There can be many ways that programs given to you by God can be brought low. The word trauma means severe stress - a hard blow. In a case like this, a person might be sunken into their problems or their fear, or anxiety or depression. Which is to say that the mind, which has the programs, instead of using these gifts, is pulled down into places where the programs are not.

I have spoken of this issue from another perspective in many places. The world of mystical theology is so complicated that even if you are a great mystic and have many programs/gifts, you cannot understand everything. There is no person who understands everything about all computers. And they are getting more complicated or evolved every day. No matter how much you know, there is more to know, and that truth applies to the mind/soul/spirit as much as to computers. But there are basic principles I can share with you that to mean seem straight forward.

It is well known to ministers that God's devotional work is done better in a time of peace than in a time of war. When King David said he was going to built the temple, God told him that he would not. His son Solomon built the temple. What was the difference? David was a warrior always at war. Solomon, probably because his Dad did so much fighting, did not have to be at war. In that environment, the Temple of God was built. Similarly, contemplatives must be persons of peace. You cannot be an A-type personality and contemplate. At the very least, you must relax yourself totally before contemplation can come. There are teachings on this in both the East and West. Being abstracted from the world and flesh, sitting on the higher bough of the tree of life, rising above desires and tumultuous emotions - these are all requirements for a state of BLISS.

(By bliss is meant spiritual bliss where one is anchored in a place of serenity, peace, tranquillity and happiness.)

Simply put, when you are in turmoil, contemplative programs don't work too well. Now be assured that God by no means gives us programs that fail to work when we need them. There are many gifts that work in times of crisis. Courage, confidence, faith, patience, fortitude and many other virtues can work at any time. Trust, hope, can work at any time. But some programs work at a time of rest better than in a time of turmoil.

These would be, for example, communicating with the other side of the veil, or communicating with the interior of the soul of another person - (linking with their hard drive to see what's in it.)

It was noted by Anne Catherine Emmerich that the reason God spoke to St. Joseph in dreams was because in his waking state he was not able to sense God's messages as well. This goes for me also - perhaps for many. I pray and ask God questions. I also question Jesus and Mary, Padre Pio, other Catholic and Protestant saints, saints of many religions, and I speak to souls in Purgatory and those who ascended. I ask questions and sometimes I get good and clear answers. I don't always get answers. My abilities are not automatic. I cannot instantly reach and link with anyone I chose to link with. God decides where I can go, how I can go and when I can go. God can stop me from discovering something. God can withhold information. It is all up to God. What I am saying is that in my waking state I get pretty good results. But in my sleeping state - in my dreams, I get amazing results. I trust my dreams as a higher state than my waking state. Usually, if I am searching for the answer to a problem or difficulty and if the answer is important, I do not take one answer as final. I seek answers time and time again and analyze my dreams carefully. After much thought, prayer and analysis, then I decide what to do.

In my own case I know very well that when I am in a state of mental agitation I cannot get answers as clearly as when I am calm. Try always to remember that relaxation is one of the most important helpers in union with God. To learn you must relax. To receive you must relax. To meditate and receive God's answers you must relax. However hard your schedule is and however bad your problems are, you must relax to get answers. Sometimes I know well that this is impossible and you simply cannot get the answers. At those times do nothing rash or impulsive. Wait before you act, if you can. And trust in God and in your guardian angels. Believe that God and the angels will watch over you and let no harm come to you or your loved ones or your property. Do remember that God always sees us even though we are not conscious of this and that God is aware, fully aware, of what we need.

TRUST THAT GOD IS THERE EVEN WHEN YOU CANNOT SENSE OR FEEL GOD'S PRESENCE. Speak to God as you would a Mother and let God know you trust her totally and leave all in Her capable hands.



I've explained to you that the things God gives us may be called programs, or software. These are downloaded into our soul or mind. These programs can fail us during certain times. Sin can erase or actually delink our programs. Grace can seem to terminate our programs but we know if the sovereign power of God does this, they will come back as they are or in greater form. The third cause of interference with programs is trauma or severe distress. This can take on any form: divorce, or the end of a relationship, losing a job, a death, an accident, dissapointment, rejection, too many problems, etc. The abilities or programs that God gives us, although they are always there (they seem like they get erased but as I said I think they are always there unless a person ends up in Hell) they can't operate to one degree or another.

In mystical theology, we learn how to support our programs. Receiving them is the beginning, and how this is done is you pull out all the stops in your devotion to God. There is no absolute formula that a human can understand - not this human. But if you study the saints you'll get good ideas. (Study the saints of all religions if you can. You'll get ideas from different perspectives.) Now say you have received some programs, (also take note that asking for programs all the time may not be the best thing to do. What you need to ask for from God is God. God is your REWARD - programs are gifts by which you serve God usually in doing service to others. If you keep asking God for gifts and it's ego-based this is not a good thing. God gives gifts/programs to those who are unselfish and those who are humble and constantly pray for others. So if you want to IMPRESS others and MAKE MONEY from and exploit gifts, you won't get many no matter how much you ask. God knows your heart. If you ask out of ego, God knows it. But if you humble yourself and suffer in order to help souls, God will download programs into you so you may help others better. And of course, you will be helped also. That's automatic.)


Now in nurturing your programs, remember that the principle part of you, and the main part where programs reside, is in your mind. So protect your mind - from distraction, dissipation and poisonous or negative thinking.

Everything you do goes into your hard drive. God can see it in an instant. It's all there. But God can do anything. And by the grace of God, can change your hard drive and take out all the viruses, the junk mail, the cookies and crap, and God can give you a clean heart, a clean mind and a clean soul. And all for free; just pay with your love.




What wonderful analogies between computers and mystical theology! The hard drive is your soul, the graces and gifts God gives us She downloads into us. (Sometimes this goes into our Spirit, or our soul, or our mind.) These gifts and graces are exactly like programs. We know they work, but how?

And so, when one is anointed or empowered, one has received one or more programs from God. Anointings, powers, programs, graces, abilities and gifts; all one and the same.

Consider Jesus and His special abilities: Healing, Exorcism, Preaching. These special gifts which He had and has, He can download to you. My other guru, Baba Muktananda, has another set of programs, which he has downloaded into me. Nityananada, his guru, has now also become my mentor and I trust has put his special touch into me.

Note the difference between the soul and the Spirit. The Spirit is the Presence of God within you. It is the small blue oval light in the middle of the brain called the "Blue Pearl" by Siddha yogis. The soul is the hard drive because it contains everything you have in terms of knowledge, experiences, and abilities. The only thing somewhat separate from your hard drive/soul is your Spirit. The Spirit is over your soul, but waiting to be, shall we say, fully linked. It is linked one way - from Spirit down into your soul and mind. But to go the other way, mind/soul linked TO Spirit, that is called Self-Realization. This is what spiritual evolution is all about. It's what you were made for and what you should strive for. You must not just receive from above, but you must join yourself to the Above, becoming fully aware that you and what is above are one and the same. In a bold way of speaking, you are God. But that sounds bizarre to most ears. It's easier to think "one with God."

In Mystical Theology, it is well known that we go through two basic paths, of which there are many variations. They are the paths of darkness and illumination. During darkness the PROGRAMS that God has put into you are not operating, or operating with less facility. When our programs are down, we suffer. Our programs, for those of us who have them, make life beautiful. They give us abilities of discernment, sensing the Presence of God or demons. They let us "read hearts" or what I now call data bases. They let us understand the past or see into the future (although not always absolutely, precisely, but to some degree) and they let us understand the past and the mysteries of God.

When programs are down, we are like downed computers. We walk around in a daze, lost in the shallows and wastes of human sense, (where many people are) or even in a fog of Purgatory, or in the Pit of Hell to some degree. What happens and why does it happen?

There are many reasons known to me, and probably some I know nothing about. One thing is sin. Sin can interfere with programs, because sin cuts you off from God to some degree, depending on the severity of the sin. God never repents a gift or program, meaning that God does not take back what She's given us, but we mess it up ourselves by our actions. Gifts must be taken care of. If you have a great body and great health, but you smoke, drink and eat junk foods, you mess with the gift and may lose it not because God took it away but because YOU pushed it away. Comprende?

Second reason is the grace of God. Sometimes, in order to test you or permit you to do reparation for sin, to help others, God sometimes allows gifts to submerge or dissapear, yet they are waiting in the wings. Again, it's like programs. Once put in, they are always there, but they can get de-linked. (I believe they would never be erased unless a person went to Hell.)







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