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The controversy surrounding femdom men and matriarchy is heating up. William Bond sees these men as a means to an end, Beauty Jones vision is they are a pathway, not problem. But Rasa Von Werder throws up her hands and says the fox is in the henyard. Which one is right? Do they all have a point?


These three persons have differing strategies for the cause.


Take a look at Beauty Jones, owner of a matriarchal site:




She is a TRAINED SOCIAL WORKER (with a Master's Degree. She is admirable in her talents.) Though small on femdom experience, she is big on research and writing grants. She understands the problems of the poor, the marginalized, the need for compassionate justice, of same, and getting them grants. Everything is seen from the eyes of social work needing funding, for which she is trained and ready. Beauty sees herself building an umbrella organization with office space and staff, galvanizing femdom style (for lack of anything else existing) women's organizations (example JZ, a professional Mistress with Spiritual overtones and her 'Bootcamp for Men') and getting money for this pioneer work. Beauty thinks that we take these men, channel and train them to relate to women properly, get them to tow the matriarchal line. She does not want to see these men stigmatized, marginalized or 'called names'. She feels that any disparagement of these men demeans the women who serve them. The observation is made that unusual sexual styles and practices are going mainstream. With rose-colored glasses of love and tolerance, Beauty is ready to serve the femdom world.




He is the Lion of written words. With him the word is Mightier than the Sword. His power is education, by teaching the masses through books and articles, he presents mighty facts and ideas on matriarchy, Women To Rule The World!:


Rasa has the highest regard for William and features him on


William Bond on Matriarchy


Where William differs from Beauty is that he sees the shortcomings of femdom men and admits them openly. But alas, they are the only ones coming up for the gold ring - or so it seems. Patriarchy is not a good place to cull for matriarchal men, is it? But whenever the term 'matriarchy' is used, dozens of domme lovers a day rush in for the goodies. What's a writer to do? Where is he to go for the matriarchal shift? Where can he lay his mater mortar? It is a dilemma, and femdom seems the only way out of it.


William Bond also points out that 'femdom' once existed under a different name. There were churches where men went to openly worship women, not only in spirit, but their very bodies. Sexual rituals and body worship are enshrined in the statuary of crusted Indian Temples, pointing a way to what is presently going on underground in femdom church 'sanctuaries.' The point is well taken - it is a need, apparently, that always existed. Once it was open, but nowadays sacred is secret.



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In spite of old-time religious actions, Rasa does not see it mirrored in today's domination. The spirituality is missing. Both William and Rasa are rather old hats at femdom, and years ahead of Beauty in experience. No rose-colored glasses for them, they tell it like it is. Rasa weeps for Beauty, feeling she will have to learn the hard way, that these guys are no more than delinquents and it's the same ole' story of patriarchy exploiting women, except this time, the lady's on top. It is women being used as dominant sex objects, with the only reward being money. One step away from prostitution.


William admits that men just want their kicks and go back to being chauvinists. They want the best of both worlds - the instinctive thrill of domination from the archetypal Mother figure, and the benefits and freedom of being prime-time sexists.


Where is Rasa coming from in her move for matriarchy? Where does she see the light at the end of the tunnel? Again, let us look at the three.

Beauty is all education, knowledge and social insight. She sees what is wrong from the ground up. Down here we need INITIATIVES and FUNDING FOR THOSE IN THE MARGINS. She is the trained researcher/facilitator. That is who she is, what she sees and what she presumes to do.


William is a writer. He pulled himself up by the boostraps, against all odds and stumbling blocks, and trained himself, with the help of Pamela Suffield, to write books. Ignited by the mission and passion of matriarchy, he's been at it for twenty years nonstop. He longs for the vision, the hope, of women taking over. He knows the planet will be saved by the Goddess. He does not have an answer as to how exactly it will be done.


Now Rasa. Rasa is all faith. She believes in the power of God, in miracles. She sees all other things as subordinate, as the by-the-way scheme of humans, all to be naught without the power of God. She believes that somewhere, somehow, God will do something, that we have only to wait, prepare and obey when that day comes. Like a Green Beret, she is working and waiting. She's been at it all her life, doing various things, for the empowerment of women.


In her early youth, God used Rasa to install female bodybuilding.


Yes, Rasa did something, but she feels it was the power of God.


Another time, as the Stripper for God, she gave the sermon that ended the cold war.


As the Stripper for God, Rasa had for the second time, (bodybuilding being the first) disturbed the assumptions about women. Women were madonnas or whores, never the twain shall meet. The only good whore was a reformed one. What was this 'whore' doing saving souls? It did not make sense:


Later on, when the dancing and preaching were done, Rasa did her homework in the female domination field. She became the top in her profession and knows this experience showed her that roles of masculine and feminine are conditioned, that either one can be dominant or submissive. She saw another side to men and herself, and observed that this secret side of men was something patriarchy wanted to ignore. 'Domination' taught her things she could not have known any other way.


Being in the sex trade all her life (there was also a two year stint in social work) while focusing on God, Rasa felt she was empowered to understand things few did. God gave her revelation into life. To her, that was always the salient factor, and remains the top note to this very day.


Rasa now waits for that moment from God, that time of miracle. She understands that God could be working in secret. Her human vision is that the book and movie of her life will be put forth, and that will open, once again, the iron doors of media. Now with millions of people in front of her, Rasa will preach matriarchy. Will this be the venue of God power to change consciousness? Will the Anointing come down on millions? It (the Anointing) has been proven before and right now, in her devotees:




Rasa does not know all the answers, but she trusts in God. All we can do is work, prepare and wait. She is waiting.


Rasa Von Werder
February 27, 2006





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