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Hieronymous Bosch




There was some kind of disaster. A flood, or tidal wave caused by an earth quake or something that caused great devastation. Many people were killed and property destroyed.

MEANING: An act of God

I remember roaming the streets looking for shelter and food and my thoughts were filled with worry about my son.

MEANING: I was seeing the desolation without jesus and trying to find my way back to him?

(Brief aside about my son... he is 31, married and divorced, suffered severe depression after his wife left him and took his kids, his mind was so messed up he was completely anti social but would not stay on medication I supported him for several years and he lived in a trailer I owned in boise, brought him up here to live with me 2 years ago when I sold the park, he got a job and a place to stay fairly soon, but lost his job, his apt. and nearly starved to death last winter, showed up on my doorstep in march, stayed until april, didn't try hard enough to get himself together, back talked me when I suggested things..and I had to throw him out to get him to take care of himself again. he stayed at a shelter for a month, got himself 2 part time jobs and is now living alone in a basement room of a private home, but at least is feeding and housing himself. )

Back at the dream... I knew that he lived in the basement of a huge tall building and I was afraid the building had collapsed on him and he was dead.

MEANING: Jesus died and I was living the desolation without him?


I roamed the streets for several days sleeping where I could find shelter. It was a very big city and I had no means of transportation other than feet. many parts of the city were flooded.

MEANING: Flooded? Being cleansed?

On about the 4th day or so maybe more after the event I had found my way to a part of town with a gathering of people who had escaped the devastation. I was talking to a man who had worked in an office upstairs in the building my son lived in. He didn't speak very good english but I drew pictures to help ask him about the building to see if he could tell me the fate of the lowest floor and if my son may have lived.

His friend shook his head and said that the building had survived but the lowest floors were flooded and destroyed. I was afraid my son was dead but was obsessed with getting to that building to see for myself so I set out to try to get there.

I t took several more days to get to that area and I was very tired and hungry and a mess. I got bits of food from people along the way and got warm by a fire in a barrel one night .Finally I got to his building and saw it intact but at the bottom of a hill and flooded several floors. Someone gave me a ride in a small boat.

MEANING: Boat or some such vehicle means salvation.


There was an area where the roof was just above water level and the rest of the building was taller. someone had built a makeshift drawbridge that allowed a gang plank to be lowered to water level. the boat came up to the drawbridge and it lowered by a rope and everyone got out and went onto the roof and into a door.

MEANING: Bridge is an extremely important symbol of spiritual attainment. A bridge is usually saying that you are going from one place to another, a different place, and it's usually an improvement in consciousness.


There I found my son! alive!

MEANING: Jesus lives?


He was well and running a makeshift hotel and shelter in the abandoned building.

MEANING: And is busy saving people.

The places of consciousness people would inhabit. The domain being destroyed was the intensity of Jesus grace.

Since I am dreaming about my son... this is a metaphor for the son of God saving me and others I was so overjoyed to see him all I could do was hug him tight and cry with happiness and tell him how much I loved him. He explained that he had fled upstairs when the water came.

MEANING: Went to heaven?

everyone else had fled the building and drowned.

MEANING: Many souls lost?

He had taken clothing even from dead bodies and washed it, food from apartments and brought it back to one floor and stored it and made a warehouse of clothes and blankets for survivors. he had gathered floating lawn chairs and mattresses and put them in for beds.

MEANING: These represent resources and comforts which could be spiritual or earthly or both. taking care of those in poverty and need. since he WASHED the clothes and gave us food I see it as spiritual and our sins were washed away and we were fed spiritually?

He was running a shelter. I kept hugging him and telling him how much I loved in and how proud I was of him. I also hoped he would forgive me for sending him out onto the street and let me stay there with him.

MEANING: If my son was a metaphor for Jesus, son of God, then perhaps I was hoping for forgiveness from Jesus and God?


I saw a man with a little girl bed down on a reclining lawn chair and then another boat came. In it was some kind of royalty. A royal family of foreign decent who barely spoke english. a king, queen and 2 daughters.

MEANING: If a boat is salvation and the flood cleansed us all, then this boat brought God and Goddess and 2 daughters... (I am unsure about who the two daughters are since neither of them is me... could one be Rasa? who is the other?)


Tried to act as a welcoming committee and spoke to the queen and daughters.

MEANING: I am learning and associating with the women

I gave them some dry clothes and food.

MEANING: I am serving the goddesses.

The king went with my son so he could show him a room they could use for their family.

MEANING: God and Jesus went to find the new kingdom?

The king came back and told the queen to write my son a check to show their gratitude. I couldn't see how much.

MEANING: God rewarded his son for what he had done, just as he would us all.

I was so proud that my son
had been able to do this and give people shelter... from the poorest who donated what food they could bring with them to the wealthy who donated money.

MEANING: The son saved us all


At that point I woke up...


February 13, 2006







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