. She CRIES as she tells her story. Thank God, when headlights appear in the driveway, he leaves the room. The victim's name is Rena Mackert. She does not explain if it happens to her again, but this man teaches hands-on sex to ALL HIS DAUGHTERS - and that could be a lot of daughters with men who have multiple wives!

Another woman, frail and thin and young, talks about her father abusing her AT THE AGE OF THREE. As a toddler, she can remember the great weight of his body on her as he did sex to her. Later, upon being liberated, it was hard to get over the pain. Her sweet face is stricken, as she sits with five children at a table. She says that when you're liberated it's like freeing the slaves in the south. They had no resources and no place to go - but they were free.

Another woman explains her story: with eleven children her husband says he's called to be a polygamist and leaves. They beg him to stay. She later debates with a minister and the minister tells her polygamy is in the scriptures. (Apparantly these guys are going back to the time of Abraham and the Semitic culture of multliple wives....hey, wasn't Utah told that as a requirement of joining the Union, they would have to give up polygamy? Isn't it a felony? And besides that, the world has changed. In those days, there were problems with population. Today it's the opposite. We are eating up the planet and all the species and rain forests are being destroyed. This proliferation isn't doing anyone any good. Let's take care of the children we have now and have the children the planet can maintain.)

How do the children survive, not having friends outside the clan? They must be isolated, lonely and deprived. They are taught to fear "outsiders."

A daughter of a polygamist, Ruthanne Stevens, cries. She talks about a life completely dictated in all ways by others.

Randy Maudsley, a minister, displays his wives. He's not that great looking. The wives go from attractive to beautiful. In the real world, that makes sense. Women trade looks and youth for security. But these guys aren't giving them any; they're using them for sex, for breeding, and as hooks for food stamps and welfare. They put on a masquerade of contentment. Looks good, smells wrong.

There's no logic here. Some of these guys are old, pot-bellied, and don't seem too bright. What are the women getting out of this? I need to dig deeper. Debrah Norville hasn't told me all I need to know.

If these women were the "dregs" of society: Gorilla ugly, down-and-out, and stupid, you could understand why they'd join up. This is the lowest a woman can go. But it's not like that. The women are better looking and smarter than the men, so what's going on?

The authorities, the legislature, what have they to say in all this? You have Sen. Scott Howell, minority leader, confronted by activists. He called the State Attorney General's office and was told that it gets even worse than what the rep's told him. These are hotbeds of the worst morality. In the end, the good Senator says there isn't enough money to prosecute. Nice try, Senator. Why not get the tip of the iceberg? That would break it up. In other words, monitor the children. Make sure they are getting a decent education and that they are not being abused. Next, check into the welfare scams. If women are getting welfare claiming they have no husband, then let them move, with the children, and give them welfare to live on their own. They can get more sperm later, if and when they need it, elsewhere.

The final solution would be social workers evaluating if these women are really there because they want to be. If they say they want to leave, provide them with housing, at least temporarily, until they get on their own feet. Help them get free not by arresting these guys, but giving the women a place to live. It takes money, but we're spending billions on outer space, corporate welfare and foreign aid. How about aiding our own women and children from terrorism in the home?


We move on to the Kingston family, which consists of about 1500 people, many of whom are inbred. Children are being born with small heads and their limbs stuck together and die, but they still continue the inbreeding because of fear of outsiders.

In this scenario, a sixteen-year-old girl, Mary Ann Kingston, is beaten into unconsciousness by her father, because she doesn't want to be married to her uncle, his brother. This is David and Daniel Kingston. They keep showing closeups of the eyes of the uncle, which have a wild look.

The father took Mary Ann to a barn, where he beat her till she passed out. Photos showed her body covered with large black bruizes. She woke up in a farmhouse, climbed out a window and limped seven miles to town. There she called 911 and the rest is history. It got the polygamy trap broke wide open. The father got ten years, of which he served four and is now out. The uncle got six months for child abuse.

Out of this background, married to Leon Kingston, Rowena Erickson escaped in 1994. She's been a spokeswoman since "98. She and another lady started "Tapestry Against Polygamy." They have a thrift store and speak to the press. Rowena also does hypnotherapy.

In an exclusive interview recently, Rowena shocked me by saying that the traditional Mormon Church is actually part of polygamy. Flora Jessup confirmed this also. They don't profess it openly, but there are secret/sacred rites in which men are "sealed" to women not their wives.

They have not changed or renounced the teachings of Joseph Smith, Ms. Erickson says, but continue to believe his dictums. And the dictums are polygamous. She recommends reading,

"Under the Banner of Heaven," by Jon Krakaur. This goes into the marriages called "sealings" in the Mormon Church. In order to gain Heaven, you must be a polygamist.

Since 70% of Utah is Mormon, and 90% of their legislature, then why, I asked Rowena, don't they stop the polygamy abuses? Rowena says they don't know what to do. Flora Jessup says they DON'T WANT to
do anything.

Joseph Smith, Ms. Erickson says, seems like he had a bi-polar problem. His son died of mental illness. Joseph Smith got his housekeeper pregnant. This was a dilemma. He and his brother got together and concocted a scheme. They developed a system where they could have lots of wives, and if the wife didn't approve, she'd be told she was going to Hell. Rowena also says he had a sex addiction.

(Why did I know that?)

Andrea Emmaus has written a book called, "God's Brothel" which explains the present subject. Rowena Erickson says the men in the cult are pigs, and polygamy itself is ONE BIG LONG FUCK.


RVW, July 2004





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