With the new affluence and power of women in comparison to that of men, there will be much 'reversal of roles.' Women in big jobs earning most of the money will need men who bring creature comforts, moral and domestic support.

Statistics show that in five years there will be one million more women than men with advanced degrees! The 'futurists' (male and female prediction pundits) unanimously agree, 'The future belongs to women.'


In light of this, I would like to make a forecast of what male-female relationships will be like. Will it be a simple reversal of women oppressing men as men have oppressed women, (as men fear) or is it going to be something different? I believe it will be 'something different.' Here's how I see it.





Marriage will swerve into many different paths and present lifestyles not seen before. Of course, some traditional-style marriages will remain, and even male dominating female will still happen, but these will be in the minority. The old-style marriage was based on the premise that male was the breadwinner, and that he would provide for family. Not so now. Women will be the chief providers, in spite of the fact that they will continue, naturally, having children. For some years now women have been having children and working, and doing all the housework, so it will not be impossible for them to carry on big jobs, take time off for birthing and nurturing, and be back to work within six months. The big change that will free women up for work-and-family will be childcare facilities. Two things will happen. Laws will be passed that the majority of businesses will have to provide on the premises child care. Mother will be able to visit her children at the nursery throughout the day - during lunch and breaks. If any crisis arises she will be instantly notified by the staff and could attend to it. Businesses will gear themselves to the importance of women and their child rearing capacity. It will no longer be looked upon as a handicap, but a prerogative of 'the special sex'.


The absolute concern or 'obsession' with women is children, and they will pull out all the stops in the care of same. Safety, security at home and in deluxe child-care centers will become a reality.


Second, with their newfound wealth (I predict that the average income of women will be double that of men within twenty years) women will also have suitable private child care facilities. (No longer will women be leaving children with Dad or other males, as they have woken up to the fact that males are inadequate and dangerous babysitters.) These facilities will be not like they are today. They will have sprang up by entrepreneurs - all women and run by women - who will have 'luxury' and around the clock care for children of all ages. Males will be outlawed from working in or hanging about such premises. There will be all the comforts of home, plus education and recreation opportunities. These centers will truly be something enjoyable for the children and Mom's will not need worry, as these will be strictly monitored. Older children will also be taken care of, again, with all sorts of education and self improvement plus relaxation, entertainment and rest. Many centers will have sleeping facilities, because of women working late, being occupied or leaving town. Truly, this new form of child care will be a God send for women. Why such centers now, not before? Because women simply weren't earning enough money to afford them - now they will. (We admit not all women will be able to afford such luxuries, but many will. Will speak about improvements for poor women in Part II.)


There will be new kinds of centers to provide for children (of all ages) when Mothers cannot. More luxurious than ever in terms of personal care, education and recreation opportunities, these will far surpass the ones existing today.


The affluent women themselves will band together to create these new child-care centers. However, over the long term, I see women developing clans and extended family compounds, and then, with competent females holding down the fort, children will mostly be left home.


Women will now be Self-centered rather than man-centered. In the past, man was all-important as the one with the money. Now she will be the one with the money and have her pick of men. Men will be vying for wealthy women and they will have to cut the mustard to measure up. A whole new genre of men will emerge who are relying on qualities and skills other than having money. They will look good, sound good, be charming and accommodating, carry on a good conversation and have impeccable manners. (More on this later.)


The entire role and image of male and female will be rethought. Males are becoming more feminine and females more masculine. (Tests show that men are producing half the sperm that they did years ago.) Women will be getting more dominant and assertive, as well as demanding, when they are freed up economically. The knowledge of female superiority will hit the mainstream and all sorts of facts will be made known and believed by all. Everyone in America (the rest of the world will catch up) will know that females are superior and males inferior, in all things but brute strength. Since males will no longer control information, media, science, education and the medical establishment, the truth will be out for all to see. It will be so evident and plain that only the most backward of persons could deny it. Such people will be dismissed as kooks.


There will be a variety of marriages. Women will change their outlook toward themselves, toward life and family and men. They will not see male as center of their universe any more. They will see themselves as the center, with children as important, and males according the the view of the individual woman. Some women will see men as equals or close. Some will see them as helpers or associates, even servants. Some women will choose not to have anything to do with males at all, but have themselves cloned or purchase sperm from the male of their choice. They will not want to be bothered with a male having legal rights to children or their property. Some of these women who do so will date men - but not permit them close enough for claims to be made.


There will be more variety in types of male-female relationships coming up.


Here are a few types of marriages and alliances that I see:


Woman the main breadwinner. Her job is demanding and she has no time for cooking, cleaning and housework. She has enough money to pay for all that, but in some cases, will find a man who can do these things. Men will have to train themselves or be trained after the wedding to manage household affairs. Some of these men might work, but their jobs will not be as demanding or time consuming as that of the female. (If there are children the female will leave them with luxury child care when she is at work. Women have learned by statistics and testimony that men are not to be trusted in this arena.) Because of the demand for this new type of 'skilled' husband, many new cooking and domestic centers will spring up - mostly attended by men. Women have these abilities branded in by generations of doing, but men need training. This will be seen to. In fact, many men will go to such schools in the hope of getting a 'better' wife.


Besides the regular 'equality' style relationships, there will be those where males are supportive or somewhat subservient.



There will also be 'charm' schools where men will not only be taught grooming and how to dress, but etiquette, respect for women and how to carry on a conversation. (Studies show (Dale Spender and others) that males are the pits when it comes to communicating. They talk a lot and listen little, they interrupt, and expect the woman to center the conversation around their needs. They also expects the female to encourage his speech and feed his ego while he is talking. All of this will have to be fixed.)


Mimi Chantelle
Photo by Rasa Von Werder

People will not ridicule the men who choose to be subordinate in their relationships to women. It will be a new climate.


Many women will seek men who are skilled around the house. Ability to cook will be a plus. Cleaning and shopping skills will be extra points. Men will be buying self-help books - which in the past were for women - now written for men. 'How to Catch the Woman of Your Dreams,' 'Finding the Successful Woman and Winning Her', 'How to Appeal to a Successful Woman,' 'Men Who Appeal to Great Women - All Their Secrets,' 'Ten Ways to Meet a Millionairess', 'Winning and Keeping a Great Woman,' etc. These books will sell out and men will secretly read and hide them like they read and hide pornography.


There will always be a variety of types of relationships, but females on top will be the new trend.


There will be a variety of marriages and not all will be based on sex. Some men will be accepted by women strictly for companionship and might not all get legal rights as husbands. Men might be gay companions - or celibate for the sake of spiritual attainment. Such men would consider themselves lucky to share a house with a rich woman who would support them, in exchange for work and companionship. It will become obvious to all that women are not as sex centered as males want to believe. They can live very well without sex and many have pretended a strong interest where there was none. It was all a ploy - bait to get the male's interest.


Guys like chef Bobby Flay will be more in demand by successful women then 'Terminator' types.


Many men will seek the hand of these nouveau-riche femmes for the lifestyle, (but they will have to measure up to it.) Nice homes, good cars, class restaurants and luxury vacations will seem great to guys who are making a lot less money. Some will even love their women!


As said before, not all women will be with men. Some will want to spend their time with women or just hire servants to take care of things. They will live for their family and children, and men will be on the sidelines.


Liesbeth Johnson

The nuclear family is really a ball & chain for the female


These changes will happen rapidly but in the long run, I see something else. As women continue to be economically superior, money will pass to more and more females. Women who will often leave their money to daughters and granddaughters rather than the men - and women's resources will become mighty. The family structure will slowly change from 'nuclear family' to 'matrilineal, matrifocal' family. Whereas the quick changes will start in one to two generations, the matri-society will start taking shape in about six. The nuclear family was never the ideal for female, but rather, it was hatched up by males as a way of separating women from their kin and giving man the sway to rule his roost. An extended family of say four generations can live much better together than separately. As families get together and share expenses, work, and love, the males will feel happier also. After all, belonging is one of the principles of happiness, and the togetherness will make people more secure. But never again will males dominate a society where they separate females from their family, take them away, isolate them and children and abuse or neglect them.


MATRILINEAL (mat-ruh-LIN-ee-uhl) - Tracing kinship and descent through the female line. (Compare patrilineal.) (

MATRIFOCAL - Mother-centered; often refers to a household with no resident husband-father. (McGraw-Hill Cultural Anthropology)


Within her family and with resources strongly in the hands of women, men will have to discipline their actions.


Within these 'clans' or 'extended families,' the center will always be the women. Girls will be groomed, encouraged to be the best of themselves. Boys of course will be loved, but never at the expense of girls. Never again will they be given unfair treatment, given special care and resources because of their gender. They will be encouraged for good, but it will be the girls who are groomed for top leadership and places of responsibility.





I see women getting into all walks of life quickly and taking half the jobs in all fields. Not only will women take corporate jobs and government jobs and excel, but they will also take public service jobs now mostly in the hands of men. Half the police and firemen will be women - and half the truckdrivers. Women will handle he-man jobs everywhere, in factories, in construction, in the military.

There will be no more prejudice against big and strong women. Women will not be fanatical dieters, nor will they feel guilty about being 'big.' They will work on staying in shape, but if they are not young, thin and 'pretty' it won't matter. Men will be climbing over each other to get to the old, fat, rich women. These women will seem beautiful to them as they represent all the good things of this world.


Woman with Fox Mujer con Zorro
Fernando Botero

Women who are loaded with money will not have to worry about their weight so much. A million dollars covers a multitude of sins.


As women go higher and higher in all walks of life everything they dominate will be transformed - for the better.

Another thing that will be totally different will be that women bond and have mutual respect for one another. They will have clubs, networking together - because they have to bond in order to work together. More on this in Part II.




It seems like all this is rather bad for men - that they have to live with less money and power and become humble and subservient.


It is not natural for men to dominate women. They have been wearing this mask too long.


But you have to look at this picture from all angles. Much evil has come to men through Patriarchy. In spite of the economic blessings they have been spiritually poor. They have sinned. They have sinned badly and they have lost their souls. (The saints say this.) Furthermore, leading women is not natural for men. They have been put into unsuitable roles and have lost the gentle nature or have had to squash it down. The lifestyle of all this pretence to dominance has been a sham and a strain on their psyche. They need and fear women but have to hide their dependency behind a facade. Taking off their masks and just being themselves - great big boys who need a Mother - will be a relief for them. Let Mother take charge, because she can do a better job than you, my boy!


Worship of women and devotion to them is actually the natural part MotherGod ordained for men.










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