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Mystical Union is the Soul’s Union with God. There is more than one way of explaining how the Soul unites with God. In the Eastern tradition it is a matter of realization, the Soul opens It’s mind more and more until It comes to realize that It is one with God. This "mystical union" sounds easy, but it is the hardest thing to do, as difficult as losing one’s ego. In the Western tradition we look upon it as humbling one self until the bondage to the flesh, the world, and the devil disappears and we become free. At that moment God (which Christians call Jesus Christ) can take over the Soul. And so we empty ourselves, and Grace fills us completely. Between “Step A” and “Step Z” there are a multitude of sins, a zillion stumbling blocks, and an untold number of mistakes. No matter how many books you read, how many sermons you hear, and how many prayers you pray Union with God is trial and error. We have been shocked when suddenly God appeared to us and showed us that we were in a state of perfection and we were sadly disappointed when we thought we were doing well and God rebuked us. Proficiency in Mystical Union is a long, hard struggle even for the greatest Saints. We learn by our humiliations.



Two mystical lovers in loving intimate embrace
On The Other Side Of The Cross Is The Most Intimate Union Of Love With Your Divine Spouse
Diviana & Ivan (1994)
© 2004 Rasa Von Werder






In this essay, we want to explain what is behind and beyond the Cross. Everyone knows what it takes to be a saint. It is hardship, hard work, concentration, focus on God that is above and beyond what the average person can do. It takes tremendous sacrifice that few people can master. Here we want to encourage you to show you what is on the other side of the pain.

These Hindu Paintings Describe The Same Merging Of Love Which Happens To Saints Of All Religions When They Reach Intimate Union With God. The Lotus Blossom Represents The Soul Which Is Anchored In Mud But Comes Out Clean & Beautiful Which Is The Same As Saying 'We Are In The World But Not Of It'.


When RVW suffers while at the same time keeping in the will and the Grace of God, God appears to her in what they call ecstatic union. The simplest way you can explain ecstatic union is it is a kind of sex with God. One of the greatest drives and yearnings in human kind is to have union with the gender of their choice. We imagine sublime fantasies and best case scenarios of meetings and exchanges of love. Rarely do such fantasies pan out, but the dream doesn’t seem to stop.


This desire for union with another human in an area of intimate love is but a shadow of what happens when one becomes intimate with God. As a celibate woman who has had no sex for many years, at some point God began to appear to RVW as beautiful men. In her ecstatic experiences, either Jesus or the great Yogi saint Muktananda would appear as what to Rasa were the sexiest men on Earth, and there would be some type of intimate touch. Even a glance from a man like that would be ecstatic. A touch on an arm or a leg would be more so, a kiss would be sublime, and very rarely there would be something you can only describe as sex, but it’s nothing like the sex on Earth.







For example, in 2002 Rasa dreamed about being married. This always means Jesus because Jesus has actually betrothed her with three rings in 1978, and married her in a mystical experience in 1982. In this dream, she’s looking at her husband who is standing next to a fireplace. He is dressed in black, and He is Tom Selleck, suddenly she is shocked because she has not really seen her husband so beautiful as if she was blind before. The next scene he is on top of her making love, she knows his penis is inside of her but there is no feeling of grossness…only a feeling a divine love. Then He speaks to Her and He tells her that they’ve had five children which she wasn’t aware of. What does this mean? It means that while Rasa was unaware, and her consciousness was asleep, Jesus in his great beauty and power was enriching her with Grace and saving souls. He was using her body because Jesus needs channels to reach others on Earth and in Purgatory. Suddenly Rasa woke up and saw his great beauty, and since to her Tom Selleck represented great beauty, that’s how he appeared. There is another reason why Jesus frequently appears to her as T.S. When she prayed for the divine stigmata, what God did was afflicted her with enormous unquenchable love, for first Tom Selleck, and then a Marine Sergeant. God had to do this because Rasa was no longer dating or thinking of men, and God allowed her energy level to dilate the heart in order to break her heart completely and in a sense, to destroy her entire spiritual system temporarily. Tom Selleck was the beginning of the descent into the pain of the Divine Stigmata. And so, when Tom Selleck appears this is what it means (The fact that he is dressed in black, it is reflecting the pain Rasa has been through, because black means desolation). And he appears in this intense beauty because Rasa has hit a high point of charity.


She has had hundreds of such experiences, more of which we will explain in a moment. But these experiences do not come after good times. For example, if she’s in the cellar for five hours cleaning dead decomposing rats and their defecation, that is one time Jesus appeared to her in great love and said,

“I want you to work, but not that hard.”


Playing The Flute Represents A Sublime State Of Consciousness,
Where The Devotee Cannot Perfrom Her Normal Tasks Because The
Flute Of Krishna, Or God, Has Her In An Ecstatic Trance.


The greatest ecstasy comes after the worst pains, and therefore God rewards you for your love. When we pursue pleasure, hedonism, and comfort for our flesh, Jesus does not appear to us to comfort us. For the proficient and experienced mystic, they know the more you can take, the more you will receive. You go through as much as you can bear for that moment when God will appear to you in some form and show you His/Her love.


Another way that God appears to Rasa is by Arnold. Arnold is symbol of the highest success. If something she is doing is going to be total success, Arnold appears in some intimate form, and once again there is a look, a touch, or in some very rare cases…sex. The deeper the experience, the greater the success will be (concerning this site, Arnold has appeared to Rasa about 10 or 15 ecstatic times breaking all the records of any project she has embarked upon). Arnold is a symbol of God as Prosperity, and these appearances equal the ecstasy she has when God appears as Jesus.


By the way, Jesus rarely appears rarely looking like the long-haired, robed person in classical art. He appears as we said, as the most handsome, sexiest man that Rasa can conceive of. Handsome and sexy means beauty, and God is beauty. On the other hand, the devil is ugly, and when he appears he is always ugly except in rare cases when he tries to fool you with outward appearance and appears attractive, but there is a sinister feeling to his looks.



Shiva Represents The Male & Shakti The Female Counterparts
Of God. Shiva Is Earth & Matter While Shakti Is Energy.
Snakes Also Represent Shakti, Or Holy Spirit.






There is a saint named Baba Muktananda that Rasa has had the closest relationship with, next to Jesus (in so far as saints). In what is called Sadhana or a yogic discipline, Rasa installed a Baba Muktananda into her heart. He teaches Guru identification in his books. You have to open your heart, your mind, body, and your soul to your Guru in order to let the grace of your Guru flow into you. She knew about Him in 1992 and 1993, but did not install Him because she didn’t understand the process. Reading his book again in the year 2000 she learned how to do this. Within a day it reaped a reward. Baba appeared to her quickly and gave her a pair of high heeled sandals in red white and blue sequins. This meant that he has almost instantly accepted her as what Christians call an apostle. That is one who is called and one who is sent. In Yoga terms, when you receive the sandals of the Guru, you carry the Guru’s mission. Every day Rasa read his book, put his book on audio tapes, and in this way through all her daily work listened to Baba’s words. Every evening, she would repeat mantras for thirty minutes to two hours. These mantras were not your typical well known mantras such as,

“I am He”.

She made up her own such as,

“Baba I Love You, Show Me Your Power”.


Every night he appeared to her in different forms according to what she studied and what mantra she prayed. For instance, when she studied his teaching on spiritual spontaneity, he appeared as a darling young man on a go-kart and took her for a ride.


Another night, he was on top of her and he was transmitting the lotion of consciousness into her being. She didn’t feel anything like sex or penis, but his being on top was a symbol and a sign that he was downloading grace into her. Another time he appeared as Jean Claude Van Damme, one of Rasa’s favorite stars and yet another time as the star from “The Highlander –another super-handsome man.


When God Permits Us To Die On The Cross We Do Not Stay There Forever. When We Die To Self God Takes Us Into His Or Her Arms In The mOst Tender Affection. God Often Appears To Us As The Sex Which We Naturally Relate & Feel Attacted To.


On special occasions like Valentine’s Day, as Rasa sat meditating, totally relaxed, totally empty of earthly thoughts she saw Lights such as she had never seen before. In the past Rasa was used to seeing Lights when she was in the state of Illumination. These were different; they were Muktananda’s special Lights. They were coruscating blue lights like thousands of soft stars, and they intermingled with gold coruscating lights. This happened on three special holidays during her Sadhana. As the dreams revealed to her what Baba Muktananda was doing to her soul, toward the end she saw a church in the jungle, which had completely been devastated and crumbled, and she watched this Church being rebuilt. The church was her soul, and her senses and the ability to minister which had been destroyed and burned down by the grace of the Divine Stigmata. Soon it was rebuilt and ready for occupancy. She saw Baba Muktananda and Jesus in the church, Jesus was to the right of the altar, and Baba was sitting in a chair welcoming people. Sadly, it was soon time for Baba to leave and Rasa would be unlinked from him. Baba said to Rasa,

“I am rebuilding you from the devastation of the stigmata, your penance is over.” (This was 18 years of penance.)

Rasa said to Him,

“Why did you come? Why didn’t Jesus come?”


He said,

“Who do you think sent Me?”


With Muktananda, Rasa had some of the most delightful and happy moments of her life, but with these Sadhanas, when it’s over…it’s over. He disappeared, and Rasa could not get a hold of Him again.


Rasa reached out to Him again,


“Where are you? Why can’t I reach you anymore?”

He gave her just about his last statement and He said,

“I have put into you all that I have to give, and it will manifest at the proper time.”


It was the end, from this experience, Rasa knew that Saints will appear to us and give us their Graces, their gifts, but they will not necessarily remain with us. God sends special envoys for special occasions. Rasa had been trying to understand Yoga since 1968. This was the answer to that yearning. Rasa has had communication with other Saints such as; Bishop Fulton J. Shean, and President Richard Nixon. Fulton J. Shean helped her at the end of her mom’s stay in Purgatory, and helped heal the torture in Rasa, from what her Mother had done to her. But he had only stayed for three weeks. When Rasa asked him,

“Why can’t I reach you anymore?” he said,


“I did what I had to do, and that’s it.”


President Nixon appeared at the time her second husband was about to enter Heaven from Purgatory. (Richard—her husband must have voted for Nixon). For two years he has been the greatest help in dream interpretation Rasa has ever known, but she’s having a little trouble reaching him anymore and thinks she needs to hear tapes of his voice to make contact again.


Man & Woman in intimate embrace, as metaphor for spiritual sex, leaning in for a kiss
God Can Appear To You As A Lover Through Dreams, Visions, Soft Supernatural Touches, Sounds & By Sublime Sensations. God's Presence Can Touch The Heart To Make It Melt & Expand.
Diviana & Ivan (1994)
© 2004 Rasa Von Werder





The Blessed Virgin has appeared to Rasa many times.

In 1979, Rasa asked the Blessed Virgin,

“Am I a stumbling block?”


And Mary said,

“Yes, and on this stumbling block I will build my Church.”


In 1978 Mary appeared to her and said,


“I want you to show the whole world My Immaculate Heart.”


In 1981 she appeared to Rasa and said,


“Do you like the rings My Son gave you?”


(In 1978 Jesus appeared to her and gave her three rings of blue light on her left hand.)


When You See A Lover In A Dream & It Is God, The
Closer You Are In Intimacy Means The Closer You
Are To God. Being In The Same Room is Step One, A Look Is
Step Two, A Touch Is Three A Kiss Is Four & Supernatural Sex
Is A Ten. To Saints & Mystics This Can Happen Hundreds Or
Thousands Of Times.


Rasa answered Mary,

“Yes Mother, what else could anyone else ask for?”


Mary said,

“I have my rings to give you too.”


“What are they Mother?”, she asked.


Rasa suddenly saw three rings like circles around her middle, like bands made of a grey light, and it’s as if they were tied around her middle but they extended into heaven.


And Mary said,

“They are Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience.”


They spoke for a few minutes, Rasa telling Mary everything she wanted to do for God.


Mary then said,

“I will come for you when you are finished with your work.”


This great promise coincides with the promise Jesus gave Rasa on the occasion of the three rings.


Rasa said to Jesus before He gave her the rings,


“Promise that I will not die without paying for my sins.”


Jesus said,

“I promise you that you will die in My arms.”


The subjects of which we are speaking will be a large book, and this is just the beginning. There will be more to come about Rasa’s experiences and good advice to those who are seeking Holiness and the Highest Union with God. For those who have the courage, this will be a great handbook.


Long, dark haired muscual man carrying beautiful brunette in sexy white lingerie

This Image Could Represent The Strong Arms Of Jesus
Holding You As You Die. He Receives You Into Himself, Then
Transports You Straight To Heaven.

Diviana & Ivan (1994)
© 2004 Rasa Von Werder


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