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Tamara de Lempicka


When looked at from many different viewpoints one can quickly come to the realization that Females are indeed the superior gender. From the very outset of life to the very end of life there are many factors and evidence that shows just how superior Women are to men. Below you will find some of this proof as well as why I am a true believer in Female Supremacy.


Women carry two x chromosomes, whereas men typically carry one x (sometimes two) and a y chromosome. The y chromosome is smaller and carries less genetic information that the x chromosome does. This, in and of itself might not seem consequential in determining superiority; however it does show that Women's genetic make-up is more complex than men's. Also, the very y chromosome that makes men men also predisposes them to more diseases than Women; such as hemophilia. In fact; Women can be carriers of many things that only affect men such as the aforementioned hemophilia, certain colorblindness and male pattern baldness.


From early on and until menopause Women's primary hormone estrogen protects them from many diseases that men's primary hormone testosterone does not. Men are much more prone to heart-disease and osteoporosis than Women. Although without supplemental hormones after menopause Women will begin to catch up with men in these areas. Men also die sooner and more often than Women in almost every major cause of death. Women also outlive men by an average of seven years.


Women are also more prone to take better care of themselves than men. Women tend to eat better and live a healthier lifestyle than men. Women are on average more organized, and efficient than men.


These are all facts; but they are not the only reasons that Women are Superior. There are way too many factors to be listed in an article of this size and I don't want to bore everyone here with statistical data. Many of there reasons that Women are superior and men are inferior are only known to those who understand it as a thought process, and not as pieces of information. I am a true believer in Female Supremacy and not because of all the information listed above. No, I am a believer in Female Supremacy simply because I know it to be the truth. I know that my place is in the service of a superior Female; and that my life will be much better when it comes to pass. Nothing would give me greater satisfaction than knowing that I am doing everything I can to make a Woman's life better and in doing so, better my own.


Most men live without direction and guidance. I know this because I am one. But in the hands and service of a Dominant Woman; any man can have the direction and control that he so desires and find true happiness. He should submit to Her in all aspects of his life; he will be a better person for it.


Women should grasp this idea and take steps to make it a reality that will enhance Her life to the fullest. She must realize and understand that it should, and can be a benefit to everyone involved if She does so. Men usually lack focus and are only interested in certain things such as sports, cars, electronics, and sex. You should be his primary focus and interest, and You can be by simply taking control.


By simply getting him fitted with a chastity device to which You hold the key, You can take steps to control every other aspect of his life and make him put You on the pedestal where You belong. Not only will the chastity prevent him from satisfying his own sexual needs and cause him to focus more on Yours; it also has the added bonus of making him more willing to do what You want since a horny male is much more compliant than one who isn't.


It is at this point that You can get him to do all those things for You that You want him to. Make him start paying attention to You instead of the television. Get his to start doing all the work around the house. Get him to start eating right and exercising. Take control of his finances; this will enable You to make him dress the way You want him to, take You the places You want to go, decorate the house the way You like, and buy all the things You want and desire. With him not spending his money on foolishness You should be able to start saving for Your future; as well as having money for emergencies or fun money. Take control of his free time so he is spending it with You and not his friends and the two of you can enjoy the things you both like doing. As the two of you grow closer together, and all these things begin to fall together and into place; both of You will find the happiness and love that you have been looking for but never finding.


Yes, I'm talking about a lifestyle, not just some kinky role-play; and I'm not talking about turning him into a door mat. He should be attentive to You, but also be able to anticipate Your needs and feelings. If You can do all this to him and make him love You even more; then You have shown not only him, but Yourself and the rest of the world that Female Supremacy is indeed more than just an idea. It is a reality whose time has come. It is an honor and privilege to be in Your presence.



© 2004 - 2006 RASA VON WERDER