'What's Wrong With Women'. Two blondes in chokehold illustrating the petty squabbles between women in the female empowerment movement

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Two powerful blondes in lingerie leg locked and wrestling on the floor
Short haired muscular blonde grasping woman in a choke hold in the throes of wrestling
Grazi Moteris & Tara Meux (1991)
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Women are their own worst enemies. If it's men who are doing most of the harm, women certainly cooperate in their own demise. In fact, I'll make a bold but accurate statement: perhaps the greatest weapon men wield in the control of women is that they cause women to hate one another.


Powerful topless blonde astonished by having been slung at with mud. Large breasts covered by sticky mud.

Grazi Moteris
© Rasa Von Werder


If women got together and agreed to a solid front, against the evils men are doing to them and their children, men wouldn't have a chance. But it ain't that way. Men have a fairly easy time controlling women as long as women think the same old thoughts, feel the same old feelings and survive through life by giving men hardons....Hardons of the dick and the mind.


Now let's get to the details, as God and the devil are both in the details. The devil works through men by stealth. Ole' sleufoot ain't direct. He's sneaky. He's been setting up programs from the beginning of history and he's been putting ideas in men's heads, who then put ideas in women's heads.


Woman in lingerie pins down Amazon woman while wrestling.
Rear view of blonde's voluptuous ass while legs have pinned down other blonde in scissor choke hold
Grazi Moteris (1991)
© 2004 Rasa Von Werder


The RESULT of these programs or tactics is that WOMEN HATE ONE ANOTHER, are at odds with one another and see each other as enemies rather than friends. THAT BEING DONE the devil and men can rest, and women will finish each other off all by themselves. They do not have to work very hard reprogramming women because it's all there. Do you get this? It's like the demon of self hate. There are many demons: demons of muder, demons of rejection, demons of lust, etc. But the demon of self hate; once you have him you don't need any other for your demise. Having the demon of self hate will finish you off. If you work against your own best interests; if you sabotage your own success; if you destroy the hand that feeds you and nourishes you, then you are on your way into the pit. No more demons need apply. Do you see what I'm getting at?


In the way that Satan infiltrates individuals with the demon of self hate, he has infiltrated women with a sort of self hate that goes not only to them as individuals but to the way they look at their sisters. Here's how the programming goes:


Woman covered in black as oil mud triumphantly immerging out of the water with pangs of fervor
Bleached blonde in black top stuck in a pit of mud like quicksand

Grazi Moteris
© Rasa Von Werder


My sister, the only chance you have, or will ever have, is to work through men, to use men, for your own betterment. Men have all the resources and they always will. You need these resources. You cannot get all these resources yourself. Sure, you can get some small resources, but you can always get more through him. Do whatever you gotta' do to get closer to men. Stay young, dress well, be sexy, be cute, no matter how old you are. Lie about your age as you get older. The doorway to heaven is through a man's heart. Cater to their needs and feed their egos, always and in all ways. Agree with them, don't argue with them. Don't stand up to them. That's fatal.....This is the program I was brought up on in the 50's and 60's and this has changed SOMEWHAT, but there are still nails holding down a veil over women's head.


The program continues - Now about your sister: She is your worst enemy. You are at cross purposes. She wants what you want. You can't be friends with the women that want the piece of the pie that you want. You can't trust them, so take no chances. Do not be nice to other women. Hating them is the best thing you can do. Don't support them, don't befriend them, don't help them in their hour of need, etc. Of course, if they are so ugly and so dumb that they pose no threat whatsoever, go ahead and be nice to them. It's safe.

Blonde Teenager In Smashing Karate Kick Against Buxom Brunette on city rooftop

Produced by Rasa Von Werder 1980
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As long as women obey this program, they are divided. United we stand, divided we fall. Men stick together the way demons do. Even in hell, I'm told, there is a sort of fellowship, like fellows bonding together for evil. They want the same thing; they want to drag you into Hell and on this agreement, they cooperate, although they hate one another as they hate God and everyone else. Men stick together for the same purpose in their efforts to hold women down. These programs have been put into effect so long ago that men don't have to work very hard reinforcing them. They just have to relax and let it happen. We are all born into it.


Now let's talk about something you don't hear very much in this world: let's talk about TRUTH. How should women look upon one another and treat one another; not because it's a scheme or plan or tactic or a strategy of war, but because it is truthful and pleasing to God. It is virtuous.


Look upon women as your sister. This is your sister who hurts like you do, and wants like you do. She's been through at least as much as you have; maybe more. She's probably suffered abuse, contempt, exploitation, and hardship. She's had poverty and sickness. Although some women are truly evil, most are not and you have to give them the benefit of the doubt.


Sexy muscular woman exhaltating to the light while stuck in mud. Legs completely drowned in gooey mud.
Amazon woman with feet stuck in a pit of mud on the shore of a country island.  Body completely covered in mud with a handful of it ready to sling it at anyone who crosses her

Grazi Moteris
© Rasa Von Werder


These are the evil thoughts women think about each other - envy, judgement, condemnation, indifference and neglect; and this for the reasons stated above.


If a woman is to be a good Christian and a good yogi she cannot think this way nor act this way. She must be secure in her own relationship with God and know that God will provide. She does not have to scramble for men like a street hooker or a hustler in a bar. She must trust God that She/He will give her what is needed if she lives a righteous life. (That does not mean a prudish life, but a righteous life meaning her relationship with God is righteous)


My own life has been one of great faith in God. Over the years I learned to trust God, that God would provide. There were hard times. There were times I had to walk because I did not have change for bus far. There were times I could only eat some foods and not others, as my finances were strapped. There were times of mental anxiety and anguish and times when I had the physical met, but the emotional was empty. Over the years I learned trust.



Leg chokehold grappling short haired warrior woman pinning her to the ground Butt view of legs clad in red fishnet stockings pinning blonde in scissor leg choke hold

Grazi Moteris & Tara Meux (1991)
© 2004 Rasa Von Werder


But if a woman doesn't trust she scrambles. In a place of insecurity there is envy and jealousy. There is the desire to destroy another, with your mind. They say "if looks can kill." You look at your siter with hate, and you are judged for hate. Hate is like lust. Feeling it is sinful. You hate because you imagine she's got something you haven't got. But you don 't know her cross and her pain. Think about other women charitably, because it is right. Then, think about other women favorably because it's the only way we can overthrow the devil and the men he works through.


Woman rising out of the waters like the Creature of the Black Lagoon with teeth clenched ready to attack

Grazi Moteris
© Rasa Von Werder


If women stick together in solidarity, in sisterhood, they will win quickly. Do you think the organizations like NOW were built on mutual hate? If we all think only of our self interest, and not toward the larger picture, the future of womankind and the world will not progress. We're trying to keep men from blowing up the planet, and from making us bear so many children that all life but human is snuffed out. With woman power at the helm the planet has a chance of surviving. This is what we're aiming for. In order to reach this fine goal we must cooperate. If we do not, men will continue doing numerous wars and trafficking in human slavery will continue. Women will be used for breeding and sex and men will keep eating up the planet and killing all life. This can only be stopped by the righteous actions of women, in union with our good God who is looking out for us.




Wild Buxom Blonde Covered With Mud And Throwing At Others Beautiful Blonde, Large Breasts, Covered With Mud

Grazi Moteris
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Women in low cut lingerie embrace over a cigar
Muscular blondes holding each other, one in a frilly black nightgown the other in sexy g string and red see thru bra

Grazi Moteris & Tara Meux (1991)
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Rear shot of muscle woman covered from head to toe in black mud descending into the tranquil island waters

Grazi Moteris
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