One of the great Yoga principles is that of the Witness Consciousness. In order to understand this, you must know the parts you are made of and how to identify them. There is your body, your soul, your mind and your heart. But there is another part of you that is the number one part, and that is the SPIRIT. The Spirit and the soul are different and extremely important to know the difference. The soul is the part of you that is all your human self unseen, like the hard-drive of a person where all you are and all you have experienced is stored. Your entire mind, including the unconscious, is here. But above your soul is the part of you that is God, and that is the Spirit. The Spirit is the real you, and it is God living in you as you. All the other parts of you – your body and senses and mind and inner senses, are all parts of you, some of which are temporary. But the Spirit is the real you, and when you die, God looks at your soul and that determines where you will spend your eternity. (Another question arises here: What part of you goes to Heaven? And what part of you goes to Hell if that is where you go? Let me bring this up again later.) Now the Spirit is your LINK with God and with God’s realm. It lives in the middle of your brain as a small oval of Light which Muktananda (my Guru) and his predecessors call “The Blue Pear.” I have seen the Blue Pearl as Blue Light in various ways. (That is also another subject which we’ll get into later.) Right now I want to address the Witness Consciousness.

When a soul evolves, that soul has the ability to enter into their Spirit or Overseer and that soul can look at herself from the eyes of the Spirit rather than the flesh, and so one can see oneself as the Witness of oneself. In other words, you can see yourself objectively. This is a great grace and a great attainment of spiritual evolution. Few attain it. The difficulty here is that as soon as something happens to summon your earthly mind or your body you have a tendency to sink into yourself, or the thing you are doing, and lose your objectivity. For me, just about all my dreams are seen as the Witness. I wish I could continue this in the waking state but it is like being in a state of contemplation while working in the ordinary pursuits of life. All the Christian Saints know very well how difficult it is to stay in a state of contemplation, where one feels the presence of God at all times and throughout their daily routine. No sooner do you get a phone call, or have to drive to the store, or go to work, or figure out a problem, then you sink into your lower or normal self. And so, Saints know that they have to take time out for contemplation where they can forget all things and simply give themselves to God. That is the equivalent of Witness Consciousness, but Yogis perceive this as making contact with the God within, while Christians see it as making contact with Our Lord. To be in this exalted states is to be in one of the highest states we can reach on earth. We struggle to have as much of this as we can as much of the time as we can.

Now back to the question of which part of us goes to Heaven, and which to Hell? Certainly, the Spirit cannot go to Hell because it is the very God within you. When you go to Hell (and I hope with all my heart you do not nor do I wish anyone to go there) it seems to me that the Spirit leaves (where it goes and what it does I don’t know. Perhaps it reincarnates) and it is only your soul and inner senses that end up in Hell. But if you go to Heaven, then it seems to me, your soul, your Spirit and your inner senses go there. This is what is referred to as “body and soul” resurrection, it seems to me, because with the inner senses you have feelings exactly the same as on earth, only sharper. How would I know this? Because I have been on the other side, having seen God face to face and having been in Purgatory (only once) in so-called bodily form. I have never visited Hell in bodily form, but only in dreams, revelations and visions. The difference is that with your inner senses, you actually go to the other side. But if your inner senses are not with you, then you see it in a different way, not by direct experience.




Now about the Blue Pearl/Spirit or God/in/you. Baba Muktananda speaks of “The Blue Person.” This person is an attainment of consciousness.When Baba reached a great attainment, this Blue Person appeared to him, and this Person had senses that were interchangeable. He saw with his ears, and heard with his eyes, etc. When Avatars, such as Lord Krishna, or any great Saints of India are pictured, it is often seen as totally blue, and of course, this is because they have “become” or “realized” their God-hood. The same will happen to you. When you evolve fully, you will be reaching higher and higher within yourself until all of your energy rises up into the Sahasrara, where all of your “humanity” will meet and join with your Divinity. Then you and God are One, and YOU are SELF REALIZED. The Christians don’t understand this for some reason, and they ridicule it. They say all sorts of preposterous things about Yoga. Some of the graces of Christianity and Yoga are interchangeable, but some are not, as far as I can understand. And to practice a yoga sadhana (discipline) is somewhat different than that of the Christian. But it all goes to the same place, and when you ascend as a Christian you are in the same spot as you to as a Yogi. You ascend into the Sahasrara, where you then are pictured as having a halo. All yogis worth their salt believe in the Witness Consciousness.





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