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What are the weapons available to women in their struggle for success? My friend, let us look within. Is it by might or force that we can succeed? No responsible, reasonable person thinks that. Our lives here are an eternal struggle against enemies of the world, the flesh and the devil. We fight ourselves and we fight what is outside ourselves. They say "inner demons," and these are, without a doubt, some of the worst enemies. They may be real demons or they may be programs that were put into our brains by experiences. We may have blocks, phobias, neurotic and psychotic tendencies that we have to break through. We are surrounded by "enemies" from within and without, and our success depends on only one thing: ourselves. No human, no demon can destroy us if we pull ourselves together, arm ourselves with the proper weapons, and take charge. Nothing can destroy us IF WE DON'T LET IT!


In the famous passage of St. Paul, he speaks of the principalities and powers, in high places, that we do warfare with. And our arms? The Helmet of Salvation, the Breastplate of Righteousness, the Girdle of Truth, feet clad in the Gospel of Peace or Shoes of Peace, the Sword of the Spirit, (which is the Word of God,) and the Shield of Faith. Let us begin with the Helmet of Salvation.


Truly, our mind is the beginning of all things, and that is what the Helmet surrounds and covers. First of all, we cannot love God lest we know God, and we know God with our minds. The mind is the most important part of us, so St. Paul starts here. Even our will, which is vitally important, is empowered by the mind. How can we make a decision or will something, if we have not seen it or understood it?

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So how do we fight with the mind? By listening to things, reading things, watching things and thinking about things which are truthful and positive. These would be spiritual, religious things and those things which show good and affirm good. On the opposite, we would filter our or remove or reject things that are untruthful, negative, against life and truth and love and keep our minds clean of such dirt. Now in our daily lives we will be assaulted by dirt, and deadly dirt. We will be assaulted by people on the lower rungs of evolution, and by those who are going to Hell and don't care. We will be attacked by those who don't love us - including our parents and family, and do as much damage by neglecting, ignoring us as they do by abusing us. Somehow, by arming ourselves with God and Truth, we must resist all evil and protect this great mind of ours. From this mind all the programs start. These programs are thought patterns and behavior that is instilled. We will hear our family voices in our brains for the rest of our lives for they have programmed us; not always by words but by actions. How do we counterbalance the negative programs? By studying religion and spirituality. By praying and meditating and having trust and faith in God. We must always and above all things in life love ourselves spiritually. When a person collapses in pain and gets angry because of pain, that person is at that moment hating themselves. The things that hurt us make us stop loving ourselves. It's as if a venomous snake bit us and filled us with the poison of hate - usually self hate. When others hurt us, they belittle us. Why don't they love us? That's what we need: love. God gives us love, always. But people don't. Be careful of your reactions to people who are not loving us. You will get more pain than love in this life - far more. Those who love you, or at least refrain from hurting you, will be few and far between. Arm yourself by protecting your mind.


Now for the ,“Breastplate of Righteousness.” OK, so you’re not a holy saint. But you can get there. Start now. Be righteousness in your thoughts, words and deeds. Don’t lie, cheat or steal. Don’t lie to yourself, cheat yourself out of goodness, nor rob yourself of the good gifts God would give you, if you made yourself open to them. Don’t take what other people have, giving them nothing in return. Don’t lust after another women’s man, or her house, or her car, or her beauty, or her possessions, or her health, or her children. Lust for nothing others have. Be happy with what you have. If you like what someone else has, work for it. You don’t know the price they paid for what they have. You may not want to pay the price.

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Anna Karenina (1996)
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Don’t judge other women and decide they are guilty of sin. Only God and the confessor know what sin a person is guilty of. We all think we’re so innocent. But our thoughts, our feelings are sinful. Thinking evil of others; hate, revengeful thoughts, are sin. If you wish your enemy would be punished, that is sin. Even if someone harms you terribly, pray not only to forgive that person, but pray that God help that person come closer to Herself. Jesus told us to do this, but I could never do it until a few days ago and now every night my mantra is,


“Help those who hurt me….help those I hurt….bring my enemies closer to you.”


I’ve been praying that prayer with good results. I feel so much cleaner! Forgiveness, which I’ve been practicing with mixed results, is only the first step. After years of affirming forgiveness, I find the old hard feelings coming back. It takes never-ending cleansing to rid yourself of ghosts and old habits of bitterness. Jesus has the answers, and so does the East. You’re not much of a fighter if you are dirty inside because the Pure in Heart Shall See God. Without a Vision the People Perish. How can you fight when you can’t see? Fight with a clean conscience and you get good results. Fight burdened with sin, and heavy laden with bitterness, and you reap the whirlwind.


Bottom line: If you have a clean heart, not full of sin and darkness, you will be successful in your little and big battles. Work on yourself first, and everything will come after.


“The Girdle of Truth.” Oh, what a great weapon we have! But to fight WITH the truth, you have to KNOW the truth! Do you know the truth? That’s what this site is about: to give women the ammunition they need, much of which is truth, so they can defend themselves and not fight only defensively, but offensively in gaining their liberty.


Of course, we are not fighting physical warfare. We fight ideas and thoughts and feelings. We fight lies. We fight assumptions and traditions of discrimination and abuse. How can we fight, where do we fight, when do we fight? The first battle is in our very own minds. Get into the truth. Know the truth. You won’t find it in Patriarchy, nor in all parts of their religion. The words of Jesus, yes, the words of Buddha, yes, the words of Muktananda, yes. But not in the churchmen’s interpretation of the scriptures of all religions. Not in culture which is still far behind. You are up against a big wall. And truthfully, the only goodness that has come to women has been through the word of the two waves of the feminist revolution. Most of those “radical” ideas have now been absorbed into the main stream. But it’s time for more radical ideas!


The ideas we’ll fight with now – and it’s been started by Ashley Montagu, Riane Eisler and Dan Brown's “The Da Vinci Code,” is a battle of a spiritual front. This is where the war is now, and this phase is the final one. We will win because God will win. It is the will of God that we return to Matriarchy for the good of the planet and all Creation. It is not my idea nor your idea, it is God’s idea. It is Her will. Her will be done!


Arm yourself with the Truth, and it will set you free. Look at all the empowering stuff we have on this site and seek other documents. Look up the Gospel of Mary Magdalene. Look at statistics that show female superiority in all ways. There is a different answer and a different way of reacting to the truth for all women. We are in different environments, in different situations. Each one of us will receive the truth in her own way and act on it uniquely. But act on it! For me, it seems the first front of empowerment is knowledge and vision.

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Now let’s talk about “The Shield of Faith.” Churchmen would have you believe that you must have faith in their interpretation of God’s will. POOH-BAH! Arm yourself with the feminist perspective from the sources I’ve mentioned, plus so many other sources, to see that God is not an oppressor nor a sexist. God does not imprison you in a little nuclear home to enslave you and keep you working day and night to support a man and his seed and his needs. Why do you have to work harder than him to do what he wants? What makes him so special that you have to be his servant? Does his money mean that much to you? Couldn’t you live on less money and be free? I know being alone is dismal, but that’s where women friends, and men friends, (not oppressors) would come in handy. We pay a lot to men for the money they give us. It’s the money, mostly. Certainly not the companionship! As I already said, can you talk to these monosyllabic, intellectually dead, spiritually comatose creatures? (I apologize to those who do not fit these shoes)?


What gospel must you have faith in? Remember that Jesus had numerous women disciples, and it was Mary Magdalene that was His most beloved and who understood Him best; not one of the men. Wouldn’t that make sense? How could any of the men, given their handicaps, understand this great Matriarchal,Yogic AVATAR? And Our Holy Mother, who was She? Only the AVATAR who needed a male body in order to minister. So she (with the help of the Holy Spirit and no male) produced HIM. And there they were! She saved the world through Him, and NOW He will save the world through Her!


Have faith in Mother God, in Jesus, in Mary, in Magdalene, among others, and in yourself. Know that the truth is in you and live the truth and be the truth and speak the truth when you can.


The “Sword of the Spirit,” which is the Word of God is your meditation on scripture, on holy books and your prayers. Stay close to God and you will be strong.
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Another weapon of St. Paul is called “Feet Shod in Peace.” What is that to us? It is our serenity and our spiritual-resource place where we reside. We have leverage, we are not insecure. The weak rant and rave, scream and shout. They intimidate, like baboons (although I love baboons) and they bamboozle you with a show a force with usually has nothing behind it. Stay calm, stay at peace. Whom the Gods want to destroy they first make mad. You are serene because you know you are superior in your biology, in your brain and heart, and you know God is with you. Stay up there, in that majestic place where there is no turmoil or subjective chaos. Stay objective, holding the Truth in front of your eyes. No lie can live forever. These evil baboons who created The Inquisition would create it again IF THEY COULD. But they can’t. Women are closing in on them by outliving them, by galvanizing resources, and by the information age. In the short span of time women have been allowed to go to school (even in the Victorian age, few women went to college because it was ILLEGAL. It didn’t take long to learn that women were smarter than men. Although men have squashed, hidden, swept under the rug all facts that prove female superiority, nevertheless, the truth leaked out. End that conflict in your brain, sister. Are you superior or inferior? Do you lead or bow and scrape? You lead, when you can. You wait for the right time. You prepare yourself, or your daughter, or your granddaughter. Or your son or grandson or great grandson, for that matter, if he is a friend to women. Get ready for the future or it will hit you in the face! At the very least, equality, at the most possible, Matriarchy. Don’t be the one who just rides the wave and floats downstream. Don’t be the one who receives it without having been a part of it. Do your part, however small. Few of us are chosen to be the big recognized heroes like Martin Luther King, Jr. or Mahatma Ghandi. Most of us are behind the scenes, or even secret players that no one knows about. But we are there, we count, and we can make a difference. Even our prayer, our heartfelt prayer, has GREAT POWER. Ever heard of a prayer warrior? They can do miracles. I can tell you by my own experience, prayers that I have prayed in private, consistently and with force and faith, have gained phenomenal results on a world scale. But do you pray? I mean, do you pray for world peace, an end to child abuse and suchlike? Or are you a putz who only prays for things, the things of this world, and the goods of this world which will rot and rust and end when you die? God knows all, sees all. If you are a baby Christian/Yogi then you aren’t much use to God or to the world. Put on the whole armor of God!


I remind you again that we fight evil in high places and principalities and powers and demons in men. (And sadly, in women. Many women will oppose us because they are entrenched in Patriarchy, and they are brainwashed, hypnotized and confused.) These demons have been in high places, most notably in churches, for a long time. But a demon can find power when people don’t see him. He really is not strong compared to God. He is like dust. Confront him, shine the Light on him, and he will flee. Speak the Truth, affirm it, deny the evil. Deny Satan, and all his wiles and all his pomps, and he runs. Even in the highest places, when you confront the CC for instance, the demons will run and hide. I saw so many priests running and hiding after the crisis. They are just waiting to come out of the woodwork when the furor does down. Don’t let it. Keep fighting against the child abuse and sexism. As long as you do nothing, they will continue business as usual, taking your money, spending it to keep sexism in place, and pursuing their own interests which are sodomy, child abuse and the like. Of course they will use some of the money to pay of forthcoming lawsuits and vacations for priests who need to hide out. This will surely happen if the furor dies down.

Topless Woman Wields Scythes/Sickles As Weapons

Grazi Moteris
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The “Girdle of Truth” is the “belt” which girds you or joins your clothing together, so you are not all loose and floppy but you can move easily. Truth is all over the place here. It is in the Sword of the Spirit, and in the Breastplate of Righteousness, and in the Helmet and Shoes. God is Truth. Truth is Power. Truth cuts through lies. Pick up this Truth and use it as a weapon. Onward, woman!


I know that some women will now be pleased with my message. They are saying to themselves, that it’s all very well and good for her, but I have a man to keep, and that man keeps me. With my puny salary I can’t live well, and I have to defer to him to survive. (Yes, you know it’s all about survival. Women defer, women bow and scrape, women kneel and beg, because they have to survive. Not because they want to. Patriarchy has set up the system that way. They killed lots of people, including women and children, took their resources, put the women and children into slavery whom they kept, and now they have the resources and we, the slaves, have to work and beg.) And so, females have been reduced to slaves and beggars. The change is slow.


I knew three women who befriended me. I came over and began giving my speeches on female supremacy and all that. This went on for hours. The men went into another room, pretending they were busy with their own brilliant conversations. But they were listening to me, getting more and more scared. The boldest one came out, when I was done, to shake my hand and denounce me. He said something gay like, “you’re off the wall.”


What was the result of my visit? My main friend got the $3,600 music room she had wanted for years – and got it fast. The other lady got a new luxury fridge. (The third had left early in the night and I guess got nothing.) What happened? Sometimes you don’t get anything till the men get scared. My own boyfriends always put out more when they though they were losing me, not when they felt secure. You have to have leverage, you have to have some WEDGE to get them to put out. I am not saying making men pay is all there is. Far from it. But for those of you who want it this way – to get resources out of men – the groveling, sweet, kind, ingratiating attitude can backfire. It can keep you in thralldom, just sucking cock for years. A kick in the ass of sort will get him to give you what you want. And if it comes from another woman, another religion or website, or whatever, it gets the job done.


Another way you can keep yourself psyched up for battle is to think of the Inquisition. It’s true that those men are dead and we can’t blame today’s men for what those guys did. But the attitude today is similar. It’s just that they don’t have the teeth. Today there are laws against torture and killing of people because you feel like it. Do not for one minute imagine that today, if they had the power, they would not do what they did yesterday. I tell you that they would do it. I tell you they would frame, torture and kill us. I tell you they would do this to us to get rid of the strong and take away our resources and intimidate the rest of us. The genocide against the Jews happened in our very own day. This is how evil men are. The number one hit under Google’s Matriarchy is a man who proves, in his book, that Patriarchy caused the Jewish Holocaust. Look it up. He has amazing things to say. It is a book extremely long, and you cannot get in touch with this man who I believe is in Israel. Genocides are continuing today. Look up “Alternative Radio” for information like that.


The Inquisition was the women’s holocaust. Be outraged by it. Study it, remember it, talk about it, write about it, and tell your progeny about it. Do not leave it there, with nine million people, mostly women, tortured and killed. The famous “third degree” came from this. They tortured you once, then twice. The third one, you could not survive. It killed you. One of the most horrific was the Iron Maiden. Only men could have thought of and built such a thing. Shaped like a woman, made of all metal with no light and air. It opened up by half, with a seat inside. They put you in it for days, with no light and no new air. When they opened it, you were dead. Think of the terror.

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Buxom Blonde With White Lace Bra And Boxing Gloves
Buxom Blonde Flexes Muscles & Buns
Grazi Moteris
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These judges would go from town to town to interview accused witches. He would wait for her in the town square, an educated, well-off, imperious type of man. You, the little woman, had been taken into custody where all the hair of your body was shaved off, from head to vagina and all that. Naked, you had to walk backward toward the magistrate. They did all this so you could not cast a spell on this man. And you, not educated in the way that he was but in the way of nature and herbs and what your mother/mentor taught you, were not sure what this man was saying nor what you were accused of. He would ask questions from a handbook. This handbook was the template that they used through all Europe, to make women confess to having sex with the devil and such nonsense. You were forced to confess by torture. I am not sure if any women were let go if they confessed because you were damned if you did and damned if you didn’t. All this is in the “secret” Vatican archives underground. Scholars are permitted to do research there. Maybe one of you some day will go there and have a look, and write a book on it.


I am not asking for vengeance. I am asking you to know these facts and be mindful of them as you go into this world. What happened before is still happening on some level. The CC does not kill the body any more, but it kills the soul; the soul of women and their own souls by sin.


How can you win? By information, knowledge, learning, school, degrees, resources that will eventually come to you. By holding your head high in an evil world that would destroy you if it could.



Always remember what God said
to Satan as God cast him down:







Although the images on this page depict scenes of women fighting, and women carrying weapons and holding positions of physical ferocity, again I must assert that our primary weapons are not carnal, nor should we or anyone look upon the physical as being the best way out of a bad situation. Indeed, if we look upon things with a carnal nature, we will answer enmity with enmity, and isn't that the cause of most wars? If we carry the idea of an eye for an eye and punish our neighbor for his transgression with violence, this is the sad way of the world. The world cannot get out of its deplorable war mentality without another way. There is a way that is far better than violence, and we have already spoken of the non-carnal weapons such as virtue, forgiveness, faith, hope, confidence and the like. Truly, if women become like men, they will continue in the age-old ways of animalistic, low-minded thinking instead of reaching to Heaven and within.

American Indian Beauty With Bow And Arrow

Anna Karenina (1996)
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There are two schools of thought regarding violence. Sometimes violence is permissible. You had to be violent against Stalin and Hitler and the like, and everyone knows you have a right to defend yourself. What do you do with a bully and with the grossly unrighteous? Jesus Christ Himself picked up the whip and knocked the money changers tables over and the merchants fled. This depicteed righteous anger. Not all anger is evil. There is love-based anger and hate-based anger. You must avoid the latter, but you absolutely need the former to protect yourself and your loved ones. When Jesus attacked the money changers it was because He knew they were an affront to His Father's house, and they were showing a bad example to the faithful. Jesus was teaching right from wrong.


For those of us who have girls under our care, we are going to get damned mad when some hooligan or dog or predator goes after our girls. If a man is dating our dauthter or granddaughter and he turns out to be scum, and he is hurting her, exploiting her or using her, then we are going to get so angry we could kill the guy. And we will do whatever to get rid of him from her life, yelling and screaming if necessary.


Baba Muktananda, the great yogi I've mentioned so many times before, said that sometimes you have to use violence to end violence. He gives an example. This sadhu (a mendicant or wandering monk) asked Baba for money for weed. Baba said no - that he would give him free food or clothing, but no money for weed. Then the sadhu asked him for fare to the next town, which was to us, like a couple of bucks, and Baba told him to walk; that it was good for him. (After all, Baba had walked most of his life from town to town searching for his perfect guru.) The sadhu told Baba that it was too far to walk, and I will get the money from you.


He then hung around the front of the ashram saying evil things about Baba. Baba thought he'd get tired out and go away, but it went on all day.


Then the next day, he was still there, in the morning, and even afternoon. Baba had had enough. He went out there, and confronted this clown who had a trident. Baba grabbed the trident from him as the sadhu tried to strike him, and he beat the fellow. Then he grabbed him by the hair and started pulling him away. The sadhu asked where he was taking him and Baba said, "To bury you."


The sadhu begged for mercy, apologising profusely. Baba said that this violence cured the sadhu from ever doing the same thing again. You see, there was a number of these sadhus who would intimidate the ashram owners, and the owners would give in just to get rid of them. But not Baba. He was a John Wayne type. This story Baba gives as an example that violence prevents further violence, and he has a point. Bullies thrive on not being corrected. They just go on and on. You have to have discipline with them. That is one side of the picture. We must see both sides. At times, one way is right, and another time, the other way is. Creeps, monsters, bullies must be stood up to. We must know when to use physical force and when to desist. But we cannot simply passively allow evil; saying and doing nothing. At the least we must make plans how to resist evil and pray against it. You can do miracles with prayer.


Although there is a point to defending oneself and not giving in to bullies, however, overall, unless discriminantly used, violence begets violence. We must preach passive resistance to an evil that stands above us - like England over India at one time, llike the South over slaves and like American whites over American blacks. If we want never ending strife, then violence is a big part of that. We have to outgrow this as a species. We've gone to the moon - can't we learn to stop fighting and get along?


Let's look at the way Martin Luther King, Jr. handled the situation as opposed to a Malcom X. Who prevailed? Or then, take Huey Newton. The latter persons believed in some degree of violence as against what Martin Luther King Jr. preached. Who prevails? Do the angry, seething, raging characters prevail, or do the patient, faithful, confident-in-God prevail against institutionalized racism? Obviously, these situations were the "weak" against the "strong," the weak in physical force against the strong in physical force. They had to go to A HIGHER POWER in order to win. It was those in spiritual solidarity who won. Those who went to church every night, arms locked, singing "We Shall Overcome."


Women have been enslaved by men and we don't want to become like men. We want to win by virtue. There's nothing wrong with discipline, training, being armed against criminals. But arms is a last resort as, "She who lives by the sword, dies by the sword."


We do not have to become cold and hard and mean, the way of the world, but we do have to become more virtuous. When we defeat satan we defeat him by our humility and not through our pride and arrogance. Satan once had the pride and arrogance and he's where he's at because of that. If we become proud and arrogant we'll end up with him. The greatest weapons against the devil are humility and other virtues. We pull down the strong holds (of Satan) in high places by our virtues already mentioned.


The images with this article depict women with weapons including use of their bodies as weapons, but these are only symbols of spiritual power. By being strong we can stop physical bullies, but God forbid that we become like them; then we'd never evolve.




Beautiful Blonde Wields A Mace (Spiked Iron Ball On Stick)

Buxom Blonde Holds Iron Bar As Weapon In Spike White Heels
Topless Barefoot Blonde Wields Large Sword
Grazi Moteris
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